Students end up seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health

It is so very sad to learn that our students end up seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health or IMH with relations to Stress from such a tender age. Is this a clear manifestation of the failure of the PAP policy and the emphasis on the current curriculum of today’s education system?

Doesn’t this revelation prove that the main cause and or fault of depression, anxiety and depressive disorder lies on the current education and curriculum which pushes meritocracy as believed by the PAP?

If one look clearly, it does appear and seems to suggest the possible co-relation between the students seeking treatment at the IMH’s Child Guidance Clinic and the linkage better the current education system and curriculum.

The patients as young as 6 to those aged 18 is a clearest indicator. The clinic seeing an average of 2,400 new cases every year from the Year 2012 to 2017 is disturbing.

I wonder why IMH does not track the causes of the disorder (insofar as statistics on cases related to school stress) is concerned? Something is terribly wrong. Is it not related to “mental pressure” insofar as the schools subjects are concerned or could it possibly be due to the parental expectation on their beloved children related to the heavy homework, examination mood, projects or even relationship-linked (issues of with school authorities, friendship and bullying), etc.

THIS IS SERIOUS MATTER which must be satisfactorily and most importantly TRUTHFULLY resolved for the over-all good of the students, their future and the happiness of the parents and all.

If the policies and curriculum is the culprit, do we still need the program and syllabus drafted by the PAP?

A good Education rightfully directed towards the good of students should be encouraged so as to better develop them towards a better and brighter self-development.

What good is the percentage of the knowledge acquired through today’s curriculum towards our students? According to educational experts it’s only about 13% benefits from 12 to 18 years of education.

We should have a re-think of the educational system of Singapore by doing a post-mortem of the disadvantages or benefits of the current education system in Singapore. This re-evaluation should be from as early as pre-schoool till university.

Peoples Voice would look into it because the value of our children for the future of Singapore is most important.


Nassir Ismail



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12 Responses to “Students end up seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health”

  • HarderTruths:

    These students are realising they have no hope to compete as their parents have given their future to FT… This brings about desperation and suicidal behavior.

    But there is nothing they can do – they are screwed. Our first rate hard working future generation will be drivers, waiters and toilet cleaners (with degrees) to serve the FT.

    Sad but true.

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  • RDB:

    People at any age can go crazy due to unfettered demands at work etc. This gagament is no exception. As they do not face such demands but only dictate fellow Singaporeans.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:


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  • LIONS:

    Highly pre$$urised parents are pressurising their kids.
    Scholar-principals hankering after HIGH KPI in pur$uit of MOE recognition are pressurising their TEACHERS as well.
    These teachers,in turn,instill undue pressure onto the pupils/students.

    It is a pressure-cooker to *cook faster,quicker n seemingly better* all round not unlike the corporate world.

    Meanwhile,students who cannot cope just fall by the wayside n become delinquent.
    The more achievement-oriented ones ultimately become *SCREW-LOSE* when they fear their results fall short of parents’ expectations or even personal targets???

    Welcome to *SEOW-KAPORE*.
    BUSINE$$ or PRE$$URE(sorry i dont know how to spell PLEASURE )…

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  • Bapak:

    Our cohorts are so confused by PAP two dictionaries. One day they learned that inside is not within.

    When this kid grows up, one foot inside the smoking box is not enough. He is fined.

    They are also very confused about how an Indian can be a Malay. Like that sure go IMH.

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  • I M Hurt:

    That’s why the richer and smarter FTs don’t send their kids to our local schools.

    Also, that’s why many richer and smarter sg parents have already migrated to siam the high stress sg education system.

    Don’t play play. If you have only 1 kid, treasure him/her. Don’t stress them. Bring them up healthily is more important so that they can live to vote out the crooked garbagemen.

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  • Asd:

    Issue chas card at earlier age is urgent

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  • For numb skull educators:

    “Skepticism: the mark, and even the posture of the educated mind…Man is not (entirely) logical and his intellectual history is a record of mental reserves and compromises. He hangs on to what he can in his old beliefs, even when he is compelled to surrender their logical basis.”
    - John Dewey

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  • W47:

    Change mental institute name

    to “laughter or happiness homes”

    Sg. lacking smiles and laughter.

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  • the world we live in:

    too much stress and too little love!

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  • Mad, Crazy, Stupiak:

    There are lots of mad people in Singapore. More women than men. You hear them laughing like lunatics in public and talking extra loudly. No sense of decorum. Don’t know how to behave like ladies in public. More like crazy school girls. Childish, immature, shallow, gossipy. Their own life is so dull and their sense of self esteem so low that they need to gossip and put others down to feel good about themselves.

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  • more 'hunger' into the system:

    what to do ? white idiots want more hungry FTs to come into the mix via their white monkey open-leg policy to add more ‘hunger’ into the system leh ? white monkey idiotic kaki lang even suggested 10m leh.

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