Manifesto for the General Election

Someone suggested this manifesto for the coalition against PAP.

1) No more GST and all CPF will be returned at the age of 55.

2) No medical fees or charges for in-and out-patient treatments in Government Hospitals and Polyclinics but will be the same as usual for structured Hospitals.

3) All disable persons will be given $1000 per month till their dying days.

4) All Ministers and MPs will have 50% reduction in their salary.

5) Free food items will be given to all needy families every week amounting to $300 per month.

6) Utilities charges will be reduced by 60%.

7) All MPs elected into Parliament will give 50% of their salaries to Community Chest every month.

8) Disband GIC and Temasek Holdings and eradicate crony capitalism

9) Housing for homeless

10) CEO and other posts in public organisations to go through proper channels of recruitment, evaluation and hiring not via ‘global search’ or army barracks.

11) Disband NTUC, just rename it Fairprice Supermarket.
Restructure the organisation and sack the CEO and all PAP partisan in the union.

12) Sack the Auditor General and Attorney General.

13) All salaries of CEO of public organisations be revised lower.

14) More usable space for void decks to cater for old folks’ hangout.

15) Ban PSLE. 11-12 years old are kids’ formative years. Academic pursuit is not the only thing to aim for a successful living. Focus on character building. Streaming should start at secondary 2. Restructure to elementary (7 to 10 years old), intermediate (11 to 14 years), high school (15 to 16 years).

16) Revise fiscal policy

17) CPF to be reviewed, bring back pension scheme or a combination . Untie CPF from sovereign wealth funds. Taxpayers’ fund should be state’s funds. No more meddling with our CPF money.

18) Get rid of cronies and partisans in People’s Association, taxpayers pay billions to upkeep community centres and chairman should not come under current PM

19) Ban Presidency, PM is good enough. But have a committee from all walks of profession to check on state coffer.

20) Reform judiciary system. Need to have a panel of jury.

21) Make HDB more affordable. Review 99 years leasehold. HDB apartments that are older than 50 years to be sold to Permanent Residents or open market to private landed property owners and allow children or grandchildren who are currently staying in landed properties to own inheritance from HDB apartment owners rather than to sell just because the criterion dictates that they can’t inherit HDB apartments because they are staying in landed property. In this way grandchildren or children can have an option to continue staying in the HDB apartments. The law should work both ways.

22) Ban GRC, bring back meritocracy, all constituencies to have SMC to promote meritocracy and no hitch riding on GRC

23) Ban ISA, and let dissidents come back home.

24) Allow free speech and demonstrations

25) Parliamentary debates to be broadcast live and those MPs who don’t attend have to provide a letter of excuse and apology. If absent more than 3 times consecutively, the MP post will be relinquished.

26) Ban Straits Times and allow free speech. We should have more than one local media.

27) All PR whose children have not served NS will not be eligible for PR status, unless the children have served NS. With immediate effect…..and they will be served $10,000 for every year that the child did not serve NS.

28) Review labour laws. Singapore citizens who are currently employed and below 55 shall be holding permanent jobs if they are contract staff. MOM shall form a committee to assist in this area. Currently many MNC companies are abusing local citizens as contract staff and PR as permanent staff.

29) NS conscription to limit to one year. Some boys have to wait another 9 months because university matriculation starts in August for local university and some in November and they wasted another year to be enrolled to the university of their choice.


Tan Kin Lian



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13 Responses to “Manifesto for the General Election”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    If this CONTRIBUTION is to gain support over the criticism of your previous, Tan Ahhhhhh!!!! you FAIL MISERABLY!!!

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  • Asd:

    Why election rally is a one way communication ? Why no question and answer ?

    Manifesto is for what ?
    - What was said being honored ?
    - What was not said being quietly carried out ?

    These people should be sued if wrong was done.

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  • Asdd:

    75% of MP salary should be paid as medisave since they always say its good.

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  • the slow cooker:

    aiyoh one point at a time lar straight away 29 points.

    these 29 points may shock the 70% into ‘coma’ – they prefer the slow sayang wayang as this is too much and fast for them to absorb – they prefer the slow cooker (to be cooked slowly) offered by the white idiots lar ?

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  • Bobo:

    Foremost task is to vote in more oppositions to debate in parliament. Preferably 90% of oppos. With 10% of JLB (jiak-liow-be) MPs, we will let them taste the same bitterness that they put everyone of us in. Make them work for us Free for 5 years. Hahaha. But it’s just a dream.

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  • Darth Vader:

    tkl, WHO suggested this manifesto, YOU? Because some of them sound like your repeatedly slammed crackpot ideas

    2) No medical fees for government hospitals and polyclinics? So WHO will pay for the treatment then? Isn’t it better to have state subsidies as well as making S & E-pass holders pay full costs to subsidize locals?

    3) All disabled people will be given $1,000/- for life? Again, WHO will pay for this, YOU?! Why not create job opportunities for them instead?!

    4) Reduce all ministers’ salaries by 50%? NOT FAR ENOUGH!!!! Try 90%!

    5) Needy families to receive $300/- in free food. Okay, first, define needy. Without this you can’t decide who qualifies and who doesn’t. Next, who’s paying for this?

    12) Abolish the AGC & AGO? So HOW do you enforce the law then? Isn’t it better to have an independent ombudsman that the AGC & AGO answer to?

    Ban Presidency? So who signs bills into law then? How about a president that is actually empowered to act independently instead i.e. no parliament appointed council to tell him or her how to vote?

    27) All children of PRs who don’t serve NS to be denied PR? What for? Most of them renounce PR at 11, return home then come back as “foreign talents” after they’re too old to serve or even on government scholarships. Why not imprison both the parents for their children evading NS? As long as the child doesn’t serve, they remain in prison. If the child never returns to serve, they remain in prison forever. Sounds draconian? Well, think the child can evade NS if the parents don’t aid them?

    So how about it tkl, you dare submit a manifesto like this?

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  • Singaporean Lost Soul.:

    Ban Presidency? So who signs bills into law then? How about a president that is actually empowered to act independently instead i.e. no parliament appointed council to tell him or her how to vote? So U love sooooo uch to have a puppet Indian over night turn Malay president. Y not try a non puppet president? NS can B shorten for only 1.5years.

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  • Gu Hei Toi #06-189:

    When Sylvia Lim used the word manifesto, the pree went berserk and kept repeating that word.

    Btw, I wrote a letter to the Straits Times. Straits times edited my letter and used the word “annoying” in it’s headline. And then so many parrots kept using that word.

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  • never vote pap lying liars:

    tan kin lian, listen.

    to topple pap is very easy.

    just be united and listen to that ONE OPPO leader. in this case, the ONE OPPO leader is that ONE who stands up to say, let us fight this GE to topple pap and not just to be an MP.

    no need many useless words.

    tan kin lian, being stubborn, but born stupid, is double whammy. be obedient. if want to be MP, learn to listen and obey that ONE OPPO leader. otherwise, stop wasting everyone’s time.

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  • Lee Sai Loong:

    But the biggest obstacle is the majority singaporeans, new citizens and those who trust based on lack of transparency.

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  • Harder Truths:

    None of the policies gives a chance to those born here and made redundant by FT, in debt to pay off their mortgage and no money for hospital bills.

    The election is a sham no matter what is promised because the same clowns get in no matter what. It is a fact that the locals are being replaced by FT and are almost only labourers in this new social order.

    No pint making vast claims of what needs to be done. Unless the right people are in nothing will change. The 70% locals are too ballsless to do this so there is nothing that will change.

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  • mike:

    Anyone buys into TKL’s manifesto without thinking is asking for brainless trouble.

    We need someone with wisdom to rewrite our constitution to return power to the people in a lawful manner. Gov’s power must be limited.

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  • Darth Vader:

    Everybody, read this. Both CSJ and TCB have denied that they have issued a manifesto for the GE. And guess what? The manifesto CSJ posted online and denounced as a hoax, IS THE EXACT SAME ONE tkl posted here!!!!

    And here is the PROOF!

    tkl, what have you got to say for ypurself now?!

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