The PAP has indeed gone slack over the years

“Everything works whether it is water, electricity gas, telephone or telexes. It just has to. If it it doesn’t, I want to know why and if I am not satified which I often am not, the chief goes”- Lee Kuan Yew.

The massive traffic jams that happened at the newly opened Yishun Integrated Transport Hub (YITH) over the past 2 days was an eyesore that was impossible to hide. Who was at fault and who should be held accountable and/or responsible? Was it SMRT, LTA or the Traffic Police for not regulating the traffic light properly or all of them?

It is not unreasonable or difficult to understand why so many angry and dissatisfied voices are accusing and screaming at the PAP government for being incompetent and wasteful despite their ministers and top people in those mentioned organisations and more earning very fat salaries but produce so many sub-par performance.

Apart from this particular incident, unresolved issues such as too many of our retirees are facing retirement inadequacies hardships, their persistant failures at reversing our total fertility rates, too many of our younger citizens who are seriously unable to find better employment opportunities are forced to drive private hire vehicles to survive, record numbers of elderly suicide and last but not least, the prime minister himself even had the cheek to urge SUSS students to accept lower salaried jobs that foreigners are willing to take and many more.

My sincere wish is for this government that knows how to pay itself so handsomely and its related organisations to benchmark their performances each and every time against what the late Minister Mentor had said so confidently that I have quoted in my opening paragraph.

Personally, I do not believe that there are better ways to wake-up both the PAP government and their hard-core supporters other than for the PAP ministers and their electoral candidates to lose a few more seats in the coming General Election in order to realise just how much their incompetency and greed, whether it is relating to jobs, CPF issues, HDB, wages or social mobility etc have shortchanged our citizens over the years.


Simon Lim




18 Responses to “The PAP has indeed gone slack over the years”

  • Bapak:

    Simon, thanks for the reminder. But 70% are very happy to be screwed. Bo Bian oppositions got no talent woh!

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  • PC Ong:

    Eh Simple Simon, you try to use many examples to prove your point but none of them are concrete. You complain about our traffic jam, you ever been to Jakarta, Bangkok or KL or not? You say many people complaining about our govt. How many? Or is it just you and your cronies? You talk about retirees not enough money. Why blame the govt when these people didn’t do proper planning for themselves? You say many young people drive private hire vehicles. How many? From what I see, our graduate employment rate is at record high and starting salaries are at least $3,500 per month.

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  • Puzzled:

    You want them to lose a mere “FEW more seats” in the GE????
    You actually reckon that they have the intelligence to realise
    the reasons for a bit of loss and to change their ways????
    please lah….
    Its like this constant refrain that oppn candidates don’t have
    it, when they have yet to be tried out. That the PAP Can do
    the job, is Better, even as we see them failing at every corner….

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  • Boh Kia See:

    Losing just a few seats is not sufficient to turn Singapore’s fortunes around. They need to go–the whole lot of them.

    It is important to look at the mechanics of the election. The technology being used should also be vetted independently. I cannot help but feel that if things are not going their way, they would cheat. They are very capable of doing so. Never ever believe that these are honourable people.Just remind yourself about AIM.

    It seems that the more they pay themselves the less capable they become. Now they are on the gravy train and are not likely to give it up in a fair fight. So not announcing the formation of the Electorial Boundaries review is an example. They are not working for the people but for themselves.

    I am waiting for the day the son will announce his candidature. In my view, it is almost a certainty–like night follows day.

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  • lying pap S$m legal thieves:

    1st gen pap folks truly did for the good of citizens.

    2nd gen pap folks started the rot with lies more lies and many more lies. swiss cost of living. S$m for ownself pay ownself no need to account jobs. can even breed Cb who said S$600k per year is peanuts. can even breed Lj who said S$m per year is mediocre. the Cb and Lj outside pap earning what? without pap ownself pay ownself system or pap nepotism the Cb and Lj can even make median wage S$3,500 per month. We don’t think so.

    3rd gen even worse than 2nd gen. can even put own wife in S$billion position without performing all these years so much so GST goes up instead of down or to zero. 3rd gen made bold by 70% sheep stupidity.

    4th gen even worse than 3rd gen. now that GE2019 is nearing, BS 70% sheep with more lies about HDB grants this HDB grants that, even can say poly ITE fees reduced, which to begin with, is fakely inflated right in the beginning.

    besides 70% sheep, there are those sheep who no end writing here in TRE as if pap is a going concern. can even talk about children going to NTU. when the elephant in the room is pap which needs to removed and not talked to.

    do we care? ffff NO. we keep out pink passport only to vote OPPO. we write here only to release pressure built up every time some cock write as if pap is going to read what the cock has written to improve.

    mark our words. as soon as GE2019 is over and pap happens by luck to win again, HDB rentals all up, everything all up, GST up from 9% to 12%.

    how to stop cocks from writing about pap? how to make such cocks focus, instead, on helping OPPO coalition win so that New Government forms to indict every lying pap liar for legal thieving all these years?

    with cocks writing as if pap is going concern, half the battle is already lost. when will cocks rise up and screw pap instead of being screwed by pap? WHEN?

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  • BooLee Diamdiam Sue:

    We know that most things do not work now because the present chief of the chiefs himself is slack. The present top chief will not ask any of his chiefs to go because they’re all his PLP and Yes-men.

    So, our country will only go from bad to worse and worst if we do not ask the top chief to go in the upcoming election.

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  • Harder Truths:

    And whose fault is all of this? Did the government suddenly elect itself with a 70% majority?

    You cannot change stupid.

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  • opposition dude:

    Simon Lim you are dead right in saying that PAP must lose more seats to be sent a crystal clear signal on their massive incompetence. They had a shock 8 years ago with 2 of their oh so precious ministers kicked out courtesy of Aljunied and it most definitely is time for more. A minimum of 4 ministers being shown the door would be a good start.

    For such a useless party only knowing how to make life tougher for Singaporeans they don’t deserve our votes. They are only in power due to the daft kiasees not being able to think.

    So come on you kiasees, stop being kiasee and have some balls for a change!

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  • Just an observant:

    Oppositions also slack.

    Except maybe TKL writing aplenty of unnecessary articles. Indirectly botch opposition chances.

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  • TruBlu:

    gone slack only?
    i would say they have gone useless!!!

    they are merely groping like blind frog$$$ inside dark wells.

    thinking they know all when they really know very little about the ‘future’.


    MARK MY WORDS,if FT POLICY persist in the same measure and manner,SG WILL GO DOWN THE CHUTES SOONER THAN LATER.

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    甘依老母吔超鸡拜 落桶仔

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  • Sinkie:

    Current PAP is not the people-centric Goh Keng Swee/Lim Kim San/Hon Sui Sen, etc’s PAP of years gone by.

    Current PAP is the India CECA, Temasek-opague salaries, etc PAP . . .

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  • People Power is needed 1000%:

    Gone slack? U are too kind Simon.
    ‘Totally lost the plot’ is nearer to the truth.
    Why did the 70% sgs let this happen?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Look for things to get worst if PAP govt’s agenda is to bring the population count up to 10 million.

    By then, walking would be much faster than either taking a bus or driving a car! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

    The NS men’s favourite parlance, Cock-ups is now becoming a norm!

    For the 70% who voted for them: “You voted for them, go suck it up & move along!”

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  • Tales of the dark kind:

    Simon, you tekan deceased Ah Gong for his boastfulness afterwards his protege Ah So label you Si Gui Kia then you know ah….

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  • Tales of the Shortchangers:

    Simon, you tekan deceased Ah Gong for his boastfulness afterwards his protege Ah So label you ungrateful Si Gui Kia then how? ….

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  • Jman:

    The basic prerequisite of clever people in PAP and opposition should remain. We cannot afford half baked people or any individual who is any less than the cleverest in our land. Leaders make a huge difference, because good leaders can see the forest for the trees in any situation, and can lead us to the land of abundance without having us bark up the wrong tree fruitlessly.

    But such leaders by nature have a questioning and independent mind. They ask why, and also ask why not, and are unafraid of calling out the shortcomings of conventional wisdom however prevalent it may be, and are unafraid of charting a course in new waters. And this is the part that is lacking. There is simply almost no independence in thought. Much of what we do is a mere rehash of what was done in the West, and what was done earlier.

    We are already at the top end in terms of cost. And this calls for original and independent thought and action. The last thing we need is more copy and paste from other developed nations. If the leaders fail in this respect, for sure our high costs will not be justifiable, and that means stagnation or downtrend from here.

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  • Cut costs:

    The civil Service and GLC costs should be reduced. Not productive.
    Do more for the private sector to create wealth and employment.
    Reduce the costs of doing business here.

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