Six methods used by PAP to stay in power forever

There are several methods used by the PAP to stay in power forever:-

1. No estate upgrading for opposition wards

The government has being using this upgrading fear to dissuade many voters from voting the opposition though it is their preferred choice of vote.

In 1992, then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong announced that wards that voted for the PAP would be given priority for upgrading programmes. This was revived again at the 1997 General Election.

On the eve of Polling Day, Mr Goh went one step further: The Government would drill down to the voting patterns at the precinct level (clusters of around 10 blocks) in determining which neighbours to upgrade first. The strategy was employed in both the 1997 and 2001 elections, helping the PAP clinch 65 per cent and 75 per cent of the votes respectively (Sunday Times, 23 Sep 2018)

Pragmatic Singaporeans – used to reap a considerable amount of profit from selling their BTO flats – succumbed to this ungentlemantly tactic and either vote for the PAP or spoil their vote in order to ensure that their estate will enjoy upgrading.

Nevertheless, this tactic may not work so much now as the new BTO flats are priced so high that any profit made from the sales proceed is seldom more than $100,000. Moreover, the HDB leasehold of 99 years is a more pressing issue now than any upgrading withdrawal as many flats that have less than 60 years of lease struggle to get any potential buyers in the market – with or without upgrading work.

Used virally by the second Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1990s, this upgrading fear tactic is almost unheard of in GE 2015 and probably in this coming GE.

The Main Upgrading Programme (MUP) is a town council-initiated estate upgrading project aims to restore many of our ageing flats and usually announced months before the GE with significant threats made of the upgrading withdrawal during campaigning if certain wards are to fall to the opposition. This is usually targetted at hotly-contested wards such as Marine Parade,  Tampines or Moulmein.

To this day, no one can ascertain how successful the estate upgrading fear has worked in the favour of the incumbent but the fall of Aljunied GRC in 2011 showed that any GRC can still gold given the right opposition party and candidates involved.

2. Serial numbers on voting card

About 7 to 8 days before voting, each voter will receive a polling card stating his constituency and where his voting station will be. On the right hand side of the card is a serial number which till today nobody at the Election Department can truly verify it’s legitimacy.

The Election Department on it’s website has this to say: “The serial number on the ballot paper is to protect the integrity of the democratic process. It enables strict accounting of all ballot papers issued and cast, and guards against counterfeiting and voter impersonation. ”

This serial number has created much fear among the older Merdeka Generation who is worried that voting is not secret and that their votes can be traced which incidentally is true if the government wanted to.

Moreover, on polling day itself, the Presiding officer will call out the names and identity card number of the voter before he casts his vote at the station, intensifying the fear he has of the whole voting experience.

I have spoken to one particular Presiding Officer who has such a booming voice while reading out the voter’s particulars during my candidacy at Tampines GRC in 2011, whether he could lower his voice as I could hear him clearly across the carpark. He told me that they were instructed to read out loudly and audibly so that there won’t be any mistaken identity!

I doubt this audible public pronouncement of the voter’s name and identity is used anywhere in the world during election.

However, it has worked well as I witnessed many jittery elderly voters quickly vote and get out of the chilling polling station. I am sure many who have wanted to vote in the opposition would have changed their mind on that fateful day and voted otherwise.

3. Persecution and law suit against opposition candidates

Lee Kuan Yew perfected the art of persecuting and suing opposition candidates in his reign. Workers’ Party candidates such as late Jb Jeyeretnam, late Francis Seow and even the current  crop of WP stewards Low Thia Kiang, Sylvia Lim and Pritam Singh could not escape the famed PAP persecution.

The suit tactic works so well that many opposition parties could not gather any candidates to contest in general election. Those who joined as candidates then were also dubious characters with one independent candidate even wearing slippers to file in his candidacy nomination papers and never hold any campaigning nor give a single speech before the election.

It was only in GE 2011 that the opposition mustered enough resources to contest 82 of the 87 seats offered giving many Singaporeans the chance to vote – many for the first times especially in PAP-favoured wards such as Tanjung Pagar, Jurong and Sembawang.

There has not being a single suit filed against any opposition party or candidate since 2011 less the WP town council one and this impasse has sparked off a frantic rise of interest especially among the young millennial generation to join the opposition parties.

4. Group Representation Constituency

The Group Representation Constituency (GRC) was proposed in GE 1988 with many critics saying that it highly favoured the incumbent. It’s main purpose is to have a minority race representing the population in a certain constituency so that power is not focused on one main race.

Forced to locate a minority race candidate in a group of 3 to 6 candidates contesting a GRC, many opposition parties have cried foul that the contest disadvantaged them as they have lesser resources to select from.

However, the loss of Aljunied GRC in 2011 and two ministers consequently showed that given the right circumstances and candidates, a GRC can be won and is even seen as a vulnerable weakness of the whole Singapore electorate system.

All it takes is two to three heavyweights in the mould of Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Lee Hsien Yang and the GRC veil looks less invincible and fallible.

The GRC is likely to favour the incumbent and any strong opposition party up to the task of grooming 5 to 6 abled candidates for the contest of representing the people in Parliament.

5. Media

The government has being able to control the mass media so far till the internet revolution makes its mark in the 2000s.

Alternative news sites such as The Online Citizen, The Independent Sg and TR Emeritus have came under intense government’s scrutiny especially before the election but the recent Fake News legislation has intensified the noose among the few independent news media.

The strong hold of the public media has also lessened somewhat of late as people flock to a more balanced free media which promises independence and minimal censorship.

It is unforeseeable how the government can regain the monopoly on media again unless it autocratically closes down all the alternative news media making it seen like a communist regime.

It can merely harass and threaten them but they are virtually untouchable and depending on how courageous the editors of these independent media are – they can change the course of the whole election.

The Malaysian election was thought to be widely shaped by independent news sites such as Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today and Sarawak Report though some were forced to close down briefly during the former PM Najib’s reign. The Malaysian Insider has gone defunct since 2016 amid financial losses and a government’s clampdown.

Across the causeway, Singapore also witnessed the loss of a independent news media The Real Singapore when two of the three editors were convicted and jailed for spreading fake news via a sedition charge in 2016.

Unless the independent news media report accurately and responsibly, the authorities will probably not hesitant to clamp down on our alternative media and that will be a shame for the country.

6. New citizens

The new citizen votes seem to be the master winning card of the incumbent as each year close to 6000 new citizens will be included into the electorate building up to a strong credible pool of 20,000 to 25,000 loyal voters before each election.

It is perceived that at least for the first time of voting, this huge increasing pool of new citizens will vote for the incumbent more out of loyalty than anything else. This is understandable especially if most of the new citizens hail from third world countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam or China.

Of course, over the years, some will vote against the government as they too have suffered the same fate as most native Singaporeans.

As the Election Department falls under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s office, the re-drawing of boundaries before each election tends to favour the incumbent as they know where these new loyal voters reside and people living as far away as Sengkang are noted to have come under the AMK GRC.

Of the six reasons listed here, new citizens are probably the ones that will ensure the PAP stays in power perpetually even though they may lose a GRC or two.


 Gilbert Goh



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22 Responses to “Six methods used by PAP to stay in power forever”

  • pap has the mandate:

    Unfortunately, no one to blame except Stinkies themselves for being gutless and so these gutless Stinkies will be bullied to extinction by cheap labours from third world countries. It will become a puppy eat puppy society in Singapore. Remember, Singapore is already ranked number two in the world overworked employees and underpaid…..LOL. Stinkies deserved to get what they voted for. Serve Stinkies right….LOL

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  • NotMyProblem:

    How to counter these?

    Be smart like Malaysians! I know I cannot tell Singaporeans to be as brave as Hongkongers, who fought with their lives for their cause, even though SG have gone through NS.

    There are so many graduates in SG, but they lack the ability to think. Whereas Malaysians have the ability to sense something was wrong with 1MDB. They kick out the culprit pronto.

    Singaporeans only need to be smart with their vote, that’s all we need!!

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  • vincent tan:

    GRC is a double edges tool.
    It cut both ways and fast.
    should PAP becomes weak and oppo manage
    to round good influencial politicians,
    the table will turn double or even triple time.
    Li Hongyi may not be to enjoy the fruits so easily
    planted by his ah gong in 1980s !
    this coming GE should see at least 2 to 3 GRCs
    captured by oppo, that is 15 seats.
    hopefully PSP is the magic wane to crack open
    the stubborn nut.
    if PAP refuse to wind back the grc clock,
    could see regime change sooner than later !

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  • Mahatma Gandhi says:

    Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed… You may never know what results come out of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.

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    Dear Gilbert,
    Bo pian, Singaporeans are not having sex in small space to produce more babies.
    Do you have solution to Singaporeans low fertility rate ?

    If no, please do not complain about new citizens. They are here to create jobs for Singaporeans.

    Singapore belong to everyone. NS or No NS.

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  • Sporean voters got vision:

    If you have forgotten how Singapore look like in the 50s 60s or 70s go YouTube and watch and compare what is today. (How poor we were no jobs)You will understand why voters keep voting for the same government .
    I admire our voters not only they are wise. They also have vision .If we were to change government every 4 or 5 years.We will never arrived where we are today.

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    Gilbert is inciting hatred against our world class government hoping that Singaporeans will riot like the coward masked Hong Kong student.暴徒欺善怕恶 (bully the weak but fear the aggressive)

    Watch this uncut video how the opposition student supporter bully the weak but fear the aggressive

    Do not play into Gilbert hands. He is likely sponsored by Western power.

    This is his plan. Singaporeans who take to the street will have to face/bear the consequences while he is safe behind keyboard.

    Please share this link to everyone. Singapore belong to everyone, NS or no NS.


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  • HopelessSinkies:

    Idiots. Burn.

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  • opposition dude:

    My thoughts on Gilbert’s points.

    #1 – Estate upgrading may not be threat used these days but HIP2 could be used to fool the dafts. Since these dafts believe everything PAP says they will also believe that their old flats will be worth more after HIP2 so PAP does have some advantage there.

    #2 – Serial numbers can be used to trace a voter this I have no doubt. However this only works if a voter is scared to be traced. If you have the right mindset of not doing anything unlawful you should have no fear of your name and IC being yelled out, it’s just a psychological tactic and the people who are scared are the older generations.

    #3 – Suing people works only if you know how to use and abuse it and the late first PM sure knew how to use it very well to his advantage. These days it doesn’t work so well because social media amplifies the noise made by voters who see this as an underhand tactic. It takes a small number of people to make some huge noise online for others to take notice. I’m sure some of us here at TRE have read some negative opinion on something PAP has done and agreed with the author but have not posted one’s opinion of it but it stays in your head.

    #4 – The GRC was simply PAP playing the race card very subtly under the guise of minority candidates. Come on now, we have all been educated in ang moh since primary school. Would a chinese candidate have problems talking to a malay or indian if they approached him for help? Would a malay or indian candidate have problems talking to a chinese? Sure there will be some who can’t converse well in ang moh but is the PAP saying that their hundreds if not thousands of people supporting the MP not one can be a translator?

    The good thing is that a GRC can be lost, a pity that it followed up in 2015 with a few more.

    #5 – PAP won’t hesitate to take down fake news since they can use it as evidence that online media cannot be trusted. But since fewer are buying the newspapers these days with more reading alternative views online it’s a good thing. You want democracy and free speech you got it!

    #6 – The new citizens only benefit if they can continue earning the good money here. What happens when they hit their 40s and get retrenched? They can either continue staying here or balek to their country of origin. If they have a family here with children to support then balek’ing might not be such an easy option. I wouldn’t be surprised if more of them voted against PAP when they become jobless since they are from countries which have seen a change of government and where protests are far more common compared to Singapore.

    So take heart, change is coming but it will be in baby steps. We started with a GRC changing hands and more are expected to follow, it’s just a…

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The Fearful idiotic sheeple are the ONES who accept then…will they NOW??? with Cheng Bok an ex PAP MP putting it plainly that a change is needed so much so that his Buddy apiece of useless SHIT turn against him???

    A bast**d once said, “Change is the essence of LIFE, when you STOP to change you begin to die”…The only HARD TRUTH from his BullSHIT Lies!!!

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  • why become citizen?:

    we are old now. since we could vote we had never vote pap. and we are still living okay under pap with no ampai knocking at door after midnight.

    and as long as we can vote, we still vote OPPO. of course until New Government forms, presently every time pap tries to buy our votes with S$300 vouchers, we take the vouchers and continue to vote OPPO.

    this is why we are citizens. to vote OPPO.

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  • UniQ:

    Add 1 more :

    Being the largest single employer on this land. That control many rice bowl on the table and the few feeds the many would forever stays.

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  • Power Handicaps Competitors:

    Having power gives them an Extreme Advantage against competition.

    How Extreme is Extreme?

    1. Entire system controlled.

    2. Not just Public service which includes civil service but also GLC in public and private sectors.

    3. Access to fundings and state resources.

    4. Climate of Fear.

    5. Rule by law.

    6. Lack of Transparency , independence and Accountability.

    So many extreme advantage.
    Even if wp pose questions to them, they need not answer them.

    It’s not that the Policies are so superior and flawless. Many have flaws.

    It’s not how great a scholar is. The greatest humans are not scholars.

    It’s all these extreme advantage that make these elites appear much greater than their true self.

    Simply put , a mediocre will appear as great given all these extreme advantages.

    The civil service runs Business as usual without them when they are replaced.

    Lets stop being singapore ostriges and become singapore citizens of a real democracy.

    Fear is not a valid excuse.
    Its a choice we can make to accept it or reject it. To fight a war , we need to have courage. This is our long march.

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  • Election Process Untemperable?:

    I Believe (cos I cannot prove it) that since first GE, the votes were secured and untampered.

    But does this mean the Election Process is Untemperable?

    This is a extremely tough question because no one dared to respond.

    In the past 2 GEs, I sensed the ground sentiments very bad.
    But when the votes were counted, the result was Opposite to my perceived sentiments.

    Mr Gilbert Goh sir, do you Copy?

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  • Asd:

    Media is crap…
    Based on its disclaimer it stand by nothing it reports.

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  • Pig Brains:

    Only those with flawed brains are susceptible to the above reasons.
    Those with common sense do not see the above reasons as valid excuses for not voting right.

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Any proof?


    Gilbert is inciting hatred against our world class government hoping that Singaporeans will riot like the coward masked Hong Kong student.暴徒欺善怕恶 (bully the weak but fear the aggressive)

    Watch this uncut video how the opposition student supporter bully the weak but fear the aggressive

    Do not play into Gilbert hands. He is likely sponsored by Western power.

    This is his plan. Singaporeans who take to the street will have to face/bear the consequences while he is safe behind keyboard.

    Please share this link to everyone. Singapore belong to everyone, NS or no NS.


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  • nothing good to offer us sgs:

    evertime there are long weekends people rush to leave this so called ‘paradise in the sun’ why?
    even relaxing in peace across the causeway is great!
    no one bothers about NDP or islandwide celebrations n all that jazz.
    maybe from next year on until the economy and people’s lives improve, i suggest just scrap the NDP.
    utilise those tens of millions of dollars for the benefit of our own struggling citizens is more meaninful.

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  • Citizen' Right:

    I heard Parliament will be dissolved on 31 August 19. Nominations on 10 September and GE will be on 21 September . Heard from a reliable source.. So Opposition parties, hope you guys are prepared. Capture at least 4 GRC and 6 SMC this time around. Wish you all the best.Good Luck.

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  • Harder Truths:

    No no no – you got it wrong.

    The only reason $G is under the pappies is because $G citizens don’t GIVE A SH*T about each other. There is no country just migrants looking after their own ricebowl. You die your business remember?

    Fish have bigger balls than $G voters.

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    Any proof?

    Oh … small boy … let me open your eyes to what is politics.

    The very fact that the article is written without any basis nor supporting evidence is proof that it is written to incite hatred towards our world class salaried PAP.

    Small boy, go find out more on international politics.

    1. Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

    2. CIA involve in Hong Kong protest


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  • oxygen:

    @ PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20:

    OI OI OI, RUBBER TAPPER FROM BOHLEH-LAND, you should really go back to your attap shed and dump your POO there.

    PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20: Oh … small boy … let me open your eyes to what is politics

    Who are the fiacking thugs here – firing tear gas in enclosed space of subway endangering the lives of all travelling commuters?

    Tear gas fired inside Hong Kong subway as police, protesters clash


    So you can stick the rest of these up your a*se.

    PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20: Small boy, go find out more on international politics.

    1. Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda

    2. CIA involve in Hong Kong protest


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