Alexa, what am I thinking? The potential of thought control

Voice controlled devices have had their mainstream moment – with the market for devices rocketing 187% in the second quarter of 2018 alone. Millions of Google and Amazon devices are now used in homes around the globe.

But, while voice technology might have seemed futuristic a few years ago, the pace of change means that they’ll soon be overtaken.

IG, which trades cryptocurrency, forex and other assets, has cast its eye forward to the world of 2069.

With A Time Traveller’s Guide To The Future Of Trading, it suggests how thought-powered technology might well be possible in 50 years – meaning we could well have replaced vocal commands with our minds by then.

The guide suggests traders might be able to translate electrical brain signals into actions that render the keyboard and mouse unnecessary, using microchips and brain augmentation surgery.

Its guide states: “It might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but thought-powered trading, hardware-induced neural stimulation and brain-to-brain communication have already been subject to extensive research by academics and commercial entities.”

Other predictions included in the guide are AI replacing human brokers, 3D holographic trading floors and the dominances of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The voice speaker might be having its moment, therefore, but don’t expect it to seem cutting edge for long as the relentless march of technological progress continues.


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One Response to “Alexa, what am I thinking? The potential of thought control”

  • trust pap die:

    when it is truly money making, nobody will tell you.

    when big banner telling you this makes money that makes money, 99.99% of the time it ain’t true. just another money sucking BS no different from pap BS.

    we hope readers in TRE, already very smart, can tell 70% sheep to beware of adverts that say now is the time to invest this invest that.

    when it is TRULY money making investment, nobody will tell you. when somebody tells you, that somebody is up to no good.

    just like the property agent who says, this unit sure to make one. ffff. if sure to make, why doesn’t he himself buy it and make the money? because it ain’t true.

    just like the investment guru who says, this stock sure to make one. ffff. if sure to make, why doesn’t she buy herself and make the money? because it ain’t true.

    when in doubt, go by the rule, nobody tells you any truly money making way unless you are spouse sibling children friends, in descending order.

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