More than 213,000 members receive ZERO CPF payout?

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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9 Responses to “More than 213,000 members receive ZERO CPF payout?”

  • HDB flat worth ZERO at 99:

    One of the biggest mistakes made LKY and PAP is to allow the use of CPF (retirement money) to pay for HDB flats which is basically a depreciating asset because of the lease. LKY believed property prices should go up as the economy grows. This is true but there is no way for the economy to grow to fully offset the depreciation of HDB flats. At the end of the 99-year lease HDB flats will ALWAYS be worth ZERO (despite the Asset Enhancement Schemes like HIP1 and HIP2). This is a FACT.

    Lawrence Wong told the truth. HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) also proves HDB flats are depreciating assets. How? Under LBS HDB values flats based on the REMAINING lease. The lower this figure the lower the value of the HDB flat.

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  • LIONS:


    Even after paying up for your over-priced PUBLIC HOU$ING,they still need not find the money to RETURN YOUR CPF as it will be all $ucked DRY via LAGI EXPENSIVE MEDICAL BILL$.

    As long as PAP is in charge,your CPF is kapuk.
    Wait till next life maybe when you are born across the Causeway or elsewhere.

    Dafts will never leaen n they deserved to be $crewed till they drop dead.
    By then,cry father,cry mother oso no use liao!

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  • C’est la vie:

    All hail and bow to the twin golden gooses of the SGov, … hdb and cpf !!!

    Long may they continue to be potent and productive !!!

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @HDB flat worth ZERO at 99
    Singaporeans should stop feeding into the PAP HDB CPF scam. There is a big world out there.
    Just recently bought my third freehold condo in Orlando, Florida for only US$70K. This is no fake news. Check out below link.
    Don’t let the evil PAP regime consume you. Emigrate if you can. You have only 1 life to live.

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  • Sad Reality:

    Sad Reality is most of the CPF money goes to the HDB Flat and very little for actual retirements needs of most.
    The flat should have not cost so much in the first place and leave a decent sum for everybody retirements need.

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  • How Kim would do it?:

    I asked my North Korean friend how it was there; he said he couldn’t complain.

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  • RDB:

    @How Kim would do it?: May 13, 2019 at 2:59 am (Quote)

    I asked my North Korean friend how it was there; he said he couldn’t complain.
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    And so, here in Sg, we not only can complain as a group in private discussions in a public place, but can also vote out the peeing and pooing farty, but do we and you too?

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  • William C:

    Most are taken away to service the HDB loans. They are asset rich but CPF poor. Payout maybe low, but how many of them are leasing a HDB?

    This is why the topic of CPF don’t most are not bother about it. From what I know, those below 40 are in the cohort.

    CPF has failed totally. It just a middle man transferring all contributions today to HDB tomorrow. Nothing left except the locked SA and Medisave

    Even those with money in CPF, most upgraded to private properties. Again asset rich and CPF poor.

    PAP will win every general election began all don’t want the property price to go south.

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  • James lee:

    The 4G leaders should take note of the predicaments currently facing all PGs and MGs,the very ones these leaders have openly acknowledged the contributions made by these seniors to nation building in the 60′s 70′s and 80′s.It is time that the government of the day make real effort to solve this problem which they created viz-a viz polices which are exposed and shown not to be right.They can no longer hide “their head in the sand” and assume that the problem will magically go away.Instead, the following fast track actions need to be enforced without any further delay to help all PGs and MGs:-

    1)Free ( ie fully subsidised) basic hospitalisation and health care.The government can save on the usual medisave top ups and medical subsidies.

    2)Because of 1) above,the moneys in their Medisave Account amounting to more than $30,000 can be released to meet their retirement needs.

    3)Unconditionally give a monthly payment of S$500/= to all PGs and MGs to further boost their standard of living for their remaining life span.

    4)Waive all charges and fees for the Singapore Passport for all seniors.

    Please do the needful before it’s to late!!!

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