The closure of REACH’s telephone hotline reflects incompetence at the highest levels

REACH will officially discontinue its telephone call-in services from 1 August 2019. Members of the public can still reach them online to give their feedback regarding government policies.

The Feedback Unit which is the predecessor to the current REACH was created in 1985 where members of the public could voice their concerns regarding government policies. It served a very useful purpose especially for members of the public who were not IT literate. Many such people were elderly people but that doesn’t mean that their concerns and views are inferior or irrelevant.

One other particular attractiveness and strength of REACH is that it adopts a “No Wrong Door” policy. Members of the public could voice their concerns and give feedback regarding any aspect of government, whether it is relating to NEA, Town Council matters, LTA, HDB, the Police, or cost of living, etc.

The officers will then forward those feedback to the relevant authorities and agencies for their necessary attention and follow-up action.

Currently, there are hardly any other official platforms such as REACH to enable our citizens to play their parts as concerned and active citizenry and contribute ideas and suggestions to help make our community and country into a more caring and stronger one. The relevant authorities must therefore be out of their minds to discontinue such a useful and convenient service.

REACH should instead be strengthened, with its staff strength beefed up and its telephone call services retained to continue serving our citizens and society at large. Only idiotic and out of touch policy makers will discontinue the telephone call-in services. Such stupid decision must be exposed and shamed at the highest level and widest possible to drive home a simple point and make those well-paid and well-fed PAP ministers and civil servants understand things better at ground level.

With such a decision by Reach, it is no wonder that so many things have gone wrong under the lack of real effective leadership of that ‘dishonourable son’.


Simon Lim



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7 Responses to “The closure of REACH’s telephone hotline reflects incompetence at the highest levels”

  • oxygen:

    NO LONGER CAN LIE OVER THE BLOSSOMING STENCH of incompetent governance, they shut the door to inconvenient protests and demand for remedial relief.

    I thought AH HENG wants to re-start the quietly disappearing silence of his gimmicky NATIONAL CONVERSATION?

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  • Ah Lee Baba Booba #06-195:

    Nobody dare to feedback?

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  • Singaporean Kong Come:

    Reach, make U cannot reach them, The cureent G incumbent do not want to B a burden. Many elederly has in previous ask for free funneral service to them, This matter the G push it back to the public responsible.Many cases those funneral directors has to offer free service to them. Everyday Pinky Looon hear one Singporean die, he is soooo happy, less burden to him. he will quickly ran to his office n lock the door tight n laugh loubly alone. At last U join PaP=Passed Away Painfully.

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  • TruBlu:


    refusing to listen to ‘NEWS’ THAT DO NOT SOUND GOOD NOR FEEL GOOD is the REAL ISSUE here.

    WTF! grassroots have been over-taken by gra$$-WEED$???

    the ‘grass’ on the ground is suffocated by the ‘GRA$$-weed$’ and withering away.

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  • Simon, wrong forum:

    Simon, the only way to tell clown pap anything is via the ballot box, not some pap BS called reach.

    at 70% pap clown raised price of everything.

    at 50%+ pap clown says National Conversation.

    So to tell pap clown anything, it is via the ballot box. Not via some gimmicky reach.

    start being smart. why remain as 70% sheep?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Your suggestions go into the wastebin.
    Grow up.

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  • oxygen:

    I HAVE COMPELLING APPREHENSION THAT FEEDBACK unit is overwhelmed by overload of policy failures incapable of reconciliation and remedial outcome possibility.

    One good illumination is that NParks publicly asserts that HDB is “landlord” of public housing whilst MND insisted that buyers of public housing are its “owners”. The legal documentation said buyers are lessee and tenants only.

    Which one is true, which one is false, which one is fake news contradicting POFMA albeit all from official authorities?

    Or does these WINDY HAPPY CONTRAICTIONS send confusing messages to peasants that if it is official qtrs violating law and law applications, IT IS LEGAL?

    Unable to reconcile these ireconciliable fictions and enigma,SO THEY SHUT IT DOWN????

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