Under PAP, Singapore can only go downhill

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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15 Responses to “Under PAP, Singapore can only go downhill”

  • No Pain No Change:

    Absolutely, dafts can kid themselves to be optimistic, turn a blind eye, avoid talking politics and psycho themselves with fake positivities, putting their heads down like the ostriches, but the reality will creep up. Rather than toying with their mind, they should get into action instead. Only concrete action of voting out the PAP government can this country be saved.

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  • PAP is corrupt:

    heard that instructions are given out in SPF.
    all personnel cannot take leave in June.
    so opposition parties be ready. GE could be in June.

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  • Seductive & the Heartless:

    A glittering facade of greater mortals concealing a rotten system of compromised values and misguided motivations: unattended old people are jumping off flats by the dozens if not slogging on in dirt-cheap labor into their twilight years, while the educated young earn among the lowest median wages in the first world in the most expensive city of the world. Who makes more dough on the face of the earth than pappy Realpolitik?

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  • Game over:

    Minsters said Casinos were to create jobs for locals.

    Today, Casinos mainly employ FTs.

    Real or fake news? Will Sha take action?

    Expand casinos to employ more FTS – 10M?

    Singaporeans are the most stupid, failing to see the lies after lies that the top had made again and again.

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  • MarBowling:

    Totally agree with Mr P Ang.

    SinKapore and Sinkaporean indeed are GOING DOWNHILL. It’s ONLY a Question of WHEN NOT IF all of us will EVENTUALLY be buried inside the Holee Shithole created by the ONE HAND THAT COVERS THE Hole Sky of SinKapore!

    However, one THING is very very CERTAIN: Mai Hum, his wifey Holee Jinx and FamiLEE and also his PAPIGS and Gang will be CONTINUOUSLY GOING UPHILL ever since the rising of the FamiLEE DieNasty in 1959! The DieNasty is like a Phoenix. Wonder where it EVENTUALLY will GO: HELL OR HEAVEN! 69.9% what do you think?

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  • Spore sinks under 4th gen pap:

    1st gen builds, 2nd gen spends, 3rd gen fails.

    4th gen sinks. because of incest, luxurious living, no need to account for performance S$m portfolios, one law two interpretations, abuse of power, d**honourable behaviour, lies, more lies, and anything pap.

    that pap lies all the time is FACT, not fake news.

    that pap clown and wife abuse power in gic temasick pap PA is FACT, not fiction.

    that pap plps the loyal yes men yes women all lucrative S$m cozy no need to account for performance portfolios in gic temasick are known.

    that Spore, that once Asia Dragon Spore, is sinking and will be sunk soon under 4th gen pap is a FACT.

    70% sheep can reverse the FACT. but only if it wakes up and votes OPPO.

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  • PAP is a "spent force":

    Time to get rid of PAP. It has run out of good ideas so it copies from SDP. It also makes a lot of mistakes which it denies. PAP has too much “baggage” and hubris so it cannot change. Bury PAP with LKY at the coming GE so Singapore can move on to a brighter future.

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    开妓院啦 很好赚的咧

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  • LIONS:

    Thus,the top guns at GIC/TH NEED TO BE REPLACED!

    As for FTs,we must ensure QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

    NO USE CONtinue to build *jewel$* as those will just be pa$$ing fad only.
    They cant even qualify as *fashion*?

    We oso urgently need QUALITY PUBLIC SERVANTS N NOT MERE public $ervants who hanker after *$$$* .

    Time for voters,30 or 70 pct,to reflect n vote wisely to secure our shared tomorrows.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again N Again:

    Do you see the majority (the average low to middle income families) of Singaporeans’ lives improving in the last 2 decades? I don’t think so.

    Look at the macro environment, the retail scenes are dying, the Small Car COE have fallen from nearly $60,000 to below $30,000, stock market is drying up or a number of stocks crashing to near zero.

    If the economy is growing healthily, the retail scenes should be blooming with customers, Small Car COE should be around $50,000 to $70,000 and stock market should be seeing high volume and prices doubling or up much more like in USA, China or Hong Kong

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G us already in a recession the last few years. Only massive government projects have made it appear that the economy is still moving. Projects that employ millions of FT by the way so we get nothing back.

    It is easy for MAS to print money or to siphon off more reserves from HDB, CPF, ERP by stealing from the locals – who have the longest working hours in the world.

    There is nothing magical about $G’s economy – just rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul tricks.

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  • AristoCATs got hammer . . .:

    The Open Leg policy –
    > Woody – added 700k
    > Pinky – added 500k
    > Hengky – added ?
    >“When all they have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”
    PaulKrugman – “The Myth of Asia’s Miracle’
    > “But the miracle turns out to have been based on perspiration rather than inspiration:
    Singapore grew through a mobilization of resources that would have done Stalin proud.”
    Add more people !

    Remember the Ballot box !

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  • Retire:

    Sumot Agarwal wrote in GFPLPST abt retiring age being irrelevant in Singapore. No wonder SA does not really know what is retirement really means in Singapore as he is too busy trying to figure out whether he is writing off his editor’s plp limits that would endanger the GFWPLPs in ST ricebowl n the privilege of paying n choosing their meals.
    Like Conflict of Interest, retirement has its own implications n criteria. Conflict of interests r as rotten banana, a NUS trained Lawyer n a free rider in LKY Tanjong Pagar PAP SUV heading for PH at North Bridge, n manages to top up GFWPLP credit point sufficiently to claim for her current mmillionaire reward with her legal definition of conflict of interest with respect to career success while she hoodwink the bench b CJ with her liakbokew or nfi what it means n quantify career success to warrant being absorbed the criminal acts of Conflict of Interest in public office appointment. So here PAP’s by the norm of perception of nonaligned Singaporeans retirement criteria n age varies with
    (a) pimps and prostitutes subdivided according to GFPLP index or
    or unaligned citizens further sobdivided to no, occasional n frequent critics of Pimps And Prostitutes
    (b) unaligned citizens or foreigners.
    Retirement will then vary from dismissal under pretext of retrenchment or early retirement meaning retire before the can be overruled legalized retirement age to no retirement at all. The maximum end only restricted to hare-core PLPs now including GFWs n foreigners by comrade association n depending on the i individual preference of big gun PLPs n GFWs bosses.
    This is the prevailing work ethos or mentality of the employer in the bureaucratic community or in short nfi or suka suka, trade mark of the current Pimps And Prostitutes.

    Oso it is not retirement is irrelevant, it is governed by how fervent u po (the lanpa or more relevantly now GFW), your caste by association n membership , individual preference of white, whitish mixed or black or camouflaged!

    This is Retirement in SIN.

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