Work towards regime change

Many people want the non PAP parties to take over the government, so that the bad PAP policies can be changed. They argued that only a regime change can achieve the goal of a drastic change in the policies on CPF, HDB, jobs and other critical challenges.

They expressed disappointment that the Progress Singapore Party is not working for regime change in the coming general election.

I agree.

However, we have to be realistic in how the goal of regime change can be achieved. We need to give more time for the voters to accept this drastic change.

The first step should be to break the two third majority of the PAP in parliament. I would consider this to be an important first step towards the eventual change in the strategic direction of Singapore.

A loss of the two-thirds majority in parliament will be a major setback that will force the PAP government to review many of its bad policies. They will have to look outside of their circle for better ideas on how to meet the economic and social challenges. They will be truly more inclusive in their approach.

This first step will also give the voters a chance to review the quality of the elected MPs from the non PAP parties. If these opposition MPs are of good quality, the voters on the middle ground will be willing to support a regime change in the future.

I am confident that a more active parliament will produce better social and economic strategies for Singapore. It will allow the voter to see how a more transparent process will lead to better governance. They will gain the confidence that a non PAP government can run Singapore better than the current PAP government.

Let me explain my confidence in a more inclusive process.

To solve any problem, we need to identify the problem and get broad agreement on the problem. This can only be achieved by a transparent process. We need to agree on what the problem really is, and the goals to achieve.

The next step is to find a solution to the problem. This requires another transparent process where the experts and the knowledgeable people are involved. We need a combination of people with experience and wisdom and the people who are able to think of the future.

The transparent process of decision making will produce better strategies. They will not guarantee success. In many cases, the strategies have to be modified to meet the actual realities on the ground.

These changes in strategies has also to be done with a transparent process. It will lead to further changes that are more likely to produce the optimal results.

Many voters are worried about change – will a regime change produce a better or worse outcome for Singapore? Can they trust a non PAP government to produce better results?

My answer is – we need a more transparent process to produce better results. The first step is to deny the PAP their two third majority in parliament in the next general election. It may bring about a transparent process.

If this still does now produce the desired change in the economic and social strategies, the voters can go for a regime change in a future general election.


Tan Kin Lian



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22 Responses to “Work towards regime change”

  • vincent tan:

    regime changed totally is a BIG fat hope !
    even denying two third is a TALL order .
    in mathematical term that is 29 out of 87,
    think ge2019 unable to produce..
    oppo upsetting PAP in 5 grcs+3smc, can meh ?
    if PSP+WP+SDP led oppo can wrestle 1 more grc
    on top of aljunied plus 2 more smc on top of hougang
    already and surely make ah heng knee jelly and boss shrink liao.
    be realistic pragmatic not dramatic hollywoody leh.
    a few more small steps, will eventually result in great giant leap of
    opposition inroad into the future of few more GEs !!!!
    mederka! merdeka ! merdeka !

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  • PAP Meeting Our Needs ?:

    Heng mentioned that PAP has good governance and meeting Accountability and Transparency needs. Please solve our CPF, HDB, Foreign Student Funding, Healthcare, Foreign Talent jobs, GST and High Cost Of Living problems before talking nonsense.

    Chan mentioned that PAP is meeting the people needs. Really ?

    I am unemployed and recently went to the Polyclinic. Doctor said my Heartbeat is irregular and sent me to the National Heart Centre. I was told that I have to undergo three tests to check my Heart and one of the test required a radio active solution to be injected into my blood. The total cost of the proposed tests will be $S800/-. I cannot use my Medisave as I have already used it for other treatment and I have to pay Cash. I cannot use Medifund as I stay in a 5 Room flat. Being unemployed I cannot afford to pay the Cash. So I decided not to go for the test. Is the PAP really looking meeting after the needs of the people ?

    All are Liars. Its time to retrench the PAP in the coming election.

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  • Bapak:

    Stop them from run road too.

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  • Boh Kia See:


    I don’t always agree with TKL but on this point, I totally agree with him.
    Unless the PAP is tossed out, it is difficult to see how a lot of the existing policies can be changed. In fact, I think it would be detrimental for Singapore and Singaporeans when paralysis of Government sets in.
    There are policies and practices that needs to be changed and re-focussed back onto the citizens. It cannot be done, unless a different party is in Government.
    If you want to know about Ho Jinx’s salary, you have to be in Government first. It is important to open the books for the citizens to see and that requires being in Government.

    So opposition political parties should plan for regime change if they want to do any good for Singapore and Singaporeans.

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  • True facts:

    It’s no point changing bad policy’s we need total change in mgt the country.

    They had mismgt the country.

    Total vto.

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  • George soros:

    Simple……..vto………..many sheep’s are led to the constituency slaughter house every weekend by the People’s Association.

    Go check it out yourself!

    What is needed is to bring all these old illiterate aunties away from the slaughter house.,……they need money go look for a George soros or the Anglo vacuum inventor.

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  • don't be timid:

    Art of Toppling lying clown pap.

    The Art is all about talking bold.

    If can only wrestle one SMC from clown pap, tell boldly one GRC.

    If can only wrestle one third from clown pap, tell boldly toppling clown pap.

    You see, clown pap, in own hearts, know about all the lies and thieving it is doing against 70% sheep. Every day, clown pap and S$m gang are using precious daylight hours strategising how to continue to BS 70% sheep.

    Long story short. clown pap and S$m gang of lying thieves know pap is in bad shape, the kind of bad shape where clown pap and S$m lying thieves can all lose power in a second and be put on trial for their misdeeds.

    And pap PA paid IBs no end flaming the cannot be done fire.

    So be bold. There is a maker in heaven. Shih Huan Ti died, very young. Qing dynasty died, no a single offspring in power today. So also clown pap.

    It shall happen. Let us all be honestly bold. We do this not for ourselves but for our future generations of Local Born fellow Singaporeans.

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  • Only One Important Rule:

    Never vote for any Pappies.

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  • PeterSyi:

    His father has to repent for putting his older son up there…

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  • Python 5:

    regime change is a must. you can get 1/3 of the seats this time round and block some policies, but can you guarantee you can have 1/3 of the seats every election??

    what if you only secure 25% or less of the seats one day??

    what will they do to you??

    they will go out full force to wipe you out!!!

    WW2, the Allies and the Soviets didn’t think of 1/3 seats or 1/3 Germany when they finally encroach on German soil.
    they go all out to crush the Nazis. 100%.

    A hunter, when he shoots a carnivore, he does not leave it after wounding it. He goes after it and kills it. Because a wounded carnivore is most dangerous, more dangerous than a healthy or dead one. A wounded one WILL be a man-eater.

    you want a wounded political party or Nazi Germany or man-eater to come after you and your 1/3 seats with absolute vengeance??

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  • TruBlu:

    Seriously, as a TruBlu sg uncle, i am more worried about the CHANGE IN OUR SOCIETY in recent years.
    Policies that turned our once gracious people into SELF-CENTRED N SELFISH LOT!!!

    I dare point a finger at CROOKED GEASSROOTER$ who participate just so to SERVE THEIR OWN *WANTS* N TO BULLY OTHER WEAKER sgs.

    Dont believe,OPEN YOUR EYES N SEE!

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  • a PG:

    I would like to see changes like chopping down their sky-high obscene $$$million salaries, including papresident. We are definitely not proud that whole world knows that our country’s politicians (pap) are the highest paid in the world. Do they know that many ppl are struggling in their daily life, e.g. spent their whole life working but got little cpf left, and low payouts. The white elites are getting the better of us, even in their retirements.

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  • blueview:

    The population group that needs to KICK OUT or reduce PAP substantially is the SINGAPORE CHINESE. All of the non-Singaporean Chinese votes are not enough to teach PAP a lesson. So please wake up!

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  • DarkClouds:

    Unrepentant. Deserve what’s coming.

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  • Darth Vader:

    Oh boy, tkl just gets more and more delusional and stupid with each passing day. Deny the pap a 2/3 majority to force them into transparency????!!!! HELLO, ALL that does is to stop them amending the constitution to suits their whims & fancies willy-nilly, okay? It does NOT compel them to tell the truth or even be halfway translucent!!!! In fact, it can actually do more harm than good because now the pap can PRETEND to be transparent and lull the opposition and the people into complacency e.g. with > 2/3 majority: Q: “How much is hc earning?” A: “It’s a state secret…”. Without 2/3 majority: Q: “How much is hc earning?” A: “Oh, tkl’s guess was right all along; just $100,000/- a year…”

    People, here is the honest truth; you REALLY want FULL transparency and accountability from the pap, VOTE THEM OUT! If you fear political instability, then they should win no more than 50% + 1 seat in parliament. ONLY when their political survival hangs in the balance will they change! Anything less, it’ll just be busimess as usual; at most, they’ll pander to their critics with a fake show of transparency and accountability

    Really, tkl, you were a former pap cadre member and you DON’T know this????!!!!

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  • Key terms in pseudo-pap:

    Change from what regime?

    Crony-capitalism Regime: its compromised democratic values and misguided elitist interests.

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  • MarBowling:

    Through DAILY CONSTANT brainwashing of ELDERLY folks at PA, RC functions and social activities organized by the PAPIGs, Mai Hum and Gang are quite confident of obtaining the same or similar GE result as in 2015! Move around and rub shoulder with these DAFT folks, you sometimes hear these comments: LHY and sister LWL are DISRESPECTFUL to their OWN brother Mai Hum by bringing their family dispute wrt 38 Oxley Rd to the public, ie they are troublemakers!; without LKY and the PAPIGs, there WILL BE NO SINGAPORE, and many other comments that REALLY SINK OUR HEART, TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREAN!

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  • opposition dude:

    Regime change is easy to talk about but hard to bring about. Those bloody sickening kiasees are all to blame. Love to complain about everything under the sun but when it comes to an election all balls shrink faster vote PAP out of self created fear.

    If the kiasees don’t vote for opposition you can jolly well forget about regime change.

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  • One Party Rule lasts centuries:

    One country in asia the ruler before getting into power promised democracy.
    Once he won power, he realised democracy is a threat to his reign.

    And he became a dictator from the day he won and the rest is history.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Just vote Opposition if:
    You want CPF back at 55 yo
    You want to retain HDB flat after 99 years (becomes Free Hold) so that you can pass on to your next generation. Next generation do need to pay any more mortgage (how good is that?)
    You DON’T want NS.
    You want lower tax, (no tax for essentials like food, water, clothings), lower tariffs, fees etc. maid levies.
    You want to know how much reserve (or zero reserve) is left.
    You want to know how much GIC, Temasek lost in their gambling habits.
    You want to how much HoLee Jinx getting paid?
    You want to know the lists of assets/accounts the PAP ministers have, how much they stole from taxpayers etc.
    You want an end to Population Recycling Ponzi Policy.
    You want dual citizenship.
    You want term limits to all public office.
    You want end to fake scholars to paper generals to ministers policies/head of GIC policies. etc…….

    I want all the above. So I want for Opposition all the time because PAP would not allow that to happen.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    I meant Next Generation DON’T have to pay anymore mortgage.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I’m hungry

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