Electoral Boundaries Review Committee should be announced as soon as it is formed

On 8 Jul 2019, Chan Chun Sing (in response to Pritam Singh’s parliamentary question) said that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) for the next GE had not yet been formed.

On 4 Sep 2019, the Elections Department announced that the EBRC for the next GE has been formed.

However, the Elections Department also revealed that the EBRC had in fact been formed “last month” i.e. sometime in Aug 2019.

Why wasn’t the EBRC’s formation announced as soon as it was formed, but instead its formation was only disclosed in the month after it was formed?

For GE 2015, it was only in response to a question in Parliament that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 13 Jul 2015 disclosed that the 2015 EBRC had been formed – and that it had been formed 2 months ago.

Under Singapore’s electoral rules, there is no requirement for an announcement to be made when the EBRC is formed.

Perhaps there should be such a requirement, given the paramount importance of GE and the public’s keen interest in and anticipation of the next GE.

Is the ruling party serving the citizenry to be reticent about the formation of the EBRC, only revealing its formation when asked in Parliament or at the time of the ruling party’s choosing?

Singaporeans are entitled to choose their leaders by elections which are free and fair.

In the interest of free and fair elections, it should be made a rule that the EBRC’s formation must be announced upon its formation, rather than its formation only being revealed to the public when the ruling party is asked in Parliament or at the time of the ruling party’s choosing.



Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss




16 Responses to “Electoral Boundaries Review Committee should be announced as soon as it is formed”

  • lying pap liars time is up:

    for a group of self serving mediocre pap humans, who make one rule and interprets another, such as INDIAN is malay and INSIDE 200m is not within 200m, to expect such lying pap liars to be honest is to expect the thieving mediocre to stop thieving and become honest to goodness good.

    it ain’t going to happen.

    luckily there is a maker in the sky and maker says time is up so lying pap liars time is up meaning they shall be indicted just like najib and najib wife are now indicted.

    for those not in the know, najib and najib wife are indicted under New Government by esteemed Dr Mahatir of PH after GE14.

    for those pap PA paid IBs who say otherwise, maker in the sky says lying pap liars especially clown and clown wife are indicted by esteemed Dr Tan CB PSP after GE2019.

    it is going to happen. it happened with the assyrians. it happened with the babylonians. it happened with the greeks. it happened with the romans. as it also happened with najib and najib wife, it shall happen with pap clown and pap clown wife and their S$m lying liars thieving clan approved by a pliant parleeement. it is going to happen.

    because no human can lie INDIAN is malay and INSIDE 200m is not within 200m can die happily ever after without first being indicted and exposed.


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  • Year after year:

    Right, this is what democracy is all about. It’s about transparency, openness, choice and freedom. Is the present governing party practising these principles of democracy.

    Or is it in opaque and darkness!

    Are the 69.9% citizenry acceptance of darkness? Year after year for the last 50 years?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Liars-Cheats- & Abuse of POWER!!! that should suffice to describe the LEEgacy to be DESTROYED!!!

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  • PAP defies democracy:

    PAP is nepotic govt abusing the trust of 70% daft Singaporeans which won them dominance of power instead of only near 70% dominance
    LHY/LWL exposure of buteaucratic compliancy uncontrsted in Court of law meaning admission of truth as decreed by the tripartite LGL
    As Chan said PAP accountability means nothing but mudical chaired to filiality which was allrged to be lacking within the party ironically. Do Electoral boundary is their suka suka cut n divide Sinhaporeans new n old but only to the adv of the rascals. This will continue until pap is booted oit like UMNO from Malaysia. truth can be found out n Dingaporeans better pray hatd that it is not like Malaysia near didzstrous by Godcdefying scumbags.

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  • we need a new sgov asap:

    like playing poker…
    gambling with our lives.
    still not a fair playing field.
    selfish n immature mentalities.

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  • Realistically:

    Early GE expected based on announcement of tender for polling booths to be delivered by end October.

    GE possibly early November 2019…………BE PREPARED!!!

    All those wayang party MPs questions not that important lah……..just perfunctory.

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  • TruBlu:

    THEY suka suka DECIDE N ORDER that and this?


    VOTERS MUST BE CAREFUL so that the ELECTED would not become abusive.

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  • BooLee Diamdiam Sue:

    What does this ‘hiding’ or secretly forming of the EBRC tells us?

    The men in white are SCARED of the oppositions because they know they AREN’T the best.

    They’re so used to and so good at ‘playing cheat’ to gain advantage to win that in PE2017, they even resort to changing constitution to guarantee victory for their puppet because they’re so, so SCARED of Dr TCB as he’s the best not their puppet.

    So, before you cast your vote in the upcoming election, ask yourself do you still want to vote for the shameless kiasu cheaters or the best people to run our country?

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  • Asd:

    Think you are dreaming of what to expect from unethical scholars under handed way to stay in the game to rob you all slowly but surely

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  • Realistically:

    Sinkies, including the likes of Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss should stop groaning and moaning about the secrecy of the EBRC or whatever non-transparencies/non-accountabilities of the PAPie regime lah and concentrate on the REAL ISSUES & ROOT CAUSES of the problems.

    As Philip Ang has shown time and again, he had managed to expose the PAPies’ failures by doing his own research based on info in the public domain.

    For example, Philip Ang has called out the PAPies on the SUPPOSED subsidies in health care costs…………..all from his patient research.

    Remember that the wayang party had said they were CO-DRIVERS with the PAPIES……….and logically would form any coalition with the PAPies.

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  • FPV:

    Yeap!, it’s definitely safer for her to regurgitate what WP has already voiced in parliament. 10 years of lobo, what do you expect? Nothing done.

    Does she have anything more creative?

    As a commoner like many of us, is fine for her to KPKB, but if she is thinking to be an Opposition, then the question is Can she effectively handle the problem in a professional and Political ways to tackle MIWs? or she thoughts she is another TKL?

    This kind of standard, I say, save the seat for others more sincere, vocal and able.

    That’s my sincere opinion.

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  • Disclaimer:

    Dear Jeannette Chong

    Is the Election Process absolutely untamperable ?

    Disclaimer : I believe so far no tampering. But the question remains valid.

    So far no ostrich has responded.

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  • Disappointed:

    Considering that an election is held mere Days
    after the EBRC has announced boundaries and such,
    the refusal to reveal it was set up is shocking
    and…. underhand. That the PAP indulges in such
    behaviour is truly disappointing. An honest govt
    does not sneak around in this manner.

    It also raises questions about the reasons why the
    PAP is so fearful about revealing s’thing so basic.
    If it has done such a good job, if it is really
    above board, why is it so scared??? Why the need
    to keep such information buried?!? Worse, what else
    is being hidden?

    Any decent upright person would be ashamed to be
    part of or even vaguely associated with a party
    that stoops to such behaviour. The rest of us
    need to be extremely concerned and wary, and
    think very very hard about having such people run
    our country, our finances and our lives.

    Putting such people in charge would be akin to
    knowingly taking part in a major scam, where we
    and our country are the sad victims.

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  • kick the whole lot out:

    vote that mdm president out too.
    caught doing a controversial ‘fist pump’ with pinoy’s president during her visit to philipines this week.
    doesnt the sg president have political advisors …
    brought shame to sg.

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  • opposition dude:

    The PAP loves havign the advantage all the time and the formation of the committee or when an election might be held are always revealed when they deem necessary.

    Opposition parties should not expect anything less and must always be prepared for a snap election since PAP is not going to be doing them any favours whatsoever. SDP has alreay announced that they are already walking the ground so that is being prepared.

    Let us see how things go for the next election. Who knows how the pendulum might swing this time?

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  • after 50yrs still like that:

    they must have so much secrets to hide and protect, hence have to resort to such undemocratic politics…
    so sgs going to vote, plse do the needful..

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