Wasteful to spend money on TV screens for Ministers at NDP when it is paid for by taxpayer’s monies

We will be celebrating our 54th National Day in under 2 months’ time.

National Day is a time when we Singaporeans come together as one people to celebrate the independence of our country, to reflect on our past, the challenges, the trials and tribulations that we have collectively overcame and to face our common future with strength and confidence.

I want the PAP government to understand by heart that the budget for our National Day celebrations is not, 1) loose change amount; and 2) they come from our citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars.
Therefore, any amount spent must be carefully considered and justified.

I have watched on the internet that during last year’s National Day Parade (NDP) celebrations at the floating platform, ministers also had a screen placed in the back of the seat in-front of them showing real time celebrations of the NDP as they happened. The marvel of modern technology is most impressive. However, there was really no need for that real time screening of the NDP on screen right in-front of the ministers as they were all watching the event live.

I ask if that was not an outright and blatant wastage of our tax dollars, what is?

I do not want to see such wastages lavished on and by them again at our 2019 NDP celebrations at the floating platform.


Simon Lim





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14 Responses to “Wasteful to spend money on TV screens for Ministers at NDP when it is paid for by taxpayer’s monies”

  • waste of money:

    taking for granted the taxpayers hard earned monies. spend spend spend..
    easy come, easy go eh?
    if some ministars have eyesight problems, just get them binoculars lah..

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    S’pore National Day celebrations becoming more North Korean-like in terms of pomp, extravagance & grandeur. This is inspite of the North Korean economy suffering from continual food production failures, experiencing famines suffered by their people & basically, a lousy, crappy economy stifled by US trade sanctions & ostracized by the world for their aggressive nuclear aspirations inspite of a starving economy. S’pore is not quite North Korea but their economic management of S’pore is nothing to shout about!
    There isn’t much economic growth for S’pore in the last 2 decades except for a certain group’s rising expectations & unwarranted prosperity gained from use of artificial means. This has come from a crony capitalist economy (high cost of living mechanism) & from an artificial growth (read:GDP) economy fuelled by foreigner influx, lots of Infrastructural Spending & lots of property-bias speculation & conspicuous consumption shenannigans to show growth & prosperity using prodigious debt in a relatively stagnant economy. Those who participate in such frivalous events are nothing short of having half a brain & even that part of the existing brain isn’t even functioning! Short of saying, Stupid, stupid!

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  • Flabbergasted:

    their obscene salaries are already a blatant wastage of citizens money.

    some people make less in a year then what they rape from citizens in an hour.

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  • Hsiam Loong Loong:

    Ironically, the minister in the pic is the one who threw this question at mp lily neo on the issue of public assistance – “How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?”

    Someone please tell us, since Pinky took over as pm, a total of how many 9-digit figures or how many hundreds of millions of dollars has been spent on NDP thus far?

    During Goh Keng Swee’s time, he’d even told his wife to tear the hospital’s paper napkin into halves since they’re paid by taxpayers’ money. Now, these si kui kia in white just anyhow splurge on what their ah kongs had tried to save then. KNN!

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  • Hopelessly Stupid:

    What can you do about it?
    Rather than asking stupidly, you kick them out with your votes and save billions.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Not their MONEY what!!!…not enough borrow from CPF and increase Water and Electric Bill to TUTUP LOBANG

    The Art of DECEIT from the Great ILLUSIONIST the man who ConYOU!!!

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  • Sg most expensive coffee boy:

    Hmmm… is this girlie the one who splurged $m on some yog game and welfie with Fat Boy for a meeting. BUT both big budget events did not produce much worth or significant.

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  • a comedy thats not funny:

    the big fat NDP is happening live right in front of their faces.
    why need a screen to follow the goings on?
    they can always watch the re telecasts at home if they missed any part of it.
    really cant understand.
    nothing they do has any logic to me these days.????
    most of us cant even get those free NDP tickets to go watch..some been applying for tickets for years..

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  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao bee:

    All these PAPIGS are tone deaf and myopic.
    They only what to see and hear what they want to see and hear.
    Wonder what the fiack they need all these TV screens infont of them for when they are having a live view.
    Yes, a blatant waste of resources and $$, whoever is the ass licker crony coming out with this ass licking idea.

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  • ah kong S$ from sheep CPF:

    When we had a job, we used to have expense account.

    Since it was ah kong money, always ate the best sushi the best abalone drank the finest wine the finest champagne.

    Spending ah kong money was wonderful, luxury at zero personal expense.

    So the same with clown pap S$m gang. They are spending sheep CPF aka ah kong money. Like all humans, clown S$m gang is having a wonderful time spending ah kong money. Since it is luxury at zero personal expense.

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  • sickening Lj face:

    This is the same Lj from pap who said, 3 meals at hawker centre foodcourt or restaurant.

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  • Singaporean Kong Come:

    I want the PAP government to understand by heart that the budget for our National Day celebrations is not, 1) loose change amount; and 2) they come from our citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars.PaP always turn their deaf ear on U. U ask for return of your CPF. they act deaf. During GE, these people even they do not vote for PaP. they spoil their vote, play their vote again opposition. They has been playing with their vote for the decade. Opposition did not con-vince their HDB flat worth a million $$$$. Only blame those stupid n greedy 70% daft voters. U give them strong mandate, so these Si Kui Kia with no doubt can any how spen your money. Is yourself to B blame.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Didn’t we tear down an old but iconic and functional stadium years ago to built this current gleaming White Elephant, a very expensive expenditure and after one try for one NDP, it is like dumped for good.

    There are hundreds or thousands of such wasteful expenditures by our government and its agencies to destroy usable and functional and sometime pretty new structures and then building some expensive White Elephants to show off to the world and to get recognised for promotions and hefty pay rise.

    We all Singaporeans have to bear the costs of billions and billions of such wastages. And these money sould have used to fund the poor and destitute

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  • when will u ever learn?:

    Please understand that it doesn’t matter what you think about how they should act until you are able to threatened their power hold.

    All those pleading, whining, principles citations etc etc by you all just make me laugh everyday. What you are doing has been done by our ancestors’ peasant class to the officials since time immemorial.

    Perhaps do something different instead? Like hitting them where it hurt most and vote them out. If not, your taxes will continue to be their play change and loot to get, and will only advance the livelihood and interest of the few.

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