Hardest truth: Public housing is subsidised by …. flat buyers, not government

Subsidised public housing in Singapore is …. BS.
The cost of subsidy would have to be borne by thePAP government for selling HDB flats at a ‘loss’. There isn’t any.
The ‘loss’ incurred comes from the inclusion of PAP-inflated land cost.
But state land belongs to citizens and most of it was acquired by PAP decades ago at lelong prices.

(“Between 1959 and 1984, the government acquired a total of 43,713 acres (17,690 ha or 177 sq km) of land, which constituted about one-third of the total land area of Singapore then.” NLB)

Even though the actual land cost – 4 decades ago prices – must be peanuts, it has been inflated thousands of times by PAP to current prices.
If land cost wasn’t included, there would be no need for any housing grant as HDB flats would be affordable.
In reality, flat buyers are subsidising HDB by being forced to pay for land cost.

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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15 Responses to “Hardest truth: Public housing is subsidised by …. flat buyers, not government”

  • Old Nuisance:

    Public Housing built on Public Land, why should you be paying market price for the Land Cost? Caring Governance my foot!

    More and More Singaporeans become poorer, heavily indebted by the housing loans, no lives, no savings, no time and resign to exist by keeping silence against the regime.

    Vote for Change.

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  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    Yes, your analysis is nothing new either, many moons ago was already questioned by both LowTK and Cham. Our pigs refused to release any details or breakdowns.
    Any thinking person would also come to your conclusion.
    Yet, dafts continued to vote greedy cheating pigs into parliament.

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  • PuniamaAct:

    They can lie, you cannot lie;
    Why do you need to place your trust on liars?
    Steal all your money away? Put your children in hardship?

    Either you Act or suffer. It is that simple.

    Just look at all the HK People, they are not stupid people.

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  • heng not 1st class degree:

    Mr Chiam ST long long ago already asked the question.

    But as usual during pap lying master mentor lky regime, instead of answering, the pap clan resorted to bullying.

    pap IBs say pap sure win one.

    That is bird talking, blue bird talking. Where got such thing as sure win in politics? As soon as 70% sheep wakes up, voila. pap clown and pap clown wife and their S$m clan of lying thieves approved by parleement shall run road.

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  • opposition dude:

    The biggest joke about “affordable” housing is that this logic goes out the window when you want to buy a new BTO in a mature estate. No need to mention the price since it’s already “affordable” anyway and the government changes tack by telling us all that these flats are in mature estates with amenities already up and running.

    But the question they never answer is, aren’t all PUBLIC flats supposed to be affordable? If you are going to be paying something like $500k for a new 3 room BTO at Queenstown aren’t you being punished for your decision instead?

    All this shows is that the government is talking cock and wants money since they know that after 5 years you can sell it off at a profit and move elsewhere. It’s a supply and demand thing after all.

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  • TruBlu:

    I SAY AGAIN,LET PUBLIC HOUSING BE MADE INTO the public’s housing again!

    non-sgs should be banned from buying public housing.
    if they need a roof,they can simply rent from HDB or the PUBLIC who have spare rooms???

    this is THE ONLY RIGHT WAY.

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  • vote oppo for the truth:

    the mother of all scams in our sg..
    we’re all waiting for the truth to unfold soon.
    sgs had been fooled for 50 yrs!

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  • MarBowling:

    Great article by Mr Phillip Ang.

    That MF Short A*se smiling Tiger ex-Housing Minister Marbok Tan has got the cheek to proclaim that HDB suffer about $2 billions deficit EVERY YEAR! Karma and retribution is awaiting and calling him and his FamiLEE soon for coming up with this Mother of all PONZI schemes to Squeeze all the CPF savings of most common folks when they purchase those artificially and highly inflated price HDB flats! His mentor Lee Kayu and FamiLEE have already received partial karma and retribution in the form of the family saga at 38 Oxtail Rd.

    Marbok Tan, you can run BUT cannot hide as you should be receiving karma and retribution SOON!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A dialogue in 2012 with 4(four idiots who believe LKY can walk on water) Harvard Professors the Liar was asked how did he manage to house 80%+ of his people in public housing by owning it…

    The F…..g Liar as usual with his lying straight face said ” we PROVIDE the Land FREE, they only pay the building cost ”

    There is NONE Greater than a Liar who can CON 4 Harvard Profs…CONNING sheeple is a walk in the Park leh!!!

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    Dear Readers,
    Do not be fool by such article and go on the street to protest.

    All these instigator such as Phillip and Oxy are very safe far far away and do not have to face any backlash or consequences.

    Treasure PAP for working so hard to bring peace and stability to SG.

    DO NOT TURN SG INTO hk. Go below link see what happen in hk now.


    Be proud of PAP.
    Vote PAP.
    Support 9% GST for poor Minister pay rise.
    Support more for FT.


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  • WP under-performed:

    Do you know why Singapore education system produce top scorers but these do not deliver best performance in the world?

    Knowledge is by regurgitation.
    Wisdom is from the author of the knowledge.

    It’s grads from other countries who did not graduate from SG education system who created superior knowledge and products.

    Wisdom does not come from education system.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Nothing is subsidised by MIW

    Not SGH, not CPF or HDB or COE or ERP

    It is us who pay for all this.


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  • oxygen:

    @ PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20:

    OI OI OI, RUBBER-TAPPER FROM BOHLEH-LAND, remain inside the attap shed of your rubber plantation.

    Shut your stupid a*se in TRE, anything that Phillip Ang writes is beyond your caterpillar intellect.

    How come no more gas farting on your fame 1 ringgit equal 3 S$ anymore?

    Check your doctor, he/she will tell you my a*se is smarter than your desiccated coconut!

    PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20: All these instigator such as Phillip and Oxy are very safe far far away and do not have to face any backlash or consequences.

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  • oxygen:

    NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY FOR MY INFLATED LAND PRICE? Just add in your CPF, that way I “own” your land and CPF at the same time in your old age!!

    PAPpypolitics and PAPpynomics at its “BEST”

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  • Singapore Boleh:

    Be very careful when you are told about:






    fake news

    etc etc etc

    You believe lies at your peril.

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