The current government is in disarray and change is in your hands

To quote Shakespeare, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

The current Singapore Prime Minister has decided to go after his brother, and his brother’s wife and family. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s government has gone after his brother’s wife, to complain about her.

The Prime Minister’s government has also gone after his brother’s son, and pursued him all the way out of Singapore, to charge him, even as to ambush him while he was giving a lecture. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s siblings have revealed that it is planned for the Prime Minister’s son to be the next in line to the throne.

The Prime Minister’s personal lawyer has now been made the government’s lawyer (AGC), and the agency he heads has gone after the wife and son of the Prime Minister’s brother. Meanwhile, the former government’s lawyer (AGC) has decided to come out and defend the wife of the Prime Minister’s brother.

The next Prime Minister designated by the Prime Ninister’s government was a principal private secretary to the former Prime Minister (the current Prime Minister’s father). Meanwhile, the principal private secretary of another former Prime Minister has joined the opposition, and another two former Members of Parliament has also joined the opposition.

The Prime Minister’s brother and his family has feared for their safety so much that they have to leave Singapore, in self-exile. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s brother has also stepped down as the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and replaced.

The split within the PAP is now laid wide open for your eyes to see. Can you see it?

Meanwhile, the current Prime Minister’s government has come out with a law which will let them decide what can be said and not, under the new fake news law. They even have the power to exempt people from this law. So, some people will get to say whatever they want, and some people will not get to say anything.

The current government is in a disarray. Can you see it?

Actually, it is not Singaporeans who are scared. It is the PAP who is scared of you. Time to exercise your power. Time to exercise your thoughts.

Change is in your hands.


Roy Ngerng



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12 Responses to “The current government is in disarray and change is in your hands”

  • LIONS:

    Where is our OPPO ALLIANCE.
    Ah Heng and Ah Chun both are only obedient doggies.
    They wont be good leaders becos they arent in the first place.

    Tharman cud have been a better choice but the PAPies seem to behave like racists themselves?
    No other race except chinese can be SEC GENERAL,is this what multi-racial n multi-cultural SG is all about?

    We,peasants,must embrace FTs from everywhere even if they fake degrees n rob our jobs by giving kickbacks or we are called XENOPHOBIC ETC,ETC BUT its ok for PAPies to be racist against other members not from MAIN RACE?


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  • Singaporeans are useless:

    Singaporeans are useless and stupid! Till today they are very afraid of PAP like LKY’s time. Roy , Kenneth, Dr Chee etc have been working hard and sacrificing themselves but Singaporeans dun bother. They are selfish and worst like the recent mrt leg incident, no one bothered to assist. This had already clearly displayed the mentality of the people. Hope more PAP bashing and job replacement by FTs. Ludos to 70% supporters

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  • MarBowling:

    Great summary by Bro Roy.

    SinKapore Government is indeed in disarray and one fiacking mass. Inbreeding, group thinking, top beam crooked bottom beam sure slanting, public display of rude extended Middle Finger, being Labelled as a Dishonorable Son by his own sibling, etc, all these happenings are ripe for the 69.9% DAFTS to wake up from their slumberland to VOTE OUT Mai Hum and Gang in the coming GE to SAVE their children and future generations when SHTF! The writing is NOW CLEARLY on the Wall:the End of a FamiLEE DieNasty Akan Datang!

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  • For the coming GE:

    Singaporeans should make good use of the coming GE. Kick ass, not kiss them. VTO.

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  • Vote SDP for a fairer future:

    c’mon folks its so simple.
    just activate your ‘people power’ and vto .
    dont say what can the opposition do for you.
    vote them in and then you’ll find out.
    if you dont do your part the oppo cant do anything if they dont get a seat in parliament.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Yes, he is un-decided as can be seen, unlike LKY. Instead of asking them to go, he quickly reward them with a promotion.

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  • HarderTruths:

    I am reminded of an old army joke that would fit this moment.

    A platoon sergeant tells his men –

    “Men – I have good news and bad news”
    “The Good News – after 3 months you are all changing underwear.”

    Men “Yaaaayyyy!!”

    Platoon Sergeant

    “The Bad News – Ah Leong change with Ravi, Micheal change with Ali, Zorro change with Blur King……”

    So you see good people of TRE – old is new and new is worse than old.

    Are we better off?

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  • Employer:

    All citizens must know that we are the ones that employ the employees into parliament to work for all citizens. They took the oath of serving the citizens on a 4to5 years contract.

    These employees main roles are to bring up all the problems, worries, concerns etc of the citizens n brainstorm in parliament for solutions. All must pit in to debate n put their genius mind to work n live feed must be aired to see which employee deserves another 5yr term contract.

    Now if any one of the employees do not perform or honour their oath. We as employers must do the right thing to terminate their contract n employ a new employee to fill in their position.

    All citizens must readjust their mindset that these employees work for us n if they r not fit for thè job, we must change them out n recontract another employee to work for us. We must give chances to all potential candidates n not judge purely on papers only. If the potential employees r ready to serve us, we must employ thèm into parliament to work for us.

    Remember that mixed variety of employees would deliver a much wider scope of views n would usually surprise us the employers with out of the box solutions.

    We must remember that we call the shots as we r the employers!

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  • mike:

    For anyone who is still hallucinating at this point, the only way to win this familee matter is to win politically.

    Once the votes is won, law can be set to your own preference and send those who do you wrong fleeing.

    This is a Game of Thrones. Without winning politically, they will ultimately lose under the work of the machanism of the state. I am not sure if the brother and sister are both politically naive, and think there are many good people at the top in our civil service when their pay cheque are at stake.

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  • Confucius says:

    By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I don’t think they are in disarray. No.

    They are just finding new ways to steal your money now that the old ways are not that good anymore.

    Be patient. They will find a way. They always do.

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  • RDB:

    @Singaporeans are useless: April 9, 2019 at 8:05 pm (Quote)

    Singaporeans are useless and stupid!…

    … Ludos to 70% supporters.

    And so, you are so smart, is it cluedo or Ludos as you the only smarty in Sg don’t even know the clueless and even spelt it as “Ludos”! Your so much more talented until you showed yourself don’t even know the English language! So it’s your own Ludos to you! NOW, remember to laugh out LOLL at your own talented self who don’t even know the English language basics well. And boldly dare to criticize others in this public forum!

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