M Ravi appointed as an honorary International Human Rights Legal Adviser to the panel of Justice Upheld in the UK

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I am pleased to announce that with effect from June 2019, I have been invited to be on the panel of Justice Upheld in the UK as an honorary International Human Rights Legal Adviser. Justice Upheld is a human rights non-governmental organisation which provides free advice and legal representation to people in South Asia who do not have the financial means to seek access to justice in order redress breaches of human rights. Justice Upheld is about actively finding and supporting these people. Typical cases include all forms of breaches of human rights including abuse of migrant workers, exploitation of children and women, the disabled, minorities, religious persecution, unlawful and arbitrary detention/imprisonment. I am looking forward to working with the very dynamic Jas Uppal, other members of the Board and Trustees and contributing to the various projects Justice Upheld is currently undertaking and is about to undertake, including an upcoming major constitutional challenge in India (to be announced later) and to a conference to be held in London later in the year.


M Ravi



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13 Responses to “M Ravi appointed as an honorary International Human Rights Legal Adviser to the panel of Justice Upheld in the UK”

  • CLAP:

    It’s very good that Singapore has such a great person!

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  • Congratulations, Mr Ravi:

    Well done, Mr Ravi.

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  • HarderTruths:

    You mean the same people who are currently torturing Julian Assange?
    How is that a good thing?

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  • a voice for the downtrodden:

    congrats mr ravi! thumbs up!
    but can u practice in sg?
    many sgs need such assistance.
    this gov is only looking after themselves..
    here,no money no talk.
    what a glaring shame- richest city but homelessness n poverty on the rise!
    is this the gov u want to keep voting for, folks?

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  • Rights & Responsibility:

    “O Humanity! Be upholders of justice, and bear witness to truth for the sake of the Lord Almighty even though it may be against yourselves, or against your parents and relatives; or the rich people or the poor persons. For God is more concerned with their well-being than you are. Do not follow your own whims and fancies lest you turn away from justice. If you deviate away, know that the All-Knowing is well aware whatever you may do.”
    (Quran 4:135)

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  • TruBlu:

    Congrats Mr Ravi.
    Yes, JUSTICE must be always UPHELD.
    UPHOLDING FAKE LAWS GO AGAINST MORALITY and any person doing so is inhuman.

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  • O Ravi:

    O, Mr Ravi, PAP has barred u from .practicing law in Singapore. Now congratulations on your apptment to UN Panel of Human Rights in S. Asia but wound Singapore PAP recognizes UN as Singaporeans know, PAP has defied UN charter which they cosigned in the case of Amos. Surely they will do the same if you do try your responsibility in SIN. PAP has smoked screen well in international politics arena. So in that case, your notification will mean nothing to SIN. it is just like PAP pro aliens hookwinking policy. The only realistic approachesch is to keep PAP in constant fear of VTO as they r now thinking they are in a big fix in impending GE n try to sweeten the ground whom they believe r thinning of gtheir daft supporter including the no longer foreigners SIN citizens who will find themselves in the same situation as old Singaporeans. Soon they will be kpkb but being what they r they would not just kpkb but un real action n soon pap will kpkb how ungrateful these new citizens r. Hopefully they fast become anxious wanting to know what pap .is hiding n why they r so afraid that Singaporeans find out! That will the turning point of SIN back on the road of democracy n conflict of interests is interpreted n not slimed by indiani as depending on career success ie no conflict if u have as a successful career even it is uilt on unfold crimes!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    are they ALLOWED in Singapore??? there are and were much INJUSTICE done…is there any Recourse for the long dead and current sufferers???

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  • Harish:

    Great stuff! Great to see our local heroes being invited to make a difference on the international stage.

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  • rukidding:

    Obviously our Papigs must have done something “not right” ?

    Ravi can be recognised by International ,yet ravi can be “kenna whacked” by our Papigs ?

    Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) can never be “honest” !

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  • PAP is afraid of change:

    PAP is afraid of all these good intelligent people like mr ravi, dr chee, roy ngerng and several others…thats why all got sued and barred from sg politics.
    if only they can be part of the political scene here, alot of good can come from it.
    the old fuddy duddies in parliament with their old fashion
    ways must go…keep the good but out with the bad thats making sgs suffer.

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  • Fair Comment:

    Appointment to the Most Political and Biased Organisation is nothing to crow about

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  • a PG:

    Congrats to Mr Ravi for making Singaporeans proud of you. We need ppl like you to be at the world centre stage.

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