Marketing gimmicks that lead to wasteful practices

I dislike marketing gimmicks that lead to wasteful practices.

Here are some examples:

a) Credit cards, airlines and telephone companies offer points based on purchases. These points can be converted into benefits. I find it confusing to use the points. Quite often, they are a waste of time. After a while, I decided to ignore them. These businesses have to spend a lot of money to maintain their schemes.

b) New businesses, such as the ride hailing and food delivery companies offer attractive promotions that result in large financially losses to them. They want to build up their customer base. However, the customers will not stick to them, and can easily move to a competitor that offers better promotions.

c) The government also introduces convoluted schemes to provide subsidies or grants to certain groups of citizens. These schemes are difficult for the citizens to understand and are costly to administer.

I dislike these kinds of marketing promotions, including the complicated schemes run by governments.

I prefer that the businesses offer useful products at low cost and give value to their customers. They can save on the costly promotions and provide lower prices to their customers. Alternatively, they can charge the normal price and offer a cash rebate.

There is no need to waste the time of the customers to understand the complicated benefits or to employ staff to explain and manage the customer inquiries and complaints.

Does this mean that there will be less jobs for people? What will happen to the jobs that are now created to administer these marketing schemes?

We need a strategy to create useful jobs to citizens that improve the quality of life. These jobs include the following:

a) Taking care of children and elderly
b) Helping families to cope with the stress of living, e.g. provide transport and personal services
c) Educating the people for jobs and for leisure

Many of these jobs may have to be funded by the state and tax payers. If they are useful jobs, the tax payers should accept that they have to pay taxes to pay for these jobs. Some of them will become employed as the service providers.

Many of these jobs can be provided by the market, i.e. fully paid by the users. However, the government has a role to provide the regulation for these activities to be carried out effectively and to avoid wasteful and unproductive competition.

We need visionary leaders who can recognize the useful services and are able to organize the resources to provide these services and ensure that every citizen can be gainfully employed.

Ministers, are you listening?

Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Marketing gimmicks that lead to wasteful practices”

  • Excuse me:

    @ I dislike marketing gimmicks that lead to wasteful practices.

    excusez moi,

    Mr Tan , China alot.

    E.g. tip of iceberg


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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Keep TRYING Tan Ahhhh!!! you may REDEEM yourself eventually but no plagging please leh!!!

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  • Gimmicks Gimmicks:

    Poor Sinkies Ganna whacked from everywhere. Who to blame when $100B draw down reserves for gimme Climate Change by MIW?

    Did I told you is for reclamation and top up soil. I also said Singapore is 15m above sea level on solid ground. I said I am not interested to pay for others properties and others developments, for others profits. Rising Sea Level? You heard of any imminent warnings from anyone around? Don’t be a kong kum to be fooled. You ask them to show concrete scientific evidence 100 years later, the sea level rises or fall data, they probably will reply, the MIWs decides sea level will rise as they check themselves LOL.

    The sea wall is most likely use to prevent reclaimed land soil subsidence back into the sea. We all know, if sea level really rises and if that is really the problem, then the sea wall should envelop the whole of Singapore like a cup, since water is self leveling all round. But I want to be the first to tell you, the wall will be built at and around those reclaimed land areas. I ‘suspect’ the past failed reclaimed projects or new reclamation parcels, we are made to pay for it, for someone else developments?, unless they can show detailed climate change data and highly debated and challenged protection and engineered schemes and plans for “RISING SEA LEVEL PROTECTION AND PROJECTION”.

    Sea Wall western front? for Waves or what?

    The President should call for a commission of inquiry to make distinctions amongst

    1) works of Actual New Reclamation Parcels/lands.
    2) works of Reclamation Project of existing Reclaimed Parcels/lands.
    3) works for actual Climate Change Protection
    5) Singapore Dollar Impact of national reserve draw down affecting the nation
    6) Tax hikes, new taxes for revenues collection impacting on the nation

    The workers party should ask them put down in black and white what level of sea water rises they envisaged and protecting against in X numbers of future years?

    Do you think the President will call for COI to make it clear for everyone?

    But CCS said, they can draw down, is allowed for in the existing framework? Selected President for what?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Again – trying to spread your brand of communism. Requiring the free market to be controlled because you don’t like certain things.

    If you don’t like Indian or Malay food are you demanding this also be ‘controlled’?

    What about jobs? Are you demanding the job market be ‘controlled’ to give certain people jobs and not others?

    Are you demanding we also need to control how we speak? Or discuss things?

    Are you sure you are on the right forum?

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  • Roger MC Fly:

    Yes, Mr TKL aka HiFive is right.
    Every food delivery , the service provider lose money.
    It’s subsidised food delivery for customers.

    This model has no barrier to entry.
    And the customers do not need to be tied to the service provider.

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  • never voted pap:

    tan kin lian is talking cock.

    from credit card to grab, we think there are so many benefits.

    Perhaps tan kin lian is too cock to get value out of anything.

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  • Darth Vader:

    Get this straight tkl: NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE! NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS. In fact, LESS than 5% od Singaporeans like you enough to vote for you in PE2011

    You don’t like special offers? Well TOO BAD! If the majority of people like them because it enables them to buy stuff they otherwise can’t afford they’ll continue to support the vendors that offer them. We know you hate capitalism; that’s okay, it just PROVES you’re a HYPOCRITE. Weren’t YOU YOURSELF very capitalistic when you were CEO of NTUC Income?

    So now that you found out that under capitalism people have free choice and they rightly and wisely CHOSE to REJECT you you’re pissed. Well guess what? Other than a few delusional nutcases, NOBODY here wants communism. Why? Because under a system that lacks transparency and accountability, how different would it be from being under the pap right now?

    You know tkl, you should withdraw snail-like into your own rectal orifice where you belong!!!!

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  • Reserves Vote Wisely:

    @Gimmicks Gimmicks:

    Public listed old birds could have called this as account reset and balancing. Dump everything into one Big and Deep hole, as long as you can force all the shareholders to believe the losses.

    The solution is obvious;

    It is as simple as relocating any residences from coastal lines as the tides edges in by few inches / 100 years. Singapore is 15m above sea level. Those examples they quoted are below sea level. There are no coastal front houses in Singapore. 100b of your money to do the opposite?, fill, build, develop and sell to more FTs to displace your children? Or use your money to beautify the garden for more billionaires to move in, whom are absolutely nothing beneficial to you whatsoever.

    Whichever way you want to look at it…. vote wisely or reserves could be written off? [take 10, pay back 2, 8 for natural disaster, how you know, so secret, right or not?]

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  • TruBlu:


    more seriously,extreme froms of consumer products’ marketing only add costs to FINAL PRICING and ,in MANY cases,ARE DECEIVING.

    BUT,NOT ALL MARKETING IS BAD if done honestly.
    else,how can businesses get to be known?


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