Singapore critically needs good leaders

I have been spending much time having coffee with some of our opposition leaders these past months and also their Exco-members, activists and supporters. In many ways, most are honest people, some more patriotic than our elected leaders and are clearly frustrated by the endless lapses, failures and breaches that are plaguing Singapore mercilessly over these past years. Seriously, they all have many real causes of concern to be championing. This is the sad state of affair of our government today. There is no sense of accountability from almost all our political appointees.

When it comes to talking about the 4G PAP leaders that are being put into key ministries by our Prime Minister, the conversations tend to become more emotional. I can empathize with most of them on the poor leadership of our 4G and I had been vocal about it. Many hardcore PAP-activists and supporters too are equally divided by them. It is incomprehensible as to why our Prime Minister still persisted in endorsing these individuals for our public office. Good individuals within our civil service suffered too.

What exactly are Singaporeans really frustrated about? Is it the lapses, failures and the endless breaches or is it the poor quality of leadership across our present government? The majority are actually against the current questionable leadership. To them, a good leader can turn a bad policy around but an incompetent or weak leader will ruin even the best policy. This is so true. Even venture capitalists are not fooled by a good business plan or polished CVs but rather more concern about who are the people behind the company.

Good leadership start with putting others ahead of self. It is about service to other. When one can put oneself lower than others, they are also naturally inclined to act with much more discipline, care and concern. It is not full-proof but an essential phase. Every parent learnt these critical attributes from parenting their own children.

Here lies the problem with Singapore, when the PAP continues to manufacture their new political leaders, without screening them sufficiently. Many are rushed through the military conveyor-belt and finally polished off with shinning CVs. Singaporeans rightly are enraged when some of these “leaders” make it into parliament via the GRC. It is not only a flawed system but it is proving to be a dangerous one too.

Most Singaporeans can still remember vividly how one “wannabe” had previously claimed that he is a son of Punggol. When he lost, he conveniently went to another GRC and miraculously become a son of Ang Mo Kio, just to get into parliament by the back door of a GRC. Our public office deserves better leaders. Do any of these individuals have the moral authority to be preaching moral rights to us or our children? They don’t even know what shame is about, much less understand its significance.

The endless dilemmas that Singapore is currently facing is very much self-inflicted by the PAP upon Singapore. We need to scrap the current GRC system and also put in place a more comprehensive check to screen out such people from entering our public office. If the PAP can be as forceful in rebutting such questionable characters from their own rank and file, as they had rebuked Chee Soon Juan, then it will not find itself in its current dilemmas. Singapore would not have been embarrassed as good leaders would have stepped in to save the day years ago.

The same is true for our opposition. I had also constantly reminded them that Singapore cannot afford to have more questionable leaders, be it from the opposition or the PAP. This is the root cause of our current dilemmas. It is like a cancer that will ultimately destroy us as a nation, deplete our reserves and hasten the demise of the time-tested DNA of our working class. Questionable leaders, from any party, are unpatriotic and subversive to our Nation Building effort.

As a society, we need to wake up and understand why Singapore is faltering so badly. As concerned and patriotic citizens, we need to be active in searching for a solution as we can no longer sit back or rely on the 4G PAP leaders to solve our dilemmas and problems. They are not going to solve it as many of them are the problems themselves.

This is another Hard Truth that as Singaporeans, we must accept, however painful or embarrassing it may be. We had been too nice and too forgiving to the PAP for far too long. Many of them are now undermining our country and our collective good.

PAP has failed Singapore.

I hope that the many good opposition leaders who are of good characters, relevant and are also competent in their own field of specialization, together with their patriotic members, supporters and activists, will continue to push for a constructive change in Singapore, honestly and sincerely. If they encounter any bad apple, they should bring it to the public attention or do something firmly about it. They must stand on higher moral ground if they want to rebuke those useless PAP leaders forcefully in parliament. As patriotic Singaporeans, we must collectively reject all questionable political leaders and wannabes without fear or biases. We must reject them as we reject nepotism and cronyism.

We have to start envisioning our own future and collectively work together towards the day when all our public offices are helmed by not only competent but also good leaders. Like our old Mandarins of old, who dare to act courageously when they see bad policies being put up for adoption or act against bad characters. Courage is the gift of a good conscience. We had been fooled once too many and we need to be objective and pragmatic about this Hard truth.

Singapore needs good leaders simply because we, our children and our future generations deserve better…


Joseph Nathan



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12 Responses to “Singapore critically needs good leaders”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Joe… I am from that Pioneer Generation when the simple but dedicated leaders irrespective of the FACT that a bast**d ousted Good people to USURP Power who will sacrifice for the sake of Nation…

    They were simple folks … postman – hawker -even barbers with a quality educated Nationalist bar the Bastard who had an Agenda to CREATE a Dynasty…

    Todays DEDICATED oppositions more EDUCATED but nonetheless totally Patriotic deserving a chance DENIED owing to Evil Dynastic Politics…

    What is the use of having Highly Army Trained scholars who cannot “THINK” for themselves but needs CRUTCHES to lean on and when the evil crutches are gone fall into Sixes & Sevens…

    Hopefully, the sheeple will OPEN their eyes and see through the ILLUSION and face Reality

    That Generation is Fast Disappearing with two of my closest contemporaries who left last year are now playing Harps in the sky and the handful left behind are Pushing 90 and the Octos closing in FAST with me Knocking @ eighties door… Hopefully NOT heaven’s door yet as there is MUCH to be seen and DONE

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  • RDB:

    But then some 70% keep voting for peeing and pooing a gagament. Like I always say, the dumb always love the dumb.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    Yep,we need good LEAders indeed.
    There are simply TOO MANY LERder$ now.

    We shud get rid of these MISGUIDED LEAder$$$.

    GD Star Rating
  • Perspective:

    The kind of leaders the people embrace and emulate very much reflect the moral values and character of that society.

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  • sgs deserve better:

    these miws can hardly be called leaders.
    more leeches than leaders.
    sucking our blood dry.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    These potential good leaders must have a good strategy to win seats and beat the PAP at their dirty game. Okay to come up with good policies. But also, able to play dirty, if the need be, when the PAP are slinging mud at you.

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  • Courage & the Conscientious:

    The marks of a rank Hypocrite are four in number:
    - As he speaks he lies.
    - When he promises something he will break his promise.
    - Were he to be entrusted with anything, he will betray that trust.
    - If he disagrees with you in something, he will arrogate himself superiority and despise you.

    If you have a compromised conscience then you will be devoid of moral courage. Selfish Egotism rules and Hell will claim your soul.

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  • Hagen Diaz:

    Long stretches of complacency followed by sudden panic from “across the causeway”. Now we’re actually testing the proposition that we have a system designed by our fore-father “geniuses” that can be run by “idiots”. PM and his clown car of incompetents are showing the Singaporean public how they will probably create all sort of issues that the next Govt. has to solve, see 2020 and beyond.

    We need to be concerned because the potential for harming the underpinnings of the Singapore society is clearly present. The world is about to change. Economic leadership does matter. PAP’s present damaging economic policies along with the political posturing is actually about to create an economic shock.

    In a larger sense, does this mean Singapore must continue bowing to US capitalism to survive? Of course not. Even most Americans don’t bow to US capitalism anymore. Incoming crises take longer to arrive, but when they do come, they happen faster than you can possibly imagine. Cozying up to “big brother” next door is a safer bet.

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  • can we report CI to police?:

    we remain hopeful that New Government shall form and right all the current legal thefts by clown pap S$m clan members.

    why so hopeful even though GE2015 has shown folly of 70% sheep?

    because in all history, no dynasty lasts. as kiasi kiasu as Qing dynasty peasants were, Qing died. because no matter how kiasi kaisu as soon as Qing tried to squeeze blood out of China peasants for its own comfort and luxurious living, the China peasants rebelled.

    the same here in Spore. clown pap $m clan members can abuse parleement to pass laws to squeeze 70% sheep for clown pap S$m clan members’ own comfort and luxurious living. there will come a point 70% sheep has nothing left to be squeezed. 70% sheep will rebel. and New Government forms.

    we hope New Government forms before we pass on. anyway, this is one thing we shall do. we are old and jobless in own land but if we pass on before New Government forms, when we meet pap grand liar lky on the other side, we kick his lying balls. we are not afraid of meeting at his cul-de-sac. he lied he would meet us at his cul-de-sac. he is actually a ffffing liar. he is nothing without his overpaid corrupted spf cpib agc.

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  • oxygen:

    LEE-jiapore IS ON THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL to risks of sudden death collapse, 3Gs are staggering failure and 4Gs are MOSTLY a hopeless cause, BLANK OF NEW IDEAS, NOT even a skeleton of reform agenda.

    Population recycling economics is a failed ONE-TRICK SHOW PONY – no one will admit this and turn it around or at least abandon it.

    Peasants still living in FANTASY dreams of fake asset enhancement fiction inside an inflated airbag economy, DEPLETED RETIREMENT SUBSISTENCE and FATE.

    GD Star Rating
  • can we report CI to police?:

    Dr. Chan:
    These potential good leaders must have a good strategy to win seats and beat the PAP at their dirty game. Okay to come up with good policies. But also, able to play dirty, if the need be, when the PAP are slinging mud at you.

    bro, we agree the OPPO leaders must win, and they shall.

    but one comment. we do not agree about playing dirty like clown pap Ljs and Cbs. we believe there is a maker in heaven. and with maker there is no need to play dirty because sooner or later maker is going to act.

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  • No use....:

    The real problem is with Singaporeans themselves.
    They have the votes and they’re a bunch of cowards, if not idiots.

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