Team Effort

Gaudy Boy, our imprint for publishing Asian voices, has been from the start a team effort. Our Managing Editor Kimberley Lim was instrumental in setting up operations in 2018. We were soon joined by Judy Luo as an editorial intern. With her sharp literary intelligence, Judy has been so valuable in assessing new manuscripts that we are over the moon that she has accepted the role of Assistant Editor, beginning yesterday. Last summer Jia Sing Chu came on board as a publicity intern. You have seen her thoughtful and beautiful social media posts promoting the press and our books. We are absolutely delighted that she is undertaking a bigger role as our new Assistant Publicity Director. Congratulations, Judy and Chu!

We are sad to bid farewell to Kathryn Monaco, our Marketing Director. Her expanded duties in her day job now demand her whole attention. Kathryn spearheaded our Instagram outreach, putting our books in the hands of IG book reviewers and influencers. Over at Singapore Unbound’s SP Blog, our program and editorial intern Jamie Uy has been an incredible force for good in soliciting and editing book reviews. She will be working for Singapore Poetry Festival and filming a documentary over the summer. We very much hope that she will return to SP Blog when the new academic year begins. Thanks so much, Kathryn and Jamie, for your wonderful contributions. If you, dear reader, wish to work with us, we are looking for new editorial and publicity interns.

The 2nd Gaudy Boy Poetry Book Prize contest closed yesterday. We received a total of 37 manuscripts, 7 more than last year. Kim, Judy, and I look forward to reading all the submissions and selecting five finalists for the contest judge Vijay Seshadri. The winner receives USD1000 and publication in the USA. If you missed this year’s deadline, do consider submitting your poetry manuscript next year.  In the meantime, we are open to fiction and creative non-fiction submissions. Check our website for details. Look out for Ricco Siasoco’s scintillating collection The Foley Artist and Other Stories in the fall.

Jee Leong Koh



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2 Responses to “Team Effort”

  • LIONS:

    Have you started to write a book titled * SLAUGTHERING THE PAPig$*?

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  • Singpaorean Kong Come:

    Writing a book cannot reach out to most of the people. By mouth of words. teach them how to slaughter the PaPig$

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