Singapore companies should learn to be fair to customers

I do not like the way that many organizations do their business in Singapore. They abuse their monopolistic position to impose high cost to their customers and adopt questionable practices to place a ransom on their customers.

I like to share this example.

Many years ago, I decided to buy domain names ending in “sg” as it was supposed to convey a brand that sg has high integrity. I found that the annual cost of a “sg” domain was $60 compared to $10 for a “com” domain. It was expensive, but I paid the price for it. I wanted to support “sg”.

I learned that the “sg” domain could only be bought from some registrars. This was troublesome, as most of my “com” domains were registered with Namecheap registrar. Never mind. I could manage two registrars, or so I thought.

Recently, my domain failed to respond. My developer investigated and found that the domain had expired. I was not notified about the renewal date.

I logged into the registrar website and found that the domain has been taken over by the registrar. It did not give me an option to buy back the domain. I got a nasty feeling that the registrar wanted to impose a high ransom price for me to get back the domain. If this was the case, it was a highly questionable practice!

I decided to transfer the website to I already paid for this domain, which hosted about 50 working websites and cost me $10 a year. There was no additional cost to move the wisdomofthecrowd website to it. Furthermore, this registrar allowed me to auto-renew the domain, so I do not face the risk of its expiry.

It did take some trouble to move the website, but my developer did it within a day.

Later, another developer told me that I can buy back the “sg” domain for an annual fee of $60. It seemed that the registrar was now willing to release the domain that they had confiscated.

As I had already moved the website to “”, I did not want to move back to “sg”. This registrar has lost a customer due to their unfair and shady practices.

I do not want to lodge a complaint because I am now used to bad business practices by Singapore companies. Furthermore, they will probably ignore my complaint, giving all kinds of excuses.

I have a bad impression of the practices of many Singapore companies. This is just one more to add to my distrust.  Sadly, this represent the majority of the companies.

I must say, in all fairness, that some Singapore companies have good practices. I highlight them when I have the opportunity to do so.

If Singapore companies continue to take advantage of their customers and impose high charges and fees, the future for Singapore will be bleak. The govt has the duty to recognize this problem and to rectify it.

The reputation of Singapore companies has now become quite bad to people who have the bad experience with them. If this matter is not rectified, it will get worse. Maybe, it has gone to the point of no return?


Tan Kin Lian




15 Responses to “Singapore companies should learn to be fair to customers”

  • Sinkie:

    Singapore companies should commit to:

    •Delivering value to their customers, meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

    •Investing in their employees. This starts with compensating them fairly and providing important benefits, includes supporting them through training and education that help develop new skills for a rapidly changing world; fostering diversity and inclusion, dignity and respect.

    •Supporting the communities in which they work; respect the people in their communities and protect the environment by embracing sustainable practices across their businesses.

    The Singapore companies should commit to deliver value to all stakeholders, for the future success of their companies, their communities and Singapore.

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  • Went to Japan:

    They learn from PAP, everything must charge sky.

    So how?

    VTO only way.

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  • oxygen:

    BUSINESS ETHICS IN LEE-jiapore is DEPLORABLE – even in big financial institutions. If you persist after they kept a stony silence to your earlier complaint to its CEO, one listed local bank even blatantly bucket you with wholesale lie right in your face.

    The Lehman Bros mini-bond saga is eye-opener on how banks behave.

    There is no consumer protection. Lemon law is indeed LEMON.

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  • MarBowling:

    Tan Golden Chain,

    Know why they “have confiscated” your “” domain? Think they WANTED BADLY to TAP and KOREK some if NOT ALL the WISDOM in your domain. After they have succeeded, they let you have it back. LOL.

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  • 70% sheep truly daft:

    talk about bad business practice.

    look at Singapore Airlines aka sia.

    this pap temasick entity exists to screw local born. it is mind numbingly sad each time one hears 70% sheep say, sia is best, when the best actually applies to the premium seats only, not in 70% sheep cattle class.

    the good thing is, the no limits expense account of many companies has ceased. so the days of always sia only by business folks have ended. many companies realize the business class seat to anyway in the world is always much cheaper as long as it is not sia.

    of course if tickets are paid by others, go sia. but if tickets are out of own pockets, do check. for much lower price, and perhaps better service, one gets the premium seat on non sia.

    repeat. if pap pays for seat, go sia. if pay ownself, then, do check. sia is over priced as long as originating flight is from Spore.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Tan Ahhhhh~~~ where have you been??? “The Govt has the duty to recognise this PROBLEM and RECTIFY it”…

    the Govt is the MAIN CULPRIT leh!!!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Another one is Singnet. Now they charge for email “”!! I am not sure how many got stuck with it!!??

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  • Starts from the top:

    As someone has already remarked, “Whats wrong with collecting more money ?”.
    This is the Singapore way. It will continue to be the way for business in Singapore.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    even in “TIONG KOK” the willing buyer & willing seller is in practice leh!!!…maybe not the CHOP “Buyers Beware” Tan Ahhhh!!! you need to do better to make a return to politics…you may not only lose your deposit you may lose your friends when you receive 000 votes or a Hi Five from your family making it Five VOTES!!!

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  • Darth Vader:

    A website called “”? Owned by tkl?! WHAT WISDOM????!!!! Get this straight tkl, you definitely possess ABSOLUTELY NO WISDOM whatsoever. F**k, just look at how you contradict yourself! Yesterday, you asked if the government is freely handing out citizenships to keep the Chinese population above 75% when as a former pap cadre member, you ALREADY KNOW that lky had PUBLICLY DECLARED that Singapore’s Chinese population MUST NEVER drop below 70% or 75%. A few days earlier, you said the government should do more to protect local workers’ livelihoods, but just a few weeks ago you were whining that housing in Singapore is so costly people from HK would bypass Singapore to settle in other countries! Did you REALLY forget posting that tkl, or just bending wherever the wind blows in hopes of gaining support?

    Do you REALLY KNOW WHAT would happen if you had your way and the HKers bought housing here and settled here? They would bring their whole families here by chain migration, that’s what! And they will worsen overcrowding in an already overcrowded country! Even worse, you think these guys will settle for low-paid gig jobs like what the pink moron wants us to do? BULLSHIT! They’ll want high-paying PMET jobs just like we do! See how you contradict yourself? Or blinking so much you fail to see anything at all?!

    And you DARE claim you want a MORE REPRESENTATIVE government? When you openly endorsed COMMUNISM, a system that ALWAYS results in a ONE-PARTY STATE????!!!! And allowing ONLY members of the ruling party to vote?! You forgot you said such things too?! Listen up bub, a one-party state where only members of the ruling party can vote will result in the people getting representatives they had NO SAY IN CHOOSING?!

    HOW id this a more representative government, tkl? And worst of all, communism is based on the most wicked and evil of emotions, hatred and jealousy. Hatred and jealousy of those more successful than you that you feel ENTITLED to get an equal share of what they worked so hard to achieve, and feel ENTITLED to seize what they own by force! THIS is how DESTRUCTIVE marxism is!!!! And ypu actually WANT this fir our country????!!!!

    No tkl, you possess no wisdom whatsoever! ALL you possess is an arrogant, selfish sense of self-entitlement to holding high-paying government jobs and power, regardless of the fact that 95.5% of the country already told you to GET LOST in PE2011!!!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    There are two types of $G businesses.

    Those owned by small businesses and employing FT and doomed to fail because they always have to cut corners. They live by exploiting their customers.

    Those owned by GIC and TH and which can never lose – always propped up by taxpayer money. They have no need for customers.

    Neither of these two will treat you fairly. It is just a case of which one will screw you first.

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    MOnday also lots of people go JB. Lots of them stuck in the bus 170 queue. I think they don’t want to deploy more 170s.

    Queues at Malasysian checkpoints were long. Got to scan two index fingers. Voila, Sporeans then descended into City Sq mall, a Spore mall in Johor. Very strategic, right after chop chop into Temasek’s embrace.

    Back at sinpore, The immigration officer at the bag scan ask me if I’m Sporean and if I bought milk powder. Asking me questions he aleady know the answer to. No wonder his colleague laughed.

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  • TruBlu:

    lets be frank,most singapore SMEs are ‘MEMBERS’ of PAP and among them many are gra$$looter$,some armed with PBM N BBM and given some kind of ‘status’/ranking ?

    so,these crooks apply the SAME RULE as their ‘masters’.



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  • Very fair at least to ft:

    Very fair at least to FT.

    FT going back home land. Whatever phone bills , rental , library books or library late fines, internet fees , hosiptal medical bills…..etc owned. All dumped and fly back .

    The hole will be fill partially l believe , from sg locals and more new ft flowing in.

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  • Left for Australia:

    Lee island is effectively a monopoly.

    It’s just a matter of time or wool soon collapse economically.

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