10 silly doctors walking on their heads at SGH***


* SOP= secret operating procedure
*** The SGH =THE SureGone Hospital

10 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

Quick, quick, give her ciprofloxacin to make her dizzy by afternoon; knock her out fast and secretly confirm with ABG before she can protest. Yes, SOP *, just tie her up real tight, ignore her low potassium but must add amikacin; this 87 yo is very smart and fit. Now, let me go back to my Netflix ! hee hee!

9 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

Mistake, mistake!! ciprofloxacin is some idiot’s big, fat mistake! Oh my god, also missed her penicillin allergy! Sh**, how can that fake one tie her up like dat and give azetreonam when there’s no bacteria growth in her blood cultures ! /Bye bye, C-class. I’m migrating to the UK fast ! hee hee!

8 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

Where got UTI? No bacteria growth in urine culture from day 1 !. What E coli? No bacteria growth in stool cultures on day 2. Where got sepsis? Still no bacteria growth in her blood cultures and this is already day 7 ! Why is she still here on Apr 1st ? Because we doctors here at the SGH *** are all so wicked ! hee hee!

7 silly doctors walking on their heads. one came along and said:

all x rays and scans look good-brain, heart, lungs, liver, uterus, bladder, bowel- nothing much for me to do. Only 1 small right ankle blister. Let all the hospital-acquired infection do the rest of the dirty tricks. SOP* Soon, I swear, another ‘sure gone’ case here at the SGH ***, hee hee!

6 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

She is continent, mobile, calves supple, alert, conversant, independent, no dementia, no mental illness or Parkinson’s, never on medication, no glucose swings, no UTI, no sepsis, no diabetes history, no medical issues all her life. Why are we still keeping her here? SOP * Because we need time to cover up our mistakes and also to make more mistakes ! hee hee !

5 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

We didn’t do anything after reading her ABG, CBC, PC, WBC, RBC, AMC, LP, RP, POCT, CRP, ProC, TP, ALB, ALP ?. No worries. Nobody will ever get to see their medical records in this country. SOP* We are all very ‘safe’, as silly doctors in this ‘sure gone’ place !  hee hee!

4 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came alog and said:

good job! now her neglected right ankle blister, directly caused by our contaminated right ankle cloth restraint, is staring at our faces! More blisters, bedsores or blood clots coming, if we are lucky. SOP* All risks to her, no risks to us at all at The SGH ***. Watching this unfold is more exciting than me cheating on Tinder ! hee hee !

3 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

Wah! her right ankle blister infection really blew up big in just 10 days!. And I am the one who caused the right ankle blister to manifest itself exactly at the site of the contaminated right ankle cloth restraint! This is possible because I’m sick, not fake ! ha ha! hee hee !

2 silly doctors walking on their heads. One came along and said:

Quick, meropenum for the right ankle blister infection and max it. Yes, max it, now! Never mind meropenum increase risk of candida via catheter. I am the ID here!. Nothing done for the past 6 long weeks ! Give her everything quick – potassium, calcium, vitamin D, iron, phosphate, magnesium, all max, all quick, quick! Next, OrD can deal with that right ankle. SOP* No one is to ever find out the truth. I want a promotion for this ! hee hee!

1 silly doctor walking on his head. He came along and said:

I said it’s either lower limb amputation or nothing for your mother !. I am the OrD here so you shut up and stop asking me why the prognosis is poor. I can’t think when I am panicking so badly like this !


Warning :
Hee hee ! Many more silly doctors walking around on their heads at The SGH***.

This is a Satire, inspired by events that took place at The SGH *** 27 Mar – 8 May 2014, events that are verifiable by facts, except for the comic parts, hee hee!


TF Pang




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6 Responses to “10 silly doctors walking on their heads at SGH***”

  • Deadmeat:

    I am sure there are many cover-up in these hospitals especially with those dead-wood doctors. Sad that many lives and limps lose because of these protected species.

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    Agreeable indeed !

    My friend’s kidney failure was diagnosed as Heart Failure at Changi Hospital and he wasted 6 months following up at Changi hospital for Heart Failure treatment.

    This is real and can be verified ! Not fake news !!!

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    No surprise lah!!!…if they no have CPF – Medisave – act normal and give nothing of substance but plenty of SHIT after all these are SHIT in their eyes to be disposed of like the way the Bastard dispose of his opponents and Lower Mortals and their UNBORN through LEEgal Abortion welcome to the Evil world of a man who created an ILLUSION for a few and Nightmare for many…the Many will Pay & Pay and the few will Take & Take

    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    Pay like for diamonds but get SHIT.
    From HOSPITAL$ to FOODCOURT$ to Gahmen!


    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    PG means LOW PRIORITY.
    I happened to find out accidentally.

    FT-doctors dont know what kind of degrees all only serve poor sinkies.

    Tell you MEDICAL TOURISM oso contributes to LOWER PATIENT Care.
    All greedy gahmen’s fault.

    Vote wisely.

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:

    Is it now a case of “You Die Their Business”?

    A new twist on our island’s well known epitaph.

    GD Star Rating
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