Batman and the Alternative Parties

Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of “Batman” gave excellent insights on how Alternative Parties should conduct themselves.

The first movie, “Batman Begins”, traced the journey on how Bruce Wayne developed from a mere mortal into the formidable Batman.  In the earlier part of the journey, Bruce Wayne was upset and bitter that Joe Chill, the murderer of his parents, would be granted parole.  Bruce Wayne wanted to “seek justice” by murdering Joe Chill, but was slapped by his girlfriend, Rachael Dawes, who scolded Bruce Wayne that he was merely seeking revenge in the guise of seeking justice.

When Bruce Wayne finally became Batman in the later part of the movie, he was able to discern between seeking justice and seeking revenge.  Justice is about the administration of impartiality or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments whereas revenge is about inflicting retaliation and vengeance against perceived hurt. His higher calling was to bring justice to Gotham City, and not to dwindle on personal revenge.  Near the end of the movie, Batman refused to kill and exact revenge on his mentor-cum-enemy, Ra’s al Ghul, when the latter burnt down his entire mansion.

Alternative Party members and supporters sometimes overly focus on criticising various aspects of the current government … accusing the government of incompetence, excessive self-vested interests, lack of accountability, lack of independence, lack of transparency, …, etc.  While these issues may or may not be true or valid, this attitude is not very different from Bruce Wayne being upset and bitter over his perceived injustice.

For the Alternative Party members to develop from Bruce Wayne to Batman, they need to rise above their disdain for the current government.  They need to have a higher calling focusing on how they will work for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans.  They have to develop their own ideals and visions on what they can and will do for Singapore and Singaporeans if the electorates give them the mandate to govern Singapore.  They cannot govern Singapore by complaining about the old government if they ever get elected to form the next government.

The next movie, “The Dark Knight”, started with two seemingly unshakable pillars of justice, Harvey Dent and Batman.  Both men appeared to be equally ardent in fighting crimes and to bring order to Gotham City.  However, as the movie developed, the Joker inflicted crippling emotional distress on both Harvey Dent and Batman and both men suffered mental breakdown and depression.  At the depth of the pain, Harvey Dent turned to the dark side and transformed from fighting criminals to become a criminal himself.  On the other hand, Batman managed to pull himself together and came out stronger than ever.

Everybody can be a hero when times are good, but the test of a true man is when he is going through difficult times.  In the context of politics, difficult times refer to times when the country is stable and prospering.  Turning to the dark side refer to losing his moral compass during the difficult times.

To understand what this all means, look no further than our own country, Singapore. In the old days when Singapore was struggling to survive, the first generation of leaders was able to put the interests of the country above their own interests.  They united Singaporeans and led Singapore to be one of most prosperous country in the South East Asia.

The troubles started brewing after Singapore became stable and prosperous.  Today, we have incompetent paper generals and wives of ministers being parachuted into top positions for governmental and semi-governmental agencies.  This has resulted in countless MRT breakdowns over the years, the sale of our national carrier, NOL, because of “uncontrollable losses” even though a French company could turn the business around within a year of operation, massive data leaks from Singhealth, the near collapse of SPH, etc.  As of today, our economy slumped with -3.30% GPD growth during the last quarter, while Malaysia’s GPD grew at a stellar 4.90%.  We spent so much money to build Tuas Mega-port and Changi Jewel and both had already started developing problems.  Our port is fast losing business because of competitions from other ports, particularly the China-built Melacca port.  Changi Jewel’s crowds are mainly Singaporeans, that is, it is nothing more than a glorified shopping mall at a most inconvenient location and is likely to become obsolete in time to come.

Ho Ching is paid so highly that her salary needed to be kept as a “state secret”, and ministers have to be paid millions to keep their mouth shut.  (At the minimum, the Minister of Finance needs to approve payment to Temasek Holdings.)  Yet, our elderly retirees are not allowed to withdraw their CPF monies and a record number of Singaporeans are out of work.  And as if this is not enough, the lives of ordinary citizens are slapped with increasing taxations, ranging from GST and property taxes to new taxes like sugar taxes, diesel taxes, carbon taxes, and complete with price hikes of water, electricity, transportations, university fees, ERPs, conservatory fees, car parks, …, etc.  This has resulted in high number of suicides over the past few years.  And to top it off, our national day rally today will focus on climate changes!  Perhaps I am really stupid and clueless, but I fail to see how the issue of climate changes is even relevant to the problems faced by the common Singaporeans.

In this context, I feel that the current government has lost their moral compass after Singapore became stable and prosperous.  Alternative Parties members have to bear this in mind.  Without power, people may sound lofty and make great speeches, but they may lose their moral compass once they gain power and achieve success.  In the history of mankind, this was almost always a foregone conclusion.  Perhaps the only way to limit damages to the country is to limit the power to any one individual, including limiting the appointment to the Prime Minister to at most two terms.

Near the end of “The Dark Knight” is an interesting development whereby the Joker rigged two evacuating ferries with explosives; one carrying civilians and the other criminals.  The passengers have been supplied with a trigger to the other boat’s explosives, and the Joker announces through an intercom that he will blow both ferries if one of them has not been destroyed by midnight.  Although neither ships blew the other party, the earlier psychology of the passengers in both ships was most interesting – the civilian passengers attempted to stand on high moral grounds that the other ship was filled with criminals and they did not need to sacrifice their lives for criminals whereas the criminal passengers argued that committing one more crime should not mattered much since they were already criminals.  The movie clearly showed the process of self-rationalising to justify unethical actions.

Alternative Party members have to bear in mind and not attempted to self-rationalise attempts to commit unethical actions.  In the history of mankind around the world, governments had thrown political foes into prisons in the name of social security or under false charges, appointed dummy office holders to rubber stamp approvals when the office holders are supposed to serve as independent checks, practised cronyism and nepotism under the guise of meritocracy and talent-building, changed the Constitution to suit one’s needs, gerrymandering, …, etc and they were always able to come up with “good reasons” to justify their actions.  Even as of today, there are opponents of the Singapore government who encourage Singaporeans to emulate Hong Kong citizens and organise riots in Singapore.  I personally feel that these are dangerous people who have lost their moral compass and that they have no qualms to bring harms to Singapore for their own self-vested interests.  Much as I am not happy with some aspects of the current government, I will continue to vote for the current government over people who tried to incite violence onto the streets of Singapore.

Finally, “The Dark Knight Rises” gives the perspective of what it is to be a real hero.  In the minds of most people, being a hero means defeating the villain and getting worshipped by the masses.  Instead, the film showed that being a true hero means unselfishly serving the people without any reservations or self-interests.  In this final movie, Batman selflessly used his aerial craft, the Bat, to haul the bomb far over the bay, where it safely exploded (presumably along with himself), rather than choosing to escape by himself.  This was despite the fact that not only the people in the city would not know that Batman saved their lives, but they had presumed that Batman was a villain who had killed the white knight, Harvey Dent.

Alternative Parties Members have to bear in mind that if they get elected into office, it is not about being the heroic elitists of the country.  It is not about isolating themselves in ivory towers and expecting to get worshipped by the electorates who voted them into powers.  When you are given the mandate to govern the country, you are expected to work selflessly for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans.  This means that you may need to sacrifice on your part, including your own free time and your own privacy.  It is unlikely to be a nice job if you are truly dedicated to serve Singapore and Singaporeans.  Please do not come in unless you are mentally prepared to sacrifice your life, energy, time and privacy and that your work may not receive any appreciations no matter how hard you work.  If you are coming in with the expectation of glory and glamour, perhaps it will be easier to be a paper general.


Sonne Mond




12 Responses to “Batman and the Alternative Parties”

  • Should Motherhood be Sued?:

    Should mothership be sued for this article ?
    Is there character assassination ?

    Dr Chee should consider sueing ?

    GD Star Rating
  • Harder Truths:

    It seems TKL has competition to see whom is a better candidate for IMH

    GD Star Rating
  • why so long winded?:

    after the 3rd line stopped reading.

    why not be short and sharp.

    if 1st two lines are all about toppling pap, will continue reading.

    if 1st two lines are about something else, will stop reading.

    why be so long winded. toppling pap doesn’t take more than two lines.

    GD Star Rating
  • NS have its merits:

    This is a comic or movie character.

    I think use better metaphor or examples for the article or critism is crucial at this period near GE.

    GD Star Rating
  • Star wars or hogwash:

    Right you are….whosoever wants to govern Singapore must return us to the pre-crony capitalism days of true democratic political economy. The Jedi remember that Singapore nation fondly.

    GD Star Rating
  • Asd:

    Zzzzzz can’t even be bothered to read the second line..

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    1st Episode…WW2 Japanese Occupation witness the Cruelty of Rule by Law. Turncoat and join the Japanese to learn the Art of Destruction & Cruelty towards your enemies

    2nd Episode…Hitler’s rise and Eugenics to Create a Master Race. Met with a German/American who believe in Hitler’s Eugenics but differ in the sense it is Creating an Elite Society eliminating Lower Mortals through whatever means LEEgaly

    3rd Episode…Destruction of the human foetus through LeeGal Abortion and Destroying Oppositions and their Families through Jail without Trial or Bankrupt them whichever way suits an Evil Mind

    MadMan & his JokerSon!!! how is that??? Short & TRUE!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • TruBlu:

    When the *JOKER* takes CONttol,the good people suffer.
    Only evil people triumph.

    Batman must come to the rescue.
    Where is *Batman*?

    We need him to right the wrongs.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bb:

    Living things kills.thats what I knows.

    GD Star Rating
  • Mouthpiece dishonest parents:

    Should Motherhood be Sued?:
    Should mothership be sued for this article ?
    Is there character assassination ?

    Dr Chee should consider sueing ?

    Such stunts usually appear before GE.
    I wonder why?
    Because it works?

    It must be. Else they would not have repeated.

    GD Star Rating
  • Using Extreme advantage:

    Should Motherhood be Sued?:
    Should mothership be sued for this article ?
    Is there character assassination ?

    Dr Chee should consider sueing ?

    Mothership dare to make the Claim that this is the INSIDE STORY. But a non-stupid would ask, what is meant by Insider?
    Mothership is not Chiam nor Dr Chee.

    Why is Mothership making such claims?

    Because no one dare to sue mothership?

    GD Star Rating
  • mike:

    It is precisely what i have yet to see any party that will be willing to right the wrong in among those they say they wanted to fix.

    I have yet to see any of them wanted to :
    1. Return power back to the people by fixing our constitution and enhance it so that the people have the power to hold the gov responsible for their decisions.
    2. Return the power of our rights to have referendums.
    3. Return the power to the people to constitute independent public inquries on wrong doings.
    4. Return to separation of powers so that gov can be held accountable. And to void all future possibilities of changing the separation of power unless a referendum is conducted on such matter.

    Any clowns being the gov of the day will be just as bad, if not worse.
    But i am willing to vote for even a chimp and hope that the chimp will have wisdom someday to give the generation this valuable gift.


    GD Star Rating

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