Is this how trust is built?

In a speech on ‘Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance’ ‘PM’ wannabe Mr Heng said some interesting things. He states:

“By drawing diverse ideas and perspectives to explore issues, experimenting with possible solutions, finding common grounds, we can overcome challenges and seize opportunities together.”

Indeed, through insisting that different voices in parliament from alternative parties is not a good thing (unless he no longer mouths the ruling party’s monolithic chant of ‘One Party To Rule Them All’), he cannot possibly mean what he is saying.

Since he wholeheartedly supports the shameless Fake News laws he cannot be serious in what he asserts.

Unless he recognises that the democratic aspirations of citizens cannot be suppressed he is starting to sound hypocritical.

He talks about: “Our shared values – (i) commitment to openness”: and the example of this is…?

Why are certain salaries and assets of meritocrats and Dishonourables a state secret? Where is the openness in this? He should take heed of the Swedish example of political integrity and transparency and learn from that.

“Ultimately, the most effective check must come from citizens with the right norms and values to make informed choices and the necessary trade-offs.”

And how is this to be achieved if discussion is subject to political censorship and Fake News laws?

Earlier in the speech, he says:

“…societies are becoming more diverse in terms of aspirations, life experiences and values. These have led to sharper debates across issues, and it’s worse when these debates are conducted on social media, and very often on dark media which is among a small, closed group. This is affecting the social compact in many countries.”

But what exactly is his point?

First, we need diversity then that becomes a problem; we need openness then debates on social media are bad; we need to have citizens as an effective check, then if there is a closed group discussion (so as to keep dialogue civil) and points developed within can then be posted in public–that is ‘dark media’?

And a private discussion let us say among ruling class elites, ruling class fanatics, ruling class trolls, and ruling class social media managers (who pays their salaries and how much is the bill for this?) are part of what media?

To allow Dishonourables to cling onto office, to bully citizens, to stifle dissent and alternative views, to proudly proclaim yourself a price-is-right-politician who is reluctant to serve without the right monetary incentives: if that is not a sign of the dark souls that have taken over government, what is?

Meanwhile, Indonesian Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati is said to be the Best Minister in the World.

“Previous awardees include Senegal’s former Minister of Health and Social Action Awa Marie Coll-Seck in 2017 and Australia’s then-Environment Minister Greg Hunt [someone I personally know and am not surprised was given the award] in 2016.”

Sri Mulyani says: “‘I hope this award motivates the Indonesian government to implement further reforms to prepare the young generation for a fast-changing world and technological advancement.’”

She embraces change and new media not fights against it or is frightened of it.

She was the Managing Director of the World Bank Group, an executive director on the board of the International Monetary Fund, named Euromoney Finance Minister of the Year, Global Market Magazine`s Best Minister of Finance in the East Asia and Pacific, and Asia’s Best Finance Minister by the Emerging Markets Forum at the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings.

Yet, there is no sense of entitlement from her about salary (she cannot be earning what the meritocrats are raking in) nor whining away at challenges faced in high office, nor a sense of treating those who disagree with her as enemies of the state.

Singaporeans need to vote in mature thinking people into parliament: the current set of meritocrats are not only full of themselves but are now cowering from the threat of private chat groups.

This is disgraceful.

Sources: Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Governance

Indonesian finance minister crowned Best Minister in the World

Sri Mulyani

Sri Mulyani Receives Best Finance Minister Award

[Picture: Mike Licht.]

Sanjay Perera

*Writer, and founding editor of Philosophers for Change. First posted at: Facebook; related post: What public service, transparency, accountability and integrity are like. For a collection of related posts: Kafkaville.




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12 Responses to “Is this how trust is built?”

  • opposition dude:

    Stroke man has already lost his credibility when he said that the government is accountable in the wake of the Singhealth hacking, HIV leak and Mindeaths of 4 servicemen. What people want are ministers to take responsibility and resign but neither of the 2 ministers did so.

    So just listen and forget, it’s easier. Goondu Loong is prepared to lose a few more seats and perhaps ministers before he hands over to ah Heng but please do not expect him to have anything new to show.

    He would rather continue making our lives more difficult, letting the cost of living continue heading upwards and letting in more non Singaporeans.

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  • Duplicity redefined:

    Wow, this Heng is spouting logical fallacies faster than an overheated geyser in the Oxford complex.

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  • TruBlu:

    more specifically,PUBLIC TRUST?

    Well,DO YOU THINK YOUR PM N MINISTERS N SENIOR GAHMEN ‘TRUST’ your feedbacks even if they are sincere and honest or do you think your PM N OTHERS only love to HEAR ‘SOUNDS GOOD,FEELS GOOD’ types of feedback from GRA$$looter$?

    grasslooters enjoy special privilges for ‘carrying tales’ instead of telling the truth.
    they can reserve public roadside for personal parking lots or win public projects and many other PERKS for “MEMBERS’?


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  • Bapak:

    He is selected to screw up to make Bug Bunny looks good. Then Bug Bunny is selected to screw up BIG TIME to make someone’s son looks good. The whole process is to bring the Magnificient70% to go one big round from London to Timbaktu and back.

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  • Inbreeding & Bigotry:

    Let me talk about how Inbreeding can lead to Bigotry.

    1. One Rooster-Eyed son of comedian said there is diversity within a team selected for supporting one party. They all do not support Alternative way of solving a problem.

    To them, in this world , only one solution is acceptable. Any Alternative Solutions are deemed Evil and the way they deal with evil is to destroy it.

    2. You can see what’s the problem and thought fallacies here.

    A. Most problems have more than one solution. But this like-minded group share a common ideology. They are CONSTRAINED to one Ideology . Their world is Not Black and White or colorful but only White.

    B. Bigotry. When a person has a Constrained world view, he has a narrowed view of the world. He becomes so self-righteous that he become an EXTREMist. To him, YOU ARE EITHER WITH THEM OR AGAINST THEM. Those against them are Evil and must be Destroyed.

    C. INBREEDING: although within a group of like-minded people , minor differences can exist, this is not true Diversity of ideas and thinking. Half of the world of ideas and thinking are not INCLUSIVE in an Inbreeding system. You lose half the world of opportunities.

    D. People’s Interest and Representation :
    What is the People’s Interest? It is what the govt exist to serve. Who defines what is the PEOPLE’S Interest? The People. Only the People can define this.
    Is one view Diverse enough to represent the Diverse views of the People?
    Are you doing in your group’s Interest or the People’s Interest or the interest of a subset of the population?

    Conclusion :
    1. All roads lead to Rome. Many solutions can exist for a problem. Many Alternative Solutions have not be tried to be proven wrong.

    2. Diversity exists within a small group. But this is not representative of the whole population.

    It’s like saying cccp has selection within the party and so that is Election.
    Wrong! Election is a political event involving the whole population of voters, not a selection of leader within an Inbreeding of like-minded people. A tiny subset of society. The relatively small elite circle .

    3. Diversity of views should be embraced and respected. Agree to disagree and not destroy those who disagree and PREFERING ALTERNATIVE solutions.

    To make it easier to understand, some prefer HK democracy. Some prefer Denmark democracy. Both have their perspectives and rationale. WHICH ONE IS WRONG? A bigot would choose one of the side and say they are right and the other wrong.

    But both are not wrong. ITS CALLED PREFERENCE.

    LETS NOT ALLOW BIGOTRY and selfish Self-interest of a few elites to destroy the People’s Interest. Only the People can define what is in their interest or not .This is why People Power is important. The people must not be COWARDS. BALLESS…

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  • Heng Don't Talk Cock:

    Heng mentioned that all the Ministers suddenly want to work for and work with Singaporeans to bring the country into the future. Why all this talk only when the Election is coming soon ?

    What about solving the current numerous problems such as CPF, Healthcare, Selected Presidency, HDB, Foreigner Talents, Unemployment etc.. created by the great Pinky ?

    Solve these first before we move on.

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  • Asd:

    Can”t believe these people…

    Can tell lies with eyes wide open..

    How these people sleep at night.. those alive can’t even be bothered to clarify why they said hdb is a growing asset…

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  • how trust is truly built:

    Because of pap lies, HDB is asset, car lite, cannot eat degree, aliens crete jobs for citizens, pap needs to be paid $m in order to perform, and such lies, we have learned to trust nothing pap says.

    We only do what pap does. And this is how trust is truly built, by doing what pap does, not what pap says.

    So if pap says car lite but they all no take bus mrt, we keep our cars.

    So if pap says cannot eat degree but they and their children all degrees, we send ours to the best Us outside Singapore.

    So if pap says stand, we sit. So if pap says run, we stop.

    70% sheep is having a harder and harder life only because it believes pap words when it should only trust in pap deeds.

    Trust in pap Singapore is not built on words. It is built on deeds.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Splendid piece by Sanjay. Hope he will come out and stand for election.

    If HSK has any sincerity, any sense of self-esteem left, and conscience, he should have said,

    “This far the PAP government has been Living Off Your Backs like leeches; I promise you that henceforth, we shall be Working and Slaving For You”

    But I think the sun will rise in the west before we can here that from the PAP hoodlums

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  • @ Asd:

    @ How these people sleep at night..

    Surprisely … Sleep … pretty okay.

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  • 柑林内:


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  • 回柑林内公公:

    又再是满头的雾水是吧? 又再是虾啊鱼啊的是吧?



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