Elect kampong chiefs into Parliament?

Democracy is based on “one man one vote”. At each general election, the voters vote for a person to represent their constituency in parliament. The candidate with the most votes is elected.

However, this system of electing the representative of the voters does not appear to work well in many countries.


I perceive that this system has the following weaknesses:

a) The candidates are sent by the political parties. In many cases, the new candidates are hardly known to the voters. The voters can get to know the candidate only from the profile disseminated at the election and from the brief encounter with the candidate during the election rally or house visits.

b) Although the voters may elect an person based on his personal qualities, his voting on issues in parliament may be subject to the direction of his political party and not on his political beliefs. He has to vote according to the party “whip”.

Is there another approach?

I prefer that the candidates should be people who are well known to the voters in the constituency, e.g. a local leader or village chief. He should be elected based on his personal qualities and not fielded by a political party.

Preferably, the candidate should have lived and worked in the community for many years and are well known to the voters.

The elected person should be free to express his or her views and vote according to the best interest of the voters, and not according to the direction of his political party.

Is it possible to have a parliament that is made up of local chiefs and not candidates of political parties?

Is there any country that follows this approach?


Tan Kin Lian





12 Responses to “Elect kampong chiefs into Parliament?”

  • TruBlu:

    TKL, are you popular in your *kampong*?

    Nothing wrong with good political parties.
    Kampong chiefs may be bias especially if matters are related to their kawan or family.

    You think we are a Fishing Village?

    You are getting to hilarious.
    Maybe you shud join TCS …i miss wang sar n ya fong.

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  • Alternative to Kg Chief:

    The whip should be removed so that MPs can speak and vote independently in the interest of their constituents and country as a whole. This way, there is a better chance for bi-partisan co-operation for the greater good of the country. Election Day and Electoral Boundaries should be settled a year in advance for the candidates to campaign and for voters to get to know them, and to hear their views, visions and plans. There should be at least one town hall debate among candidates before Election Day.

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  • MarBowling:

    Currently the ParLEEMent consist of 88 MPs, 82 PAPigs and 6 WP. On the PAPigs side, there are 81 Little Indians helmed by one Indian Chief.

    Tan Golden Chain,

    So you are suggesting that instead of having Indian chieftains affiliated to political party, we should have warlords or pengurus for individual constituency. No town council, HDB, NEA, LTA, etc. To each its own. No chenghu! Your Great idea can Jalan or NOT?

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  • RDB:

    @Skin the Wolves: September 8, 2019 at 10:42 pm (Quote)

    It can be said that;

    Grants are tools used to silent and garner volts unfairly by manufacturing addiction and dependence

    Please note that “volts” is common electrical equipment rated pressure level. Yours should be spelt as votes. Note that I’m not picking on you as the two word are very different in meaning. And I hope that TRE editor will let my feedback through. As, withe so much to proof read, they can miss or feel it is alright. Language needs to be written correctly.

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  • hasnt been born yet:

    the very thing- if there is such a ‘kampong chief’ with all those qualities u mentioned, he must be living well enough to garner such a profile..
    hence he/she would be 99% affiliated with the PAP.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    In the PAP’s parliament, whip or no whip, there is no different!

    When the PM used 2 days of parliament time to exonerate himself with the whip lifted, how many MPs spoke? Any PAP’s minister or MPs said Parliament was not the right place to do that???

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  • Harder Truths:

    ‘Well known’ is not the same as ‘Working for the People’.

    Go to India and see how their ‘Well known’ MP’s – work. They are basically mafia families working in the political business for generations. If you cross them you will also become ‘well known’.

    Once such parasites are elected forget about getting anything done. You will become a cash cow. Sound familiar?

    If you vote someone with integrity like JB or CST then at least you have a voice – the majority of these mafia are scared of honest people. The remainder are too stupid to care.

    Anyone who thinks going with the flow is the best choice better look at what $G has become the last 50 years. Then think about the next 50 -if $G still exists,

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  • Partial truth?:

    @ I prefer that the candidates should be people who are well known to the voters in the constituency, e.g. a local leader or village chief. He should be elected based on his personal qualities and not fielded by a political party.

    Sometime people can act for 30 years or more, you wont know a person truly how he is. Even family member you wont know him very well. Example theres a case , 2 male friends ( A and B ) for 20 to 30 years. A has 2 young daughters. B staying with A ( i will not go into details ) , B is like god father to the 2 child and 3 pretty close. B also buy toys and makan for the 2 child. How things turn out many years later,… B was charged and jailed for sexual conduct against the 2 teen girls.

    China , …. almost every month or slighty more . We see many officials charged or fired for corruption.

    We have our fair share. WP yao , pap robert, civil defense and is it police force mistress ? …

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  • Bad Boy:

    Seconded, partial truth.

    Dont talk about inside. Just outward appearance wise. Alot of BS.


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  • opposition dude:

    Your so called local chief(s) won’t be of use to anyone even if they are in parliament because they do not have the power to drive change. It’s like saying that all parliament seats are elected locally but none of the candidates belong to any party whatsoever.

    So if this is the case then all have to get the civil service to get things done from building any sort of infrastructure down to local residents seeking help.

    It sounds great in theory but it will never work because single individuals can’t do anything on their own. If this did work then there would be no political parties worldwide. Name a country that doesn’t have any political party and see how well things go.

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  • NoEnd2War:

    Like a box of chocolate, you won’t know what you are getting when the dying Chief hand over power(ask your neighbor 90+ dictator with enough of such experiences)Almost like playing Russian roullete with the nation – and you are just talking about the next political successor from the same party. If you factor in all the crazy challengers to the throne, with stupid electorates making the call, you are just waiting for a self triggered time bomb to explode.

    And if every nation elect a chief like China, the other lesser chiefs may have to offer their back side to him.

    In any case, sure war. And war it is.

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  • china is good:

    China is doing very well using this method.

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