A more efficient way to handle job interview

My friend migrated to Canada. He applied for a job as a software developer. There is a big demand for this skill in Canada.

He told me that their process is different from Singapore. They take the following steps.

a) The recruiter telephone the applicant and have a phone interview.
b) The applicant has to do some coding assessment online.
c) The applicant is then invited for a site interview.

I remarked that this is a more efficient way to recruit people.

I asked my friend if he agrees with my view. He said – yes. Some work sites are quite far away, so the process adopted in Canada is helpful.

The usual method used in Singapore is to invite people for or or more rounds of site interview. This method is time consuming for both the recruiter and the applicant.

We need to change our practice and adopt a more efficient method.


Tan Kin Lian




6 Responses to “A more efficient way to handle job interview”

  • Rabble-rouser:

    Mr Tan, could you please not make us laugh with your “Mountain Tortoise” views of the world! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Of course the job must be in some far off place. Did’t you know that Canada is so big! You can dump S’pore into the freshwater Great Lakes & still S’poreans think they’re in the deep blue sea!

    Efficient companies don’t have the time to muck around with the hiring process. They get the hiring done ASAP & move along! Like my mate oxygen says, it is getting the output, not by focusing on the process!

    The business world is moving so fast these days. If a hiring process takes so long, companies in Canada would either have lost their business contracts or their work would have been behind schedule!

    This alone tells you the reality of work [or make-work] in S’pore! A illusionary mechanism where the FTs do plenty of motion [ultimate objective is to hire their village cohorts via labour agents & get kickbacks] but relatively little work done. No wonder S’pore work productivity had gone down to $**t levels! Agree or not?

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  • Dafts Will Be Dafts:

    Immigration policy is highly regulated in many developed economies and is citizen-first. The governments are elected to serve their citizens and countries, not themselves and their pockets.
    This is the key point.

    We are talking about workers that transit from different cost of living and at different stage of economic development.
    There is no way that a citizen from developed economy be able to fend against the on-slaught of cheap foreign workers.
    This is a fact and an inconvenient truth that greedy pigs are masquerading.
    That’s the reason migration policy is not free for all in other countries.

    The outcome of such evil policy is to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense to the welfare of citizens by suppressing costs and boosting profits.
    The consideration to displaced workers are kept to minimum.
    The pressure rachet of stagnant wages and high cost of living, minimum healthcare and welfare is the sole doing of Pigs government.
    We do not need to pay millions to device such policies, anyone who is amoral and evil enough can come up with such.

    TKL should learn to point out the key points that could make the difference, rather than writing what is convenient or frivolous, as it only serves to detract from the real reason.

    Of course process of interviews could be made efficient, but this is common sense and not the real issue.

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  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    pap lagi best. invite for tea some more.

    yet look at everyone of them, all duds. Lj or Cb, every of them non performing. the only consistent part is dud or worse dud all of them are paid S$m so as not to spoil the pap ownself pay ownself S$m market.

    in our eyes, who is good? no need to interview we already know. the good ones are Ms Sylvia Lim Mr Leo Perara Mr Lim Tean Mr Leong Sze Hian Mr KJeyaretnam Mr Roy Ngerng Ms Hang Hui Hui.

    the list of good ones in Singapore is so long it shall take a long time to complete. so in short stroke, we summarize. as long as not pap, the person is a good one, whether male or female.

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  • Singapore landscape:

    Recruiters are already do that for some industries.
    FTs get interviewed over the phone before they fly over here as tourists for interview.
    Maid agencies are one step ahead, they bring in foreign maids over first, then find employers for these domestic helpers. They do not have to pay a single cent, the eager to be domestic helpers bear the cost of airfares, accommodation cost here, commission fees, so not just Singaporean home owners owe huge sum of money, FDH too.
    Same for construction industry.
    The plumbing industry is even more innovative. Home owners will call them over the phone, and “interview”. The Malaysian plumber will just ride his motorbike over and get the job done, cheap and good, the home owner happy, the worker happy too.
    Many recruiters call up Singaporeans for interviews for show only, they need to show to MOM that they have interviewed Singaporeans and find them not suitable, no relevant experience, high expectation, want to work in their CBD HQ not their “Chennai” Business Park. Right from the start, they want FTs, for reasons we know, including the million dollar PAP Ministers.

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  • Another perspective:

    Face to face interview has its advantages.
    To recruit talented, “self-proclaimed top Poly” Poly graduates.
    If office site is outside CBD, don’t waste time going for interview.
    It saves unnecessary interview time.
    Then tell MOM no locals want the job, ok to go ahead to get a FT?
    What will MOM, JT do?
    The answer is loud and clear in CBD, CBP. TBP, JBD.

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  • Ali Baba booba #06-195:

    Phoner is different. YOu judge based on tone of applicant’s voice. But the face to face, you can assses based on body language.

    But there are lots of stupiak interviews that ask you to go down when they aren’t interested in hiring you. Make them pay for your transport.

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