Improve signs in Singapore

The signs in Singapore are helpful in some ways but there are too many instances where they are not helpful and poorly located.

I observe the following problems in putting up the signs:

a) The planners do not adopt a consistent approach in placing the signs in the expected locations.

b) Some of the signs are hidden due to the focus on advertising revenue.

To have better directional signs, I suggest the following approach

a) Have a consistent approach. For example, directional signs should be hung from the ceiling and not pasted on the walls – as they can be hidden by advertisements.

b) Have a consistent approach towards putting up the signs. Do not use different formats in different places.

c) The signs should be prominently seen.

d) Accept feedback from the users and take corrective actions to improve the signs.

e) Appoint a senior person who has the authority to direct different parties, e.g. owners of adjacent buildings, to put up directional signs.

I find the signs in many cities to be quite helpful. In contrast, I find the signs in Singapore to be inadequate and sometimes confusing.

We need to learn from the experience of other cities.


Tan Kin Lian



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7 Responses to “Improve signs in Singapore”

  • Uncaring, not serious, no pass:

    Bad signs mean you have deplorable leaders. They are literally not interested except to collect and dig more money. Uncaring, not serious, no passion.

    Just look at HDB and try to find 324D SengKang East Way. Bloody sign is pointing in the wrong direction. From planner to inspectors to MP, nobody cares until now. What a shame, considering this “Leased” Apartments are more expensive than Private Landed FreeHold Properties [prorated to 99 yrs].

    Private Property carved out from Private Land, why you need to pay Open Market Price for the land? Can I say, you have a *VERY* uncaring government? Bloody, take the money then pretend give you back bonus [some more, only if you are eligible], but still reap a bundle. Got government and no government any difference or not?

    BTW, who’s the MP for SengKang? !

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  • Harder Truths:

    Some signs that must be put up are missing


    if $G locals go to Changi Business Park or Tekka there should be a BIG sign : “You are not in $G anymore. Riots can occur. Polis are usually hiding behind Blok 533. Good luck – you need it.”

    if $G locals go to SGH there should be a BIG sign “You may contract life-threatening diseases from third-world practice. If you are HIV+ your data may be stolen by gay staff and put up on the internet. Also -you die your business but pay up accordingly before doing so.”

    If you go to Chinatown or Geylang “Gang fights 10.00 pm – 4.00 am daily. Bring your own medical kit.”

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  • oxygen:

    DO NOT ENCOURAGE caterpillar mentality in LEE-jiapore – everything is led by the nose or direction from some white cockroaches.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    what don’t you speak up for those who lost their jobs to foreign shit and are now grab drivers?

    what don’t you speak up for those who have to clean tables because their CPF are locked up?

    why are you suggesting that they do more cosmetic improvements so that more cronies or foreign firms can get business, and more foreign shit will be imported?

    and you want people to vote for you?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Some traffic signage under the jurisdiction of LTA, some under BCA, but the plants and tree along the road sides under NPark. A lot of the signages are blocked by trees or hidden by another sign. This is another “satay stick scenario”.

    Of course all the three gov agencies expect the public to report. Is the co-ordinating department under Minister Joe still exist?

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  • can write on more impt things?:

    how about writing on OPPO alliance to topple pap?

    how about writing on 70% sheep driving grab even though U degree from local U?

    how about writing on what you are doing daily to further the course of toppling pap?

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  • TruBlu:

    Yep,the *SIGNS* are HAZY.
    Only *signs* that are clear is THEY WILL EAT UP YOUR CPF, they will take away your jobs n give them to FTs after GE, they will make sure they collect more money from peasants till all droo dead.

    The *SIGNS* are CONfusing.
    Sgs need NEW COMPASSES.

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