Dr Lee Wei Ling and her new love ‘Hiro’

Dr Lee Wei Ling

It was clear from early on that Hiro was a lovable rascal with the emphasis on lovable. He also demonstrated early on his intelligence with the soufflé incident and the fact that he quickly figured out whining and getting restless in his crate or “house” would get him out. We did so because we thought he needed to pee or poo. But he used it as a method to get out of the cage which he did very often just to play. Unfortunately I unexpectedly needed admission the day after he arrived. My helpers had become very fond of him and took over his care. The problem was they pampered him and spoilt him.

Hiro was being spoilt rotten by the maids. He does not like to be in his cage, so she lets him play at the level of the downstairs dining room. She is requesting a small gate be put up at the steps that lead to my late grandpa’s room so he cannot damage items stored there. Hiro does not like to play alone, so the helpers stays up to keep him company. I unexpectedly needed readmission the day after he arrived. By the next evening I begged to be discharged home. For the short time (an evening) I was home, he was in the cage in my room. Initially he whined but stop as soon as I reprimanded him with a gentle “no” or “quiet”. He sat through my reporting an EEG and writing the first part of this essay, this entire period lasted 2 and a half hours. He did not complain when I exercise on the elliptical. When one helper finished walking him to pee & poo: he whined. He learns very quickly who he can manipulate.

I came home the day after my readmission by pleading with my surgeons. Unfortunately I don’t have Hiro’s charm but was very grateful for my surgeon’s understanding. Hiro clearly knows who he can manipulate and stayed quiet whilst I worked on my laptop to finish this essay. Hiro has clearly won my heart and I have the privilege of bringing up a lovable and loyal friend without the burden of bringing up children who may vex you and the burden of looking after a Husband I may grow distant from or unexpectedly turn against me or become a gambler, drug addict or alcoholic. Hiro is likely to be the last dog in my life and I am in love again.


* Facebook post by Dr Lee Wei Ling.




10 Responses to “Dr Lee Wei Ling and her new love ‘Hiro’”

  • haha:

    “She is requesting a small gate be put up at the steps that lead to my late grandpa’s room so he cannot damage items stored there.”

    Quite meaningful. Gates can keep out only good dogs.

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  • Bobo:

    Yes, Hiro is a great companion. He will protect you and lick you when he sensed that you are in fear. He is not toxic. Cheers and keep up the bonding.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    you have a friend for Life no doubt…loyal through & through!!!

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  • Poor little rich girl:

    I was getting a headache wondering who she was talking about till the last sentence..!

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  • TruBlu:

    while perusing this article,i thought maybe lwl shud say a DOG IS BETTER THAN A BROTHER???

    At least a hubby can give ‘love’ in various ‘definitions’???

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  • Harder Truths:

    Why is this here? Why? Why? Why?

    A woman let a puppy lick her and got her arms and legs amputated.


    Please Hiro lick all the pappies for me a few times and maybe my wish will be answered this time.

    Lick Lick Lick Lick. LICK! Woof!

    Good D*g.

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  • Bapak:

    The other puppy is not.

    Yes, Hiro is a great companion.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    her unexpected admission n readmission means what ? she is not well ? Sgs better wish she lives long long or her 2 toxic relatives will come to take the house for conservation with taxpayers dollars instead of demolishing it. .

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! Under Aristocrats & Political Elites, even their dogs & cats have a better life than ordinary S’poreans. They even have dedicated maids to take care of them.

    They also have the cheek to post on their social media oblivious to the fact that the common ground isn’t as sweet as their’s.

    No different to Queen Marie Antoinette’s remark during France’s bread crisis & food shortages affecting masses with her “Let them eat cake” – a remark reeks of Elitist Entitlement & Privileges that doesn’t even come down to the masses. Totally tone-deaf & out of touch with reality.

    GD Star Rating
  • Darth Vader:

    So Dr. LWL prefers the company of her puppy Hiro to human company. Nothing surprising there. Considering WHO her big brother and big brother’s wife are, it only makes perfect sense WHY she prefers her puppy!!!!

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