The majority of Singaporeans renting out their HDB flats and private homes

The majority of Singaporeans renting out their HDB flats and private homes are by and large decent folks or those who are no longer in full-time employment.

I have seen a fair number of older Singaporeans renting out their rooms in HDB flats and condominiums so as to provide themselves with an income for a decent living. They try hard to be self-sufficient.

How on earth would they be thinking of using their homes and flats as whore houses? It is ludicrous to even think that these folks would want to risk forfeiture of their HDB flats and to lose their homes in the process.

Unless there are tell-tale signs, the majority of our older citizens do not have the ability to single out the prostitutes from a decent hardworking tenant contributing to the economy?

Can a personal interview by two elder citizens who are not schooled in the art of human resource selection be able to elicit such a background check compared to our professionals in the Anti-Vice squad?

By enacting laws targeting our own citizens, especially the elderly should not be the way forward. The Government should instead try harder to help in solving the issue of prostitution in the heartlands.

They could, for example make use of the residents committee, the town council or even forming neighborhood vigilante groups to report on suspicious vice activities. For this matter, the disbandment of the Vigilante Corps was an error in foresight.

Our neighborhood police patrol can also help weed out such vices by conducting vertical checks of HDB flats by gathering undercover information in their precincts.

In addition, our Manpower Ministry, the Immigration Department and CID can collaborate and track suspicious visitors to our shores who engage in the vice trade.

Before we enact laws to penalise our landlords, our Government should set the tone and pace to make Singapore a safe home. Enacting laws as a catch-all is not the right answer.


Gilbert Tan




5 Responses to “The majority of Singaporeans renting out their HDB flats and private homes”

  • oxygen:

    IF THE OWNER IS NOT STAYING THERE, how do they know their legal “tenant” is just the cover for pimps to operate as vice dens?

    Catching foreign undesirables selling sex is the legal functions and obligations of immigration – especially when prostitution itself is not illegal in LEE-jiapore.

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  • Sgreans unafford Democracy:

    Because Singaporeans by and large are too much poverty in courage to afford democracy granted to them by the Constitution.

    It’s a Farkation of dignity.

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  • TruBlu:

    Impoverishment in practise.
    Chase that rainbow in WORDS ONLY.

    LEE AH LONG is the reason why so many sgs are suffering poverty.

    Still, the PAPple got the cheeks to $uck your CPF.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    What’s wrong with operating a wh**e house. Most Singaporeans are already acting like whores prostituting themselves to people in power.

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G citizens are a selfish lot and those that ‘own’ property (which is a joke because in $G the communist government owns everything) will vote pappies since they believe they will continue to do well.

    In other words ‘You die your business’.

    So I will rephrase the problem:

    $G owner = self-centered local who is getting screwed.
    Older $ingaporean = voted the old man into power and now suffer karma
    Prostitutes = FT brought here by government
    Tenant = Also FT brought in by government

    So there is no issue here. FT are all working hard. $G locals are getting screwed. Everything is as it should be in Communist Island.

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