Temasek’s Eros investment in ICU, million$ in reserves lost

 Ref: India’s Eros seeks to calm investors as shares continue to plunge


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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7 Responses to “Temasek’s Eros investment in ICU, million$ in reserves lost”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    With an IDIOT and a JINX what do you expect???…they line their pocket full of Miracles ie.$$$$$$$$$ & assets… and the father tell all to go into a Rainbow and land on a Pot of SHIT!!!

    That is the Sheeple’s IDIOCITY to trust an ILLUSION created by a Con Man name ConYOU!!! how appropriate

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  • RobbingPeterToPayPaul:

    the national reserves must really be kosong by now.
    45$bil transfered recently.
    how much left?
    even blind can see.
    robbing sgs to ‘support’ her financially untrained investing ventures aka ‘gambling habit’ to us peasants.
    she no care cuz not her money mah!
    can always squeeze more out from peasants!

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  • wait long long:

    Most seniors remembered how Dr Yeo was chided by Big Lee for not giving bonus to his favorite nepotic member n ordered a bonus payment of $0.25 millions as reward for learning by losing near billion in investment. Perhaps she would be reward millions if she lost more. Overnite this investment genius became famous across the globe n many r queuing up to offer company in red n she did just that n her fame rolled as billions rolled out from the national assets n cpf loan n with it fast nepotic promotion with hogher appt with more oil to spray. Conflict of interest or/n abuse of power r no issue just as indiani, riding lky GRC lorry into Parlia has justified for good family buddy lawyer, Lucien, as no issue becos of successful career n in lky favorite not to mention internationally acclaimed as strong business hentreprenuer.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Should be re-titled as “$G citizens’ CPF down the Indian toilet”

    Oh sorry – there are toilets in India – my mistake.

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  • MarBowling:

    Understand Holee Jinx has stepped down as Chairman of Temasek International which is one of the peanut subsidiary under the parent company Temasek Holdings which she holds tightly as the CEO! Her Chairman position at Temasek International was passed to a FamiLEE member Lee Theng Kiat whose position as CEO of Temasek International was taken over by Ah Neh PeeLay. Must be in anticipation of SHTF, that’s why all these reshuffling of house of cards! How you reshuffle, the 3 Fiacking cards are STILL USELESS AND ROTTEN TO THE CORE! Period.

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  • Spermana:

    I don’t think any of the 70% will wake up.

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  • Temasek not stupid one, all these managers paid millions, all sibei smart one.

    Maybe they got insider information say Buffet will buy out Eros eventually and then can make a lot of money liao lor.

    Also maybe Temasek is in for the long run and will hold on to the shares until HongYi is the PM, then Eros share rise high high he can got much much money to use to build the country lor.

    Aiyah, smart people thinking peasants like us where can compare one, we won’t understand one lar.

    Which is why they are paid millions and we are paid peanuts.


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