SingPass technical support versus that of OCBC and HSBC

But first, HSBC is boosting the headcount of its wealth management team in Asia. The focus is here, where the banks says it will launch new digital initiatives this year.

The bank should ensure that staff are trained in PR as well in the technical details. I have e-banking accounts with OCBC and HSBC. The OCBC staff are not that good in technical support as the HSBC staff, who really know their stuff. But when it comes to telling client about the features, the OCBC staff are really great.

As for SingPass support, what can I say? I had another bad experience yesterday. Gal hadn’t a clue. Worse gal never called back despite promising to call back later in the day: still waiting. Btw, a tech mole helped me solve the problem I had, a problem caused by the SingPass system. I’ll provide details later this week.

But for now, I can use SingPass: no thanks to the staff or the system.


Cynical Investor

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5 Responses to “SingPass technical support versus that of OCBC and HSBC”

  • TruBlu:

    so,highly paid PAPple in civil service shaking legs n balls.
    we can only shake heads?

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  • Support For Lackey:

    Obviously not in priority league.

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  • OCBC Bank GLRC kena use:

    OCBC should trained their staff to meet up with service standards.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The Singpass and other government sites developed by FT courtesy of Chennai Business Park.

    Now they have moved on to other government projects to sabo us more- and the current IT support staff or Singpass have to bullshit everyone because they have no clue how it works,

    Great to know if the data is a security risk then no one knows or can do anything about it.

    Do you think anyone will tell you if the data went missing?

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  • chan mali chan,ex-banker:

    @OCBC Bank GLRC kena use:
    June 14, 2019 at 10:42 am (Quote)

    OCBC should trained their staff to meet up with service standards.
    oh,all the good sg-bankers have been retrenched.
    Only FTs and other local banksters left at the banks.

    anyhting that can screw customers works?

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