Will Harapan SG has a chance against PAP without WP in its fold?

The best thing that could happen before the next general election is a united opposition front in the mould of Harapan Sg which is in its initial stage of formation – this is something that many Singaporeans are hoping for so that they could feel unity and strength within the opposition. The unprecedented upset orchestrated by Haparan Malaysia recently has given hope to Singapore that a united opposition front could pave the way for a similar regime change here.

Harapan Malaysia could topple the previous regime because major players have overlooked political self-interest and try to adopt the big-picture view for the good of the country – there were many major self-sacrifices for many players within the league itself and voters could see that motivated many of them to switch political alliance on voting day. Many voters there have in fact voted opposition for the first time in their life and unless we can do the same here and effect a major vote swing for many die-hard PAP supporters, we will not see a regime change any time soon. Voters are also personality-driven in Malaysia and in Tun Mahathir, they saw a familiar face whom they have voted for and counted on before in the past.

However, the opposition here has faced some stick for fighting election every five years in its own divisive nature which many feel could not garner enough credility and confidence when the voters witnessed small parties tackling one or two GRCs with limited resources against a formidable giant.Many Singaporeans, for the longest time, have lamented at the fragmented nature of the opposition with individualistic people at its helm trying to protect its own self interest – which is detriment to the political landscape of the country.

Many voters in fact grudgingly voted back PAP as they can’t see how a small party of five or six members could make things better for them – so for many voters its better with the same devil than the unchartered deep blue sea. Singaporeans tend to go along with a trusted capable foe than a undependable uncertain friend as much is at stake especially when many people here are risk-averse and fearful of any change that come their way.

Besides Workers’ Party and perhaps Singapore Democratic Party, not many small solo parties could garner more than 40% of the voters’ choice let alone win any seats in any election so far so the formation of Harapan Sg is probably the best thing that could have happen for the past five decades for the opposition since election is available after independence. The voters are frustrated to see small splinter opposition parties coming on board with it’s own agenda and a united front is the best way forward for the country which is crying out for change.

The PAP is perceived as weakening under the frail leadership of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for the past 12 years and the time for a regime change may be possible if the fragmented opposition could get its own act together to pose a strong united challenge during the next election. Image is vital for political parties and confidence another key determinant if it is to win any seats soon. The Workers’ Party, to its credit, has recently brought in a group of capable ambitious professionals who can add alot of value to the opposition giant which naturally will transmit much confidence to the voters. Its not surprising if the current team can win another GRC with people like Leon Pereira and Daniel Goh in its fold.

However, for all the good that Workers’ party has done recently to try and change the political landscape of the country, it will probably remain a reasonably strong co-driver at best and incapable of overthrowing the current regime or even form the next government by doing things everything on its own.

But can newly-formed Harapan Sg overthrow a powerful regime like what our neighbours did to UMNO just three months ago? Harapan Malaysia has Tun Mahathir as it’s anchor which gave the alliance much credibility and confidence and both the civil society and opposition parties are already working hand in hand closely for at least two decades before the overthrow. The civil society has been organsing a few huge nation-wide Bersih events and many opposition parties have thrown in their support for the gatherings which are earth-shaking to say the least. The protests were attended by tens of thousands of Malaysians are were seen as essential prelude to the regime change during the last election.

Our civil society is still operating very much on it’s own and unless the opposition could romp them into Harapan Sg, it will still be a divisive platform separating the voices of influential activists from mainstream opposition parties. Efforts can be made to try and bring these two groups together into the alliance which will effectively strengthen the team and deepen the opposition core. Influential activists like Alex Au, Jolovan Wham and Kirsten Han will add alot of weight to the alliance as they are the current thinkers and shapers of our country now.

Nevertheless, as for the opposition alliance, its common knowledge that Workers’ Party – the biggest and most credible opposition party so far with six elected MPs will prefer to go alone fighting the battle on its own than join forces with other opposition parties effectively stripping Harapan Sg of its major force and resource. This unsettling news seem to have cause much frustration among the opposition as once again its self-exclusion has reinforced the belief that the only opposition party with elected MPs is not only arrogant but self-centred in the way it conducts itself. If it has other plans and motivation, they should make it known rather than trying to shy itself away from all the other opposition parties.

As the only party with elected MPs, it’s inclusion in Harapan Sg will definitely add alot of weight and confidence to the alliance which is also lacking a key player in the mould of Tun Mahathir. One can only hope that WP will change it’s mind and come on board before the next election later on. The alliance can also turn heads if it could get Dr Tan Cheng Bock – a major player in Singapore’s politics and his clout will definitely add alot of weight to the alliance.

However, the recent formation of Harapan Sg is the right step forward and any regime change will take many years or even decades to happen – with or without the participation of Workers’ Party. At best, we will see PAP challenging WP and Harapan Sg during the next election and this may be the best scenario we may have for the next election which will likely take place next year or a year later.


Gilbert Goh



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18 Responses to “Will Harapan SG has a chance against PAP without WP in its fold?”

  • Never give up:

    yes but only if the PAP play fair ..and act as gentlemen n ladies of a true democratic country..
    as we experienced in many GEs gone by, this has not been the case…with their last minit change of procedures, rules & regulations etc.

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    Dear Readers,
    This is another article that incite hatred against our world class millionaire salaried PAP.
    Gilbert is jealous of our PAP million dollars salary.
    Let me open your eyes to world politics.
    Hong Kong students had been made use of by Western power agent.
    Hong Kong is now in chaos. If you vote opposition into power, Singapore.
    will also be chaos..
    Please help yourselves to live feed of Hong Kong chaotic situation on link below.
    Do you want Singapore to be like that ?
    1. hk01 (coward protestors ran in face of police)

    2. tvb (protestors bully the weak but fear the aggressive) http://news.tvb.com/local/5d4805a9e6038361613c4480/%E8%8D%83%E7%81%A3%E6%9C%89%E7%A4%BA%E5%A8%81%E8%80%85%E5%8C%85%E5%9C%8D%E5%8F%8A%E7%A0%B4%E5%A3%9E%E8%AD%A6%E8%BB%8A-%E6%B2%99%E7%94%B0%E6%9C%89%E5%8F%97%E9%98%BB%E5%8F%B8%E6%A9%9F%E6%8C%81%E6%96%A7%E9%A0%AD%E6%8C%87%E5%9A%87


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  • smoke:

    No HARAPAN SG ,where got HOPE?

    Dreams are still dreams.

    Action is needed here,not mere manifestos.

    Too many manifestos is not good.
    One Solid HARAPAN SG will do good.

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  • TruBlu:

    Of course,oppo can still win one or two GRCs but whats stopping oppo from winning Bigly?

    Oppo Alliance is not a choice,it is THE ONLY WAY forward!

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  • It's The End Already:

    The questions should be posed to 70% sinkies, maybe it’s too late.
    There is a surge in new citizens and outflow of true blue sinkies,
    so this percentage will be further increased in Pigs favor.

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  • Chun Chun Accurate:

    If LHY leads the Harapan, then I am sure WP will see value in it. Otherwise what is Harapan without a credible lead?

    Dr TanCB has yet to find out the difference between Presidential Election and General Election as the former is not Party Related. A large portion of the civil servants were literally free to elect with no worries of anything bad happening onto them. I am sure Dr Tan would face difficulties for credible people to join him now. OH yes, Bower had hopped from PV to Dr Tan party?

    With Dr Tan openly saying that LHY may have a personal agenda, I cannot help but think that Dr Tan is another Old Rafflesians like GCT and burdened with past party relations.

    In fact, it is precisely LHY WITH “PERSONAL AGENDA” that I see will pull Merdekan and those LKY believers away from PAP. Thus when Dr Tan was emphasizing that LHY could join him on his “terms”, I scratch my head and cannot understand his values and thoughts. I believe WP would also has their doubts of things on the surface.

    Thus, If LHY leads the Harapan, then I am sure WP will see value in it. Otherwise what is Harapan without a credible lead?


    I hope these people listed below, don’t contest in the same ward/ among each other;

    Lim Tean + GRC,
    Kok Ming + some lawyers?? GRC
    Dr CheeSJ + GRC,
    Dr TanCB + GRC, and
    all the WPs Low, Slyvia Lim, Pritam, Png, etc..in the Parliaments
    + Daniel Goh,
    + Leon Perera,
    + Dennis Tan,
    + Glenda Han
    + He Ting Ru

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    There will be HOPE of a new Dawn or Fajar if “Harapan” ie HOPE takes HOLD in Singapore Politics…

    for too long the opposition lack a cohesion where they can find common ground to UNITE the People against a self-serving bunch of Elites proclaiming themselves to be AristoCRAPS…

    Cheng Bock fits the bill as a UNIFYING force but the rest of the oppositions MUST do their part

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  • Tiada Harapan de Ostriches:

    I am forming the Ostrich Party.

    All in a single file, heads into the sand, asses pointing towards the sky at 75.9degrees angle from the horizon.

    Ostrich guarantees Tiada Harapan which means No Hope.

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  • When GE?:

    Could the GE be held end of August?

    I No No leh!
    You know meh ?
    I No No leh!

    Yours truly
    Ostrich in Lion city

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  • opposition dude:

    An opposition alliance has been talked about before numerous times but sadly not once has it happened. Whether you want to blame the opposition for being weak, indecisive, arrogant or whatever the fact remains that only WP seems to have the best chance of winning another GRC.

    The different opposition parties all have their own ideas on how things should be done and none of them are willing to change their thinking to suit the other. As long as all have this mentality we can forget about a coalition.

    The only ones who seem keen on a coalition are SDP and PSP. However both have not formed a coalition as of today even though it has been brought up.

    I think the way to go forward is to have a strong opposition party able to challenge for more than half the parliament seats. The kiasees won’t have it any other way since to them a coalition government of opposition parties means endless quarrels and all that.

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  • never say never:

    all humans more or less the same.

    all humans want more or less the same things.

    only the S$m and connected pap folks get to tweak the system for their ownself benefit ownself advantage.

    when Qing dynasty was dying and the Qing mandarins gamed the Qing system for ownself benefit ownself advantage, the Qing peasants suffered, much more than 70% sheep today. Even then, the so call Qing IBs then said, Qing peasants kiasi kiasu one so Qing dynasty dowager and her mandarins can rule forever one.

    But, Qing peasants revolted. Qing dynasty died. So, pap also shall die. Because 70% sheep shall revolt. After all when 70% sheep start to see the bingalows and maseratis of pap S$m clan members while they themselves try to board over crowded mrt bus at S$3,500 GROSS per month median wage, sooner and no later they shall realize they have been BSed.

    all humans are more or less the same. all humans want more or less the same things. if pap S$m clan members bungalows maseratis, only pap IBs say 70% sheep is satisfied with over priced smaller and smaller HDB rental units and being squeezed in mrt bus.

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  • GE Strategist:

    Given the economy is and will be bad,
    If I were the Strategist, I would :

    1. Use state machinery mouthpieces to paint a gloomier image than if I were to report it honestly.

    2. Singaporeans are Ruled by Fear. Courage is missing. So much so, we have been equated to or described as ostriches.

    FEAR works on controlling Singaporeans such that instead of confronting policy issues and flaws, Singaporeans generally say Boh Bian in order to Avoid confronting these issues.

    I want to be Economy Minister of Timbuktu because :

    1. When economy boom: I take credit.
    2. When economy bust : I can it’s due to USA-CHINA trade war.

    I will never be at fault.

    Lack of transparency helps.
    Using extreme advantage over my competitors.

    Best job in the world?
    Possibly. But just my Opinion.

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  • one nation one people??:

    the whole country should be united as one to affect change.
    we cant and should not be putting too much hope on just a few people.
    the words ” one people, one nation, one Singapore” cant be a reality anymore, with mils of aliens here posing as new citizens ..to only reap the benefits and later run off …
    if it was a united sg would a minister ‘beg’ true sgs to integrate with these aliens??
    so its up to us.

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  • Anwar vs Azmin fiasco:

    Be careful what u wish for.

    Harapan sg ?
    Wait another gay video incident in sg. Just look at Anwar vs Azmin fiasco.

    Lets overlook the fact ( on purpose ) that LHY son lgbtqiaa.

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  • Anwar vs Azmin fiasco:

    Sorry miss typo!

    Lets not overlook the fact ( on purpose ) that LHY son lgbtqiaa.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Very simple, all true blue Singaporeans just vote against the PAP.

    There is no worry that the PAP would be voted out completely, because of the 40% new citizens. These new citizens only vote for the PAP.

    The very objective is to vote out the PAP. If not, try to deny the PAP a two third majority in parliament.

    If still not possible, knowing SG is not as smart as Malaysians, we must at least put more opposition into parliament.

    We want our country back that’s all. PAP loses, People wins.

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  • Disgusted!:

    Can we plse stop calling on HYLee to lead the opposition???
    Why do we Insist on depending on Lees?!?
    No one else can do the job????
    Come on….
    If no one else can, then this country’s policies are even
    bigger failures than what has already been revealed!!!

    Cheng Bok has stepped out at his late age.
    SDP has drawn up replacement plans for the rubbish programmes
    being used by the PAP.
    There are bold men and women willing to serve in place of the
    brainless pretenders now holding power and trying to keep us down.

    Now it depends on the PEOPLE/VOTERS!!
    The big question: Do Sporeans have the guts of the Malaysians???
    Or are we the bunch of stupid, jumpy scaredy-cats that the PAP is
    increasingly treating us as?????
    PLSE stand up for this country of ours!

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  • 69% mandated:

    @ Disgusted

    Question is the 69% not convinced.

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