In lieu of a coalition of opposition parties

As the GE is well nigh upon us but no coalition of the opposition parties seems to be in sight, let me propose a solution.

I will list here below what I feel are nine important policies that voters want.

I propose that opposition party leaders:
– sign on to at least six of them,
–declare which they are signing on to, and
–promise to form a coalition government with all other opposition parties that also sign on to at least six of these policies.

To be implemented in the first 100 days of a new coalition government, these policies are as follows:

1) All HDB flats will be turned into freehold assets.
2) All CPF monies will be withdrawable at or after the age of 55 years.
3) All citizens will have free public transport on MRT, LRT, and buses.
4) All citizens will have free medical care under a National Health System.
5) All citizens will have a guaranteed minimum wage.
6) All citizens will pay no GST.
7) All ministers and all civil servants will have salaries that cannot exceed $300,000.00 a year.
8) All vehicles will no longer require COEs.
9) All GRCs will be disbanded in favour of only SMCs by the following GE.


Andy Hur


15 Responses to “In lieu of a coalition of opposition parties”

  • fine tuning needed:

    no 3 and 4..not too feasible .should elaborate ..altho kind of u to suggest.
    who’s going to pay then…service standards will suffer.
    maybe should come up with some conditions perhaps.

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  • BooLee Diamdiam Sue:

    Looks more like this writer is trying to sabotage the oppositions rather than supporting them. These kind of populist policies will only give the pap and their cronies opportunities to accuse the oppos of desperately attempting to win votes without worries of bankrupting the country.

    A coalition of oppo parties would be good but it’s not really important if the oppos were able to unite and do not cause more than 2-corner fights.

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  • Pritpal Thailand:


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  • Harder Truths:

    I also want a free trip to Disneyland. Also a house in Nassim Road.
    Before you promise all this tell me how it can be done please.

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  • RDB:

    Andy Hur can then be the prime minister with no incomefor his govt to manage Sg. Good luck!

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  • Sure lose:

    Idealistic. But these reforms will surely lose more votes.

    Reason: some will win big, others will lose big. Even if you don’t win big, you already lose big.

    You have to zero in on those that everybody win.

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  • opposition dude:

    Getting the opposition parties to agree to certain issues like the cost of living and the number of aliens being let in is easy, the hard part is getting them all to agree on how these issues should be tackled.

    Party A might want to do things a certain way and party B another way. A and B don’t agree with each other so therefore no coalition. And WP does not want to be buddies with anyone else so that is another problem.

    Now suppose SDP and PSP really do form a coalition and they are successful in being voted in. They might, in the long term, get other opposition parties to join their coalition and continue on from there.

    The best solution now is for a strong enough opposition to challenge PAP for half the seats so as to at least force PAP into a coalition government. The kiasees definitely would prefer another party to run the place rather than a coalition because to them, a coalition always has the chance of being split up should they not agree.

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  • TruBlu:


    thats after we have AN OPPO ALLIANCE.
    i say again that wihtout AN OPPO ALLIANCE,oppo sgs are just hoping against hope.

    even WP will witness drastic outcome at AJ.

    ELSE,status quo or backwards???

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    6, 7, 9, should implemented

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Very simple solution – if majority voters still want PAP to be in power (to protect their property investments, rental portfolio a-la so forth), then vote wisely.

    Create a voters bloc inside key Ministerial Wards. Select the weakest performing PAP Ministers in Parliament re: Gan Kim Yong, Khaw Boon Wan, Vivian Balakrishnan Et al). TRE commenters could on add to this list themselves. *Wink, wink – the biggest target & the 4Gs*

    Vote them out from their high Ministerial position & *sic* generous salaries in the next election like 2011 GE expulsion of George Yeo & Lim Hwee Hua from cabinet. See the rest of the PAP Ministers come crawling back to keep voters happy for the next 5 years.

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  • John Lim:

    Don’t be silly! People don’t trust the present opposition to form the govt. They don’t have to form a coalition, which none of them want. Just try and put in more opposition MPs to break their 2/3 majority. This is all they can achieve in the present
    state of the opposition.

    Don’t attempt a VTO – learn from the last election.
    Don’t make the same mistake. Just field 50% of the wards.

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  • Kick Them Out:

    This election is not about opposition but whether greedy Pappies are still fit to govern.
    Daft sinkies should not have unrealistic expectations that the huge mess greedy pigs created can be cleared easily, as it will take time to root out deeply embedded mindset in the adminstrative service and rectify misguided policies.

    Pappies can do ZERO of the list.
    Opposition will be able to shift policies to some.
    This fact alone already warrants a change of government.

    Ultimately it comes down to pain.
    When pain is enough, change will come.
    If daft sinkies think they can shop around for change, then let it be, they should deserve more pain.

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  • Guide for the Perplexed:

    May we add condition #10:

    No minister nor member of the Parliament may receive any salaries outside of their publicly stated official parliamentary remunerations.

    That’s just falling in with the rest of the civilised world…

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  • pap likes to BS 70% sheep:

    Guide for the Perplexed:
    May we add condition #10:

    No minister nor member of the Parliament may receive any salaries outside of their publicly stated official parliamentary remunerations.

    That’s just falling in with the rest of the civilised world…

    Well said, bro. unfortunately, it ain’t going to happen. because doing so is as good as asking the S$m parleement approved thieves to stop making S$m.

    Remember what pap member goh cock tong said. S$m is mediocre. So, what you have said is morally the right thing for an honest human in politics to do but, alas, NOT a single pap Lj nor pap Cb is honest enough to heed.

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  • Andy:

    To BooLee: do you not believe PAP when it says we have a trillion dollars in reserves and budget surplus every year? If so there’s money for all these proposals. The proposals are a way of overcoming the difficulties of forming a coalition. There is no time left. PAP is already calling for elections. Got it?

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