Temasek invests with Ah Kong money, no need for plan B

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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8 Responses to “Temasek invests with Ah Kong money, no need for plan B”

  • HarderTruths:

    I don’t see anything – are you saying the money has already disappeared?

    Or is this the ‘fake news’ police censoring content?

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  • Raison d'être de GDP:

    Never have so many sheeple been impoverished by so few wolves in the service of economic opulence.

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  • Asd:

    Where the money ? Even president dont know and dont address the nation on TV…

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  • Bapak:

    There is no need for Plan B ‘cos 70% also don’t have Plan B. Citizens from real smart countries always find different ways home, here in Sinkland 70% only know one way home – the Pee Poo Pee Poo lane.

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  • Popiah:

    Not kids already.

    No need lecture so many.

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  • TruBlu:

    Take our money to go to Hollywood to make $exy *video* like HoSun?
    Seems all the HOs love throwing money at angmohs?

    Husbands *lend support* as always?

    Show us OUR MONEY.

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  • N.Jungne:

    This. “Si-Ginna” invested Ah Kong’s $$$ until nothing left, Chin Ho hor.

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  • Go to Phillipang website:

    It is totally blank and we do not know why? Please got to Phillip ang website and you can read the full text from there. You will know why later.

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