Disciplined speculator Temasek cuts loss after buying near peak


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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10 Responses to “Disciplined speculator Temasek cuts loss after buying near peak”

  • TruBlu:

    Both she n croc tears LBH arent qualified to handle funds.

    They think they can squander wishy-washily as no one dares to question them?

    Instead of FAKE NEWS LAW, we ought to have a FAKE ACCOUNTING LAW.

    Lose big money still get top pay.

    This is totally wrong!
    It must be stopped ASAP!

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  • rukidding:

    Oh,…Holy Jinx ??…that famous CEO which managed to “j*n*” Micropolice ???

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  • Singaporeans deserve it!:

    Singaporeans deserve billions of $ losses since they gave PAP the mandate. I want to see more increase of FTs PRs to 12M so that local will lose their jobs and beg foreigners for a living. People still very naive despite sharing and talking bad abt PAP, they still fell proud and complacaent. Therefore the more bad news the merrier. Kudos to Mr Phillip Ang for all contributions but unfortunately people are still ignorant.

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  • most uselss:

    CPF is a big black hole, the amount of changes to CPF till now and asking people to top up and withholding till 93 already telling sign our investments are under water.

    Norwegian fund the world most profitable sovereign fund is only paying its CEO $850k, one management in Temasek is paid more than $20M.

    Something is very wrong with this country and 70% keep voting PAP.

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  • HDB flat depreciate to ZERO:

    Oh,…Holy Jinx ??…that famous CEO which managed to “j*n*” Micropolice ???

    She lost 500m in one year. Instead of being held accountable, then Finance Minister Hu defended her. She was also “praised” for “cutting losses”. WTF.
    Uniquely Singapore

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  • run road first:

    LHL, please continue more screwing to our country, I am feeling high to see your supporters suffering. I suggest you stay as PM till your last breath. So happy to see you messing up our country and making other nations hating us. I believed you have learned a lot as an apprentice when your father and wooden were PMs. Every time you screwed up you have made my day and wish come true. I love lhl and wish him good health to continue to be our favourite PRIME MINISTER.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Any good funds manager would have done his homework.

    Temasek has made quite a few people in the USA rich at the expense of the most overworked nation’s personal pension fund and life savings.

    Who said crime did not pay?

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  • stupid husband silly wife:

    we cannot speak for others.

    we speak for ourselves.

    every time we see pap clown or his wife or his S$m gang members on pap tv or pap states times, our blood boil. not that we look into pap tv or pap states times to get our blood boil.

    it is the accidental encounter, such as taking a glance at the states times while in clinic waiting for doctor or out in coffee shop enjoying coffee when the tv screen shows pap clown and his S$m gang faces.

    good thing is, we can turn our head ever so quickly. bad thing is, even that one glance, such as here in some TRE posts, put ugliness all round. such is their poison. such is their state of rot.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Temesek should hire Warren Buffett as consultant or CEO if they can afford him. Not like he need the money. Sometimes he gives free advice too. Fire that Ho Jinx. She is worthless.

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  • is tkl really that stupid ???:

    Dr. Chan:
    Temesek should hire Warren Buffett as consultant or CEO if they can afford him. Not like he need the money. Sometimes he gives free advice too. Fire that Ho Jinx. She is worthless.

    Who dares touch pap clown wife?

    Want pap clown to go ballistic?

    On paper MOF has oversight. But MOF chief reports to pap clown. Which human in pap S$m clan has the balls to fire pap clown wife and get pushed off the pap S$m gravy train? Looking at all the faces today, NONE.

    But put in New Government by a better group of local born Singaporeans. Then, immediately, with cpib chief changed with spf chief changed with bank negara chief changed with agc changed, all manner of true investigation of every pap clown S$m clan member. Almost certain many will be guilty, either via commission or omission.

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