Don’t ministers get paid millions so that they get things right?

Isn’t that the argument the PAP used when they said ministers had to be paid like CEOs?

I tot these tots when I read

Tough to get ‘balance right’ when pricing HDB flats: Lawrence Wong 

(Headline from constructive nation-building media)

Looks like Ah Wong wants to get millions for doing bugger all.

And cybernuts want ministers from non elite schools? Lawrence Wong attended non elite schools.

Still he talk cock, sing song king, like ministers from elite schools.


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15 Responses to “Don’t ministers get paid millions so that they get things right?”

  • if they are CEO material:

    white monkey idiots should work in the private sector as a CEO if they are really CEO material in a ‘competitive market’ and get taxed accordingly like a CEO.

    not go into public sector and make country like a company and charge services (captive or created monopolised services) via direct or indirect tax or inflated price; and hence resulting in high costs for the country – with consequences that the competitiveness of the country being affected.

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  • Opposition dude:

    No no no you have got it all sala. Ministers need that obscene pay simply so that they don’t fall too far behind the private sector. That is the main gist of their simplistic thinking.

    But we all know it ends right there though. In the private sector you do something wrong like Nissan’s chairman you get removed FAST. Compare this to ministers who can’t manage their own ministries properly like SAF and MOH and you can see very clearly that the pay is very important but nothing else is.

    No need for accountability since all these ministers are beyond perfect and anything bad that happens is never, ever their fault.

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    Yes they do get paid big money to get things right. And they should also be promptly sacked if they do not if there is REAL accountability.

    Lawrence Wong got something right when he said that HDB flats will be worth ZERO at the end of the 99-year lease.

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  • UniQ:

    Tough to get ‘balance right’ when pricing HDB flats: Lawrence Wong

    The easiest way out is to screwed 90% Singaporeans that elected this party into par-iahment ?

    They really think that Singaporeans are real fools……..

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  • LIONS:

    Of course,MAJORITY descend from ELITE $chools,go count yoyrself CI?

    Eh,anyone got stats on *FTs per capita of CITIZENS* ?

    Ah Wong is an exception from kampong schools;he is a deviant.

    Look at his arrogance,his cockiness and *how lian* face?

    Ah Wong is good at blowing hot air only.
    He wants to build more into the centre of the earth below Istana???

    Can even handle on-land BTOs with so much DEFECTS.
    Even JEWEL LEAKING WATER’didnt know JEWEL has leaky *organ*? Hahaha!

    Lawrence Wong,you are just a cartoon.
    Dont think too highly of yourself.
    You think you can easily win an election all by your own *merits*?

    Show us.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    CI…IT IS NEVER the school or the PERCEPTION of Mere Mortals…it is the Man himself or on occasions Woman…

    Principals & Integrity brings to mind a Pygmy standing TALL among man…simple school teacher sent to JAIL on his Principals serving 32 years longer than Mandela’s 28…

    by a Bastard name ConYOU!!! & Traitor/Coward thrown in who happens to be a man among pygmies and standing on the shoulders of a TRUE MAN…Mr Chia Thye Poh to pin him DOWN!!!…

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  • Tremendous:

    Yes, all ministers and CEOs of agencies, including sph must remember they are there to fix citizens’ problems, not provide analysis type of announcement like this is tough, that is tough.

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  • Tough right balance???:

    Lawrence must first persuade Chok Tong it isn’t a seductive lie when democratically aspiring societies demand “checks and balances” in governmental protocols. After all, the man who lives like the Swiss in Singapore is still raking it in like a windfall in winter isn’t it?

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  • useless yet paid mil$alaries:

    LW should ask SDP’s Dr Chee.
    He has come up with some really fair and level headed solutions instead of you paps, only kno how to raise prices!
    work together, instead of stealing their ideas…
    thick skin PAPs!

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  • SomeThingsNotTough:

    some things not tough at all for them to do eh? when squeezing blood from stone is easy peasy for them all.

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  • Balance what?:

    HDB flats are supposed to be “affordable and subsidized”. What is there to “balance”? SLA makes a “killing” on HDB flats. It sells land to HDB at market prices which cost it nothing (i.e., zero). Just what the value of the flats will be at the end of the 99-year lease.

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  • not some simple ter-bak scale,:

    //Tough to get ‘balance right’ when pricing//

    of course, tough lar. ministars right, all talented & long vision minded (as in long term horizon) leh ?

    when you tilt the scale too much (too much heavy) on one side, of course it is now difficult to tilt it back lar.

    and this is not some simple ter-bak scale, this “scale” is going to shift the whole social-economic balance which include retirement funds, salary demand, decisions to give more / no births or not, cost of living, etc, etc, etc, etc …… ???

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  • LIONS:

    Cant imagine chan kee chiu and *ONE* Lawrence leading Sg if H$K taken ill.
    For that matter’Ong Yee Kong’.

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  • Talk is cheap.:

    Straits Times: Efforts to retrain workers have made a difference, helped to keep retrenchment rate low: PM Lee

    Show the numbers. Has the number of PMETs driving cabs or for GRAB decreased?

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  • AGCS:

    Allianz Global and Corporate Specialty got made use of. Lol

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