It is wrong to organize a petition against a court judgment

In passing a judgment, the judge has to consider all the relevant factors of the case and also protect the integrity of the court by upholding past decisions. If the judge has to change the principle made in past decisions, the judge has to have good reasons and has to state the reasons.

It is not appropriate for ordinary people, who do not have access to the information available to the judge, to pass any opinion on the judgment. It is disrespectful to the judge and could be considered as contempt of the court.

It will also lead to a chaotic situation, similar to the actions of rioters and terrorists.

It is appropriate to organize a petition to promote a change in law or government policy. In this situation, the principles governing the proposed change can be clearly put forward and argued. They do not depend on the circumstances of an individual case.

If the parties involved are dissatisfied with the judgment, they can appeal the case in a higher court. In the appeal, the principles and process have to be observed.

In my view, it is wrong to organize a petition against a judgment or to participate in the petition.

Tan Kin Lian




17 Responses to “It is wrong to organize a petition against a court judgment”

  • MarBowling:

    Tan Golden Chain,

    Even though 99.9% of the population viewed it as a WRONG judgement that is passed by the Hide Court?

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  • The perfect "response":

    Mr Tan , pl read this:

    You and George should/ are good friends.
    “Know that I am big, and you are small.
    Then we can talk.
    Cannot no big no small. Si Gin Na.”

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  • TKL Shut Up:

    “Contempt of Court” when the verdict has been formed? by just passing opinion on the judgement? ….and would lead to “chaotic situation”???? WTF is he talking?

    TKL must be nuts to derogate “Ordinary Citizens” and attempt to devoid them of their constitutional rights on freedom of expression and freedom to right injustice.


    When Shanmugam can publicly disagree with the verdict and proclaim opinion of “surprise” on the judgement in the case of the NUS molester.

    TKL must be thinking that he is that somebody higher class to make judgement on us poor citizens, seeing us as nobody. Bloody TKL should shut the F**K up.

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  • reporting and information:

    //It is not appropriate for ordinary people, who do not have access to the information available to the judge, to pass any opinion on the judgment.//

    So should reporters give a “kay poh kay poh elaborate reporting and information” (which may made available to them) like in other countries so that a more informed public opinion can be formed ?

    //In my view, it is wrong to organize a petition against a judgment or to participate in the petition.//

    why not ? a petition should not have any legal impact / effect leh (judges are ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ leh ?) ? but it does send across a certain message ?

    in any matter, there could be various interested parties (each having their own motivation and interests) and each should act as a counter balance among each other leh ?

    a judgment of ‘inside is not within’ is such a wayang champion and can this be respected meh ?

    organize a petition is peaceful leh ? like that also cannot ? if higher white institution can wayang like 4 = 5 and selected = elected on one of the most important matters, do you think anyone can have faith on the other linked-here-linked-there institutions ?

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL,

    THE MORE YOU WRITE OF RUBBISH like this thread, the more I am convinced your b*tt-hole is smarter than your desiccated coconut.

    IF WE LIVE BY TKL’s Stone Age imperative, law will still be medieval of applications of trial by ordeal or trial by battle. Here is some illuminations of these criminal law concepts.

    Duhaime Law:A medieval form of trial in addition to trial by battle, reserved for those suspected of crimes, and which had several forms, all designed to sort out the innocent from the guilty by appealing to God’s will(!).

    In trial by cold water ordeal, the accused was thrown into a pool of water bound. If he sank and drowned he was innocent (and conveniently dead). If he floated and did not sink, he was taken to have been “rejected” by the water and must necessarily be guilty.

    This trial was generally reserved for male accused who didn’t own land.
    Ordeal by hot water was a bit more creative. The accused had his arm thrust into boiling water to the wrist of elbow and ordeal by hot iron, the accused had to carry a piece of red hot iron for a certain distance, bare-handed naturally. In both cases, the accused had his wounds bandaged and if it was properly healing after three days, this counted towards his innocence.

    This type of trial was generally reserved for suspects who were either male land-owners or female.

    However, even for those whoOU were successful in trial by ordeal, but held in “bad repute”, they were still obliged to leave England “with the first favourable wind”.

    Those that lost the hot water or iron ordeals lost their right foot and later, by 1126, Henry II added the right hand to the sentence. In addition, the guilty forfeited all his chattels to the King.


    Anyone smarter than your cockroach mentality will teach you that LAW IS AN EVOLVING SOCIAL PHENOMENA – that is why s377a is no longer in use and driverless car has problem of insurance coverage for its accident victim.

    You should go back to cave man living, running around naked and hunting for food outside the cave and by your law imperative, you WON’T BE PROSECUTED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE NO MATTER HOW MANY SAUSAGES DANGLING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS EXPOSED.

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  • Beyond Judge & Judged:

    Oftentimes have I heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.
    But I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each one of you,
    So the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also.
    And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree,
    So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all.
    Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self.
    You are the way and the wayfarers.
    And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone.
    Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.

    (Kahlil Gibran)

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  • Harder Truths:

    I am glad TKL is not in any public office. If you go against his wishes he will make you crawl and beg.

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  • TruBlu:

    TKL seems senile.
    Maybe he needs a brain check.

    Old habits die hard.
    Talking cock n singing song is a dangerous habit to acquire as it cannot be gotten rid off even after you have been taken off the $ystem.

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  • Petitions are useless lah:

    Right or wrong, petitions in Sg are useless.

    The only way is VTO!

    VTO is power!
    Petition, as the name implies, is begging. Sg bans begging.

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  • Pao Chin Tian:

    Pao Chin Tian can order to chop people head if they commit offence. What if Pao Chin Tian himself male a fatal mistake ? His head should also be on the chopping block.

    What if he follows his Master order ?

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  • tan kin lian pea brained:

    it is because of tan kin lian type of humans in Singapore that pap gets to lie and lie and yet remain as government.

    good thing is tan kin lian type is old and dying fast and furious. otherwise Singapore truly gone case if such remain on earth in Singapore.

    talk about stupidity. pap has it. so also tan kin lian and his type of pea brained.

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  • oxygen:


    and in Australia.


    THERE IS NO THIRD LIMB OF LAW in the world. Briginshaw v Briginshaw is cancer and vile interpretation of law in this 1938 High Court landmark decision.


    If there is public petition in 1938, would there be so much injustices inflicted TILL RECENTLY on so many cases whenever govt bullies peasants and judges invoke the Briginshaw law imperative that BECAUSE IT IS GOVT, IT CANNOT BE WRONG OR IF THEY ARE WRONG, WE MUST ACCEPT THAT THEY ARE GOD AND RIGHT?


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  • REAL pao chin tian system:

    //What if Pao Chin Tian himself male a fatal mistake ? His head should also be on the chopping block.

    What if he follows his Master order ?//

    sinkie land is no pao chin tian system lar – it is more like bludderhood one-curry-party system lar ?

    a REAL pao chin tian system will need a lot of pao chin tians to counter balance / check on one another so that his own head plus his master’s head or gonads (for bonus) are also at risk if a ‘fatal mistake’ is made lar ?

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  • Bapak:

    Ah Tan, nowadays, whenever I’m bored I read your articles. It reflects your thinking, mindset & political mentality as well as true understanding of ground feelings. Based on your last several joke-articles I conclude your popularity has dropped tremendously. If you don’t believe me I suggest you conduct an online survey of your popularity. The result will certainly shock you, but not us.

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  • MarBowling:

    Harder Truths:
    October 9, 2019 at 10:49 pm (Quote)
    I am glad TKL is not in any public office. If you go against his wishes he will make you crawl and beg.

    Response: yeah, those who go against his wishes, will have to get down on BENDED KNEES and CRAWL in front of him to BEG for MERCY(from KUAN YEW Not GUAN YIN)!

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  • KLTan:

    It is a golden rule that you listen to what you said first before you expect other to do. If you insists on going on,it will help the society if you just shut up on what you do not know. when you know, don’t say you don’t know n when you don’t know don’t say n behaviour as if you know. tpThis is the right of PAP n its harem of plps. Singaporeans called it wayang, other call It lies and pap called truth sas fake, More accurately, if it is not beneficial to papthey R fake but if it glorifies pap it is true. Indianee ‘s pap version of conflict of interests evidenced as well as Stupidus Chan chaitowkwei alias humka ‘s pap definition of Accountability. Join them your nothing than a depraved plp or brownnoser or bootlicker or farts worm. This is not nice KL n worse you aid in humiliating the presidency you lonce tried to seek!
    Enough is enough, KL.

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  • Darth Vader:

    I’ve said this before many times, and I’ll say it again: tkl is a vain, arrogant egotistical narcissistic stupid idiotic fool who thinks he’s a genius when everyone else KNOWS he’s a MORON. And ONCE AGAIN, tkl has proven me right about my assessment of him. Hell, if anything, my assessment of this pile of s**t tkl is too much of an understatement, and this latest pile of dung tkl posted here PROVES it

    Hey tkl, the simple reason WHY 75,000 people signed a petition demanding stiffer penalties for that nus undergraduate dungheap terence siow to be punished much more severely is because his victim Karmen Siew was the victim of injustice TWICE: first by getting molested not once but THREE times in a matter of minutes by terence siow, and a second time by the court’s stupid leniency to the sonofabitch just because he has “good grades and a bright future”. While an argument can be made that a retarded person may still know that molesting a girl is wrong, WHAT EXCUSE is it for someone like terence siow, allegedly a scholar, for NOT KNOWING? NONE WHATSOEVER!!!! And this was not the first time he did it either. Even the bast**d himself admitted to molesting girls since 2016. And he’s said to be a Malaysian. While this by itself has nothing to do with anything, it does beggar the question: HOW MANY times has he done this sort of thing BEFORE coming to Singapore in 2016? Regardless WHAT the answer is, the very fact that this creep has been molesting girls since 2016 PROVES he’s a DANGER to young women everywhere and should be put away for the duration of his natural life so that he can never again be a threat to them. Either that, or he should have both arms amputated at the shoulders to ensure that he can never again fondle another girl’s genitals. And yet you DON’T understand WHY people are demanding he be punished more severely tkl?

    Frankly, the ONLY people who would actually sympathize with terence siow instead of Karmen Siew probably are the same kind of creeps..

    You know what tkl, maybe you should make more productive use of your time instead of posting your deranged lunatic ravings here all the time. Maybe you should go simultaneously fellate and engage in penetrative relations with yourself simultaneously. At least this will spare the rest of us your inane moronic stupidity….

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