PAP holds world record for highest percentage of education budget spent on scholarships/grants for foreigners



Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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6 Responses to “PAP holds world record for highest percentage of education budget spent on scholarships/grants for foreigners”

  • GST 15%:

    Lavish and irresponsible spending while shamefully still thinking of increasing revenues by tax hiking and inventing new taxes.

    DPM Heng – The Goods and Services Tax (GST) would have to be raised to 15 per cent — and not 9 per cent — were it not for the income from Singapore’s healthy reserves built up over the years.

    [Source: ]

    When anyone tells you Singapore will thrive despite economy slow down, it could jolly well meant by taxing the people. May I remind you that our pledge is “Progress for the Nation”. Singapore is not the same as Nation. What is the use of Singapore thrive while the nation becomes poorer.

    Be very careful of any wolf in sheep skin, empty, hollow, insincere talk and fake caring for the people, like “100m is not within”.

    Do you have any ideas why anyone would want to exempt themselves from any responsibilities for spreading falsehoods?

    I really think that our national pledge should be changed to “…based on justice and INequality” so as not to bluff our own children in school doing the pledge.

    Philip is right, Vote Wisely.

    Miss the Chance another 5 years of Pain for your own children.

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  • Best things in life are free:

    “Hunger not “to have”, but “to be” …. Were all instructors to realize that the quality of mental processes – not the production of correct answers – is the measure of educative growth, then something hardly less than a revolution in teaching would be worked out.

    - John Dewey, “Democracy and Education”

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  • pap S$m clan of lying liars:

    actually if pap is spending lky money we have got nothing to say.

    but pap is spending 70% sheep CPF money which jolly well can be used to alleviate hardship via reduced GST or no GST.

    yet because of 70% sheep stupidity, pap chooses to squander away 70% sheep CPF money and when coffer is empty raises 70% sheep GST.

    70% sheep has a hand in its misery. clap clap clap.

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  • RotBeginsinEducation:

    Stupidity begins with an education from the rich by the rich and for the rich.

    They rise to the upper echelon of societies to create wealth for the rich and the rests labour endlessly for an “improved life”( are you kidding me?? ) for many never happens.

    Don’t be deceived. Nobody wins because it is a matter of time the high price of stupidity will strike everyone

    Finally, If you don’t smell the corruption and the rot, you are already corrupted by education .

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  • NotMyProblem:

    To boost up the reputation of SG’s universities, PAP import foreign students, with free scholarship.

    To boost GDP, PAP import FTs, increase the cost of living of SG.

    To ensure PAP stays in power, PAP gives out citizenship like toilet paper to foreigners.

    Being a govt of the country is so easy, to the PAP.

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  • Harder Truths:

    They are not ‘foreigners’.
    They are ‘future $G citizens and loyal pappy voters’

    Future loyalty must be rewarded.
    $G citizens have no choice so why spend money on them?
    They die their business.

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