The Hollow Men Will Bring Us Down

The Dishonourables choking Singapore with the Fake News laws are The Hollow Men. By making politicians the arbiters of truth, The Hollow Men are enacting political censorship of the worst kind.

Eliot’s poem, “The Hollow Men”, begins with such people and their like-minded admirers addressing themselves:

“We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass…”

These straw men have offered non-arguments to silence critics and critical thought. Unable to stem the problems that new technology offers—due to lack of ability and deep-seated insecurity—they have come up with ideas that tech giants have repeatedly expressed wariness over. And that the rest of us know to be harmful to us.

The latest is from Google: “‘We remain concerned that this law will hurt innovation and the growth of the digital information ecosystem.’”

From Facebook: “‘We remain concerned with aspects of the new law which grant broad powers to the Singapore executive branch to compel us to remove content they deem to be false and to push a government notification to users.’”

This is not only the bureaucratisation of social media, it is the exercise of political control of the most disgraceful kind.

It is not only about hampering creativity and innovation, it is about silencing democratic speech that could remove the darkness at the heart of the body politic.

Here, the penny drops, as the article goes on to state:

“A running feud between Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his brother and sister over the will of their late father, Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, has also played out over Facebook since it first erupted in public in 2017.

The prime minister’s siblings have used the social media platform to give their side of a row that disturbed the normally calm politics of a country that has been led by the same party since its independence in 1965.

Activists are concerned that the law could give the government power to decide if material posted online is true or false.”

The Hollow Men are dark souled and serve their own interests not those of the public or the country.

As mentioned: put aside time each week, and soon it may have to be each day: to speak to people; we are at the edge of dark times and we must do what is necessary to use what is left of the democratic process to bring balance back to the country through the ballot box. Cast your vote as an act of exorcism against the dark interests at the top of the system.

If there are less of such posts here it is because I am speaking to others. Speak to people and if/when they come around ask them to speak to others too. Do not wait; if we do not do what is necessary we may be making one of the worst mistakes as citizens.

Do not trust the empty words from The Hollow Men that fill the media daily.

Empires have collapsed because people spread the word and worked together. We still have the phone, we still can meet people in person. This is an uphill task, but it can be done.

As Eliot warns, and as we should be aware with the strangulation of democratic voices:

“This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.”

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The Hollow Men

Singapore’s fake news law may hurt innovation

The Penny drops)

[Picture: aleczed.]

Sanjay Perera

*Writer, and founding editor of Philosophers for Change. The piece first appeared at Facebook, and for a collection of related posts:Kafkaville.



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19 Responses to “The Hollow Men Will Bring Us Down”

  • oxygen:

    LEE-jiapore IS DEFINITELY HEADING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION – Ministers as and charged with the statutory responsibility of “ARBITER” of “truthful/falsity” refereeing of conversations in the social media will spend (99% of their waking hours???) loitering, monitoring and “judging” the idle maybe even unproductive conversations of peasants of all descriptions of intellectual void or substance in the social media henceforth, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE COUNTRY NOW FALLING INTO DECLINING DECAY??

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  • pap S$m clan of lying liars:

    All humans are more or less the same, some a little more honest and some a little more humane.

    To say pap has no cheat nor liar nor lover of money is like saying lky didn’t like ffffing. It ain’t true at all.

    pap by paying itself S$m by ownself justify ownself system has bred a clan of similarly minded pieces of shit. All speaking through the same microphone with no one daring to do any otherwise due to fear of being dismissed from pap’s S$m gravy train.

    In the end, S$m has done Singapore in.

    The only way for pap to right itself, which is highly unlikely, is for pap to pay each other median wage.

    Straight away, pap disgraceful will resign since all she cares about is her own standard of living. Kind of sad. Because if she can’t survive on median wage what makes her thing 70% sheep can?

    The next to go will be pap joe tiu. Because of lack of ability in bringing up median wage, she stays at median wage is glaring and 70% sheep kicks her out of her pap clan membership.

    The rest of pap no need to say except that they are so filthy rich by now they just run road to their own chateaux in swiss land.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Is the people of SG still wanted to know “What Opposition can do?”.

    We should be asking “What have PAP done for us?”. To start with, PAP loses all trust from the citizen of SG.

    Singaporeans should not believe anything from the PAP! Now PAP is protected by its own law, they can spin a lot of FAKE NEWS!!

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  • LIONS:

    Hollow men n women indeed!
    Better for the ORDINARY SGS if these HOLLOW $CHOLARS go to where they belong…to the schools n teach boys n gals?!
    That way,less harm would be done.

    Information Hub by strangling information FLOWS?
    WE want to HEAR ONLY THE GOOD SRUFFS,we are from GOLD 9O5 FM.

    This is not helicopter view,it is HELL-LEE-COCK-TER VIEW,ya?

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  • Annexe to Sanjay:

    … there is a Natural Aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are Virtue and Talent … But there is also an Artificial Aristocracy, founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents – for with these it would belong to the first class.
    The natural aristocracy I consider as the most precious gift of nature, for the instruction, the trusts, and government of society. And indeed, it would have been inconsistent in creation to have formed man for the social state, and not to have provided virtue and wisdom enough to manage the concerns of the society. May we not even say, that that form of government is the best, which provides the most effectually for a pure selection of these natural aristoi into the offices of government? The artificial aristocracy is a mischievous ingredient in government, and provision should be made to prevent its ascendency.

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  • I like lyCHEE, hate LOONGan:

    Mi choose to think positive. There’s a greater chance for us to bring them down!

    And yes, speak to the people, start with the people near to us, as much as possible and as soon as possible because that chance is near.

    The HoLeeble Man and his Yes-Men will go down in history as the men who bring the pap down.

    This is for them:

    “This is the way the pap ends
    This is the way the pap ends
    This is the way the pap ends
    The fake news law backfired, BANG!”

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    What’s the point of writing long arguments, well-reasoned comments or singing wonderful poetry?


    Why so?
    Because you have the vast majority of Sinkies still having SSS (Selfish Sinkie Syndrome).

    You can complain (or feedback) all you want and wax lyrical with beautiful prose, but again ALL USELESS, when they are allowed to have dominant majority to simply just bulldoze any and all laws through?

    Once again, Sinkies truly deserve it and many Sinkies are still arguing FOR it, so they have not woken up to the completely facetious and ludicrous “Fake News” laws.

    So, you can continue to write useless poetry but no one is listening and no one is the least bothered, so just forget it, nothing is going to save the hopeless Sinkies now. Bye bye to this Sinkingpore. Ha!

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  • Biggest Lie, biggest fake news:

    It is extremely delightful to read ST report that Sporean youths aspire to go to the university n get a degree or more. PAP ministers were not too long ago urge the parents not to encourage their children to study hard n reach as high academically as they can. They supported it with their documentation that even drop outs can be millionaires like them. Of course they did not support it with the proportion of degree holders n dropouts among the successful multimillionaires. ST, well known to be well controlled by papplps to the extent that any report or articles however lightly tainted with political innuendo should be subjected to papplp editorial censorship no difference from the old Mao communism, almost instantly came up with feature articles on one successful dropout n even one dropout join the gang. It seems that ST is echoing the call of PAP ministers to lure Sporean youth to forgo their strive for the best but to waste away enjoying themselves n even join the gangs. Many parents start to wonder why PAP discourages Singaporean youngs to be dropouts n foster gangsterism.

    Some seniors wrote to explain PAP anti Singaporean policy while they spend billions providing free education from Primary to postgraduate level n stipends enormous enough for them to remit back to support their family in India, PRC, Asean countries etc or to trade in stocks n shares. In contrast, PAP continually increasing the fees on citizens. The hundreds of thousands of such scholarships provided for foreign students force PAP the obligation to fill university n other tertiary institutions with these foreign students leaving very few for the citizens.

    To avoid the growing anger among the local students n their parents, they came up with the propaganda to discourage the poor n working class family from university studies. What is really evil beyond redemption n the deserving the worse karma is the minister promising aloud that no degree holders will be made ministers drawing millions a year in the next Cabinet. If this is not pure lies n fakest news deserving jail sentence of not less than 10 y n a complete confiscation of the minister personal asset to really show what the fake news laws r meant to be.

    No past, present or future government in any nation even however stupid, greedy or evil the leaders r will dream of discouraging their populace to reach as high academically as possible. PAP call really shows they r not fit to even have a member in parliament. It is good that our youngs do not fall for such evil lie.s. Parents should take the cue n responsible enough to kick these scumbags out n probe what lies in their dark operations that they r so fearful to let citizens know. Najib has destroyed Malaysia to near bankrupt in only 6 years. Think 5 decade of dark operation.

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  • in a true democracy....:

    ….these clowns would be forced to step down or be charged for dereliction of duty among others….

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  • Haigen-D:

    Parasites do exist in all niches, though. But until the Supreme endowed them with life, these vampires weren’t immortal. Of course, it’s difficult for them to assess their own faults when they can’t see themselves in a mirror.

    The ‘Hollow Men’ mentality is clear: rather than embracing differences and open dialectic discourse, they seek the blanket of personal security through the illusion of absolute control by any means available. Reflexive vindictiveness is the behavior of a cornered animal. The proliferation of a siege mentality creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    When ignorant people attain power and continue to say absurd things to remain in the Inner Group that gave them power, we can have nativism that serves only that 70% group.

    Archeologists have found evidence of right-wing doctrine among artifacts of the Mongol Hordes and in sediments of the Dead Sea. No rock was so low they couldn’t find a ‘hollow’ under it. This is a sign that the nation is in a rot.

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  • TheGreatDeceiver:

    So long as you do not know the way, the truth and the life, someone, some parties, conglomerate or religious stronghold will fill the seat of power and be the Head and the mouth piece of the almighty( or the arbitrator of truth you condemn).

    The Head of this House will face many adversaries and is up against the ultimate designer of the House. To stay in power, because the Head has appointed himself the arbitrator of truth, his laws will be set to strike fear, punishment and annihilate anyone or any other power and proponent of truths who challenges the Head and are insubmissive.

    The people(offsprings) under the head are mindless, soulless and definitely loveless(incapable of loving others except themselves and in their deluded circle of insecurities ).

    An ugly and stupid Singaporean, the ultimate breed, who take pride in accomplishments(self serving mostly) or accomplishing the purposes for and of an Abomination in the highest places.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    in a true democracy....:
    ….these clowns would be forced to step down or be charged for dereliction of duty among others….

    The Clowns won’t be “forced” to step-down.
    The 70% infected with SSS will ensure that they win hands down …. again…and again…. and again.

    Don’t believe me, people can thumb down all they want.
    You all can see for yourselves the last 2 GE results, despite all the online complaints, feedback, COIs, systemic failures and what nots. Ha!

    3rd strike and your’re out.

    So just wait and see the next GE coming up.
    So many injustices, complaints and wonderful articles and even poetry now, but then when the rubber hits the road, all the Sinkies will still have no actual balls to choose the correct box in the ballot paper to counter-balance the incumbent.

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  • Natural aristocrat Wannabees:

    What nature be these “mischievous ingredient in government” that Thomas Jefferson refers to about the artificial aristocrats?

    Awful nets of narcissism trawling obscene wealth from a sea of suppressed labourers in sinister ways and means. Until they transform government-by-the-people into a megalomaniac spectacle of their selfish cravings.

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  • Bapak:

    They are NOT the hollow men, the Sinkies70 are!

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  • Sanjay:

    @TRE and concerned citizens,

    post updated with “A National Disgrace”:

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  • oxygen:

    @ Natural aristocrat Wannabees

    INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS THERE, I concur with your thoughts. IN POLITICAL GROOMING and in business, people in real life reality chooses who they like, never who can deliver the best/optimal outcome for society. Look at GE, Jeffrey Inmelt was chosen (the other contenders were fired to keep peace of stable ship) to succeed Jack Welch Jnr. GE share price was a one-way trajectory to near extinction collapse. After Inmelt left office a few years ago, how many CEOs did GE hired? How many Ivy League MBAs “talent-hunted and groomed” for ivory tower position in investment banking survive the GFC carnage? THEY ALL FAILED SPECTACULARLY.

    In politics, Thatcher chose failed John Major, Mao chose Hua Kou Fern, Mahathir chose Badawi then succeeded by Najib naughty boy, Suharto chose Habibie, John Howard grooms Peter Costello, Kevin Rudd chose Julia Gillard – they either never made to the top job or never last for a brief moment of history shining.


    Read on.

    Natural aristocrat Wannabees: What nature be these “mischievous ingredient in government” that Thomas Jefferson refers to about the artificial aristocrats?

    Awful nets of narcissism trawling obscene wealth from a sea of suppressed labourers in sinister ways and means. Until they transform government-by-the-people into a megalomaniac spectacle of their selfish cravings

    Narcissism guides mate selection: Humans mate assortatively, as
    revealed by facial resemblance, following an algorithm of “self seeking

    A fascinating research finding that is also mirrored in real world – PEOPLE CHOSE WHO THEY LIKE, THINK LIKE THEMSELVES AND RESPOND TO CUE, STIMULUS AND THREATS THE SAME WAY the predecessor would react.

    If current or preceding leadership fails, THE NEXT GENERATION OF GROOMED LEADERSHIP IS ODD ON TO FAIL EVEN BIGGER – they have never taught, learn or discover for themselves to THINK DIFFERENTLY to crisis management.


    What do you or the rest think?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Natural aristocrat Wannabees

    ME THINKS THAT POLITICAL LEADERSHIP must naturally emerge on his/her own battlefield survival of the real thing i.e. political grooming is flawed and very dangerous because it trawls in only HOLLOW OF NO TALENT “yes men or yes women” incapable of creating his/her own innovative solution to the nation’s predicament.

    What the the worst aspects of having surround oneself with “yes men and yes women” in politics, government or business?

    IN CRISIS, THEY STOP THINKING – if they ever at any moment self-reflective of a solution space to begin with in the first instance. THE FIRE OF CRISIS JUST GROW BIGGER AND BIGGER AND THE FIRE CONSUMES THE LAST SURVIVORS OF WALKING DEAD!!

    And this hypothesis is not fertile imagination – we see aspiring natural aristocrat wannabes on their walkabouts sell sweet political rhetoric and all mannerisms of political correctness almost generics of soapy opera before election, but once they got into office, their “language of love” carries a different lyrics.

    IT TELLS ME THEY ARE INTELLECTUALLY EMPTY incapable of inventing their own political and economic space to national problems!!

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  • LIONS:

    Thanks for the add-on.
    Good points to ponder on.
    Addiction to greed is worse than addiction to drugs.
    Greedy people can never be satiated.
    They are dangerous.

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  • Scumbags of Sg society:

    They are NOT the hollow men, the Sinkies70 are!

    Both are hollow, brain dead.

    Eventually they will be sucked into the black hole, gone for eternity.

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