Temasek loves to invest at market tops


Phillip Ang

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8 Responses to “Temasek loves to invest at market tops”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Not their MONEY what!!! so can play lor!!! even when losing they still collect their Bonus and Humongous Paycheck…

    Karma & Retribution for CHEATING the Ordinary Folks

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  • Flabbergasted:

    ah-kong money mah, no need to worry if lost.

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  • pap has the mandate:

    Mdm Hole investing with Government monies = CPF monies with no accountability, no responsibility and no transparency like there is no tomorrow….HHAAHAHHAHAHAH

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  • Good job Temasek!:

    Good job Temasek, the more losses the merrier and good for the supporters. They too will rejoice with PAP. This country is run by cronies and nepotism. Always wish asset bubble inflation will burst and more local will suffer. More retrenchements and people renting HDB flats from PRs, FTs and new citizens. Most importantly more heavy losses from stock market investments by Temasek. No CPF withdrawal till death and confiscated by PAP. No money to pay for mandatory Medilife insurabce, got to Changi prison. Jewel will be renamed as Jewel Cemetery for the PAP elities. People can go there to shit and urine. Godo news that Jewel tenants are now feeling no business and it will continue to be worst. Make your exit to Vietnam, China or Malaysia.

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  • joe tiu bareback black:

    whenever lky clown is asked about his wife performance, he goes berserk. some say ballistic. actually it is just a show to deflect.

    now that lky is not around to pacify like when he did when his clown slapped dana, lky clown is trying to act tough when actually he is kosong of anything.

    70% sheep truly is WTF.

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  • C’est la vie:

    The engineer is losing her “midas” touch, … or issit the market conspiring against her !!!

    Or, truth is, … she should’ve stuck with engineering !!!

    Oops, … she HAS engineered herself to the position of highest paid engineer alive !!!

    Well done !!!

    SG ~ the land of opportunities !!!

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  • Dr. Chan:

    70% says ok to feed HoLee gambling habit. So HoLee got green light to keep throwing money away.
    It is up to the 70% to say No and fire HoLee by voting out Ah Loong and Lackeys so that real investor of warren buffett calibre can take over Temasick and turn things around to make real money for the people.

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  • Neptop brass invest market low:

    What talkie u?
    People internationally know top brass, People nationally know whose dil or wife,so damn powerful how can ya ya fafaya invest on low. Insulting so high up stoop so low
    Also how can so hard to get the fame of so powerful whose dil whose wife can destoy own image?
    Fat hope no wonder do not be so stupid like ynh got kaputted for notpaying for such beak investment cannot stoop low big time bonus by fil now regretfully come back in grandprince in line father to fix his stupid mistake
    n no be so stupid like mini roti prata kena slapped in front of all cabin members all hands down n tailed curled in before finish his sentence on the invest high wife but roti more lucky than ynh given powerful bank job can talk bad abt uonou o men at shareholders expence of $2m

    look if not top brass market high grabber how to get welcomed when land in SIN Airforce 1 with DHS covered with ATe lying on paying bodyguard n airfares out of their own pocket but luckily only 7th mth Dead Hitler paper currency by paper general n admiral. Talk big say big but mousy when SIN sky roars.

    So no insult or Cabin prnt drops u for faky fake, the even cj cannot help
    cabin members r mpj now not just m, ok dont play play

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