Singaporeans have to think critically

Singaporeans have to think critically before expressing their opinion.

When I suggested that the network of bus services is too many and should be streamlined. the majority oppose it because they find a big network to be more convenient.

The took the view after I have explained that a big network is more inefficiently and cost more to operate. There is a lower utilisation and many buses run more than half empty during the off peak period.

When I told them i a survey to choose between a big network which requires higher lower public transport fares and lower fares from from a streamlined network, the majority choose a streamlined network.

Surely they must know that a bigger network will lead to higher public transport fares? Surely they can see most of the the buses are more than half empty during the off peak periods?

If they think critically, they will know the obvious consequences and can express their views more credibly.

We need our people to be able to think critically, so that our country can have a better future.


Tan Kin Lian




28 Responses to “Singaporeans have to think critically”

  • RDB:

    Singaporeans by and large are not critical thinkers. They are ostly complainers without telling clear why.

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  • Beware PAP billionaire ministe:

    US future generation of President is wayanging to fllece billionaires to get votes. It may be wayang but who knows it may come just to satisfy greeds n self glorification becoming US President. Isn’t it what lee nepotism came about. Isn’t this why professionals deprecate themselves to bootlick n brownose n polanpa. But beware PAP ministers have fleeced Singaporeans to be top 0.01%
    superrich class. But when Vietnam exit scenario dawn, better jump into the pacific ocean seeking protection of your billions than to seek refuge in US which will fleece you for the barbecue for the US masses when Singaporeans with DH TKL tailing behind raise their feet to boot u out of your comfort zone!

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  • No network 0 fare bestest!:

    Go on, push further.
    With no network, the fare will be zero.
    Most efficient system loh.

    Only consider efficiency as passenger load. Never consider passenger time and comfort. Yes. All follow India system where passenger sit on top of buses. You get double or trible passenger loading.

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  • productivity and efficient:

    //The took the view after I have explained that a big network is more inefficiently and cost more to operate.//

    aiyoh. welcome correction if wrong ? is the white network making money or not ? if yes, then how come still increase fare lor ? cost more ?

    as the white idiotic team keeps on tokking about productivity and being efficient and that they are a talented lot, since when cost whether more or less or so-called efficiently run (by the white idiotic team) have you seen any price reduction ?

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  • left to australia:

    this country is a place blinded by its own ideology that was brought about by one man. Most proper functioning democracies follow the ideology of democratic principles like fairness , justice.

    In due time , its downfall will come. And the people have nowhere to go.

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  • TruBlu:

    Ya,and oso SPEAK *OUT N UP* as critically.
    And,and,STOP ANYHOW CRITICISE other sgs who VOICE OUT?

    sgs like to *kaypoh* n *kay-kian* towards other sgs but act like sheep otherwise?

    Time to start thinking n living liks real humans instead of Sheeple n mules.

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  • Dear Mr Tan:

    Let me think critically and I think LTA, MRT and bus operators should adopt “targeted” services to save cost and at the same time improve services.
    Talks as ideas are real cheap.
    How to streamline and how to target service?
    Maybe another suggestion is to use AI – sorry it may not be a cheap solution for now.
    Maybe, we should use satellites (just hop onto the future ERP infrastructure) to track people at the bus stop, walking to the bus stop, and commuters can also key into an app to tell the critically smart system what bus they want to take, maybe just say where they want to go to, the system will compute all the big data, streamline and target.
    Forget about my cheap talks.
    How about having a trial and starting to streamline operation at your home bus stop?
    PAP loves it. They trial this test that, introduce this and that scheme to shut up people so if people complain no this no that, and they say there are!
    Let me assume you live in Bukit Timah, Sixth Ave along Bukit Timah Road has bus services 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 171, 174, 66, 66B,, 67, 67A, 74,852, 961, 961M.
    Wow that is a lot of buses!
    Maybe you can tell LTA how to streamline.
    Maybe there should be only one bus service running up and down Bukit Timah Road/ Dunearn Road where there many MRT stations, of DTL, NS and Circle lines.
    Besides, the people living there have family cars or even chauffers.
    Please talk to others like you consult your ex Income colleagues when first helicopter’d into Income, so that people outside this roads are served at the same service level, if not better, and at a lower cost, cheap and good, Singaporeans love it (I think every human being is like that, look at some sale in US and even Japan where people stampede to get into the store, LHL and LKY also took steep discount from property developer OBS) as Tommy Koh chastised Singaporeans,
    Remove the bus lanes so that parents sending their kids to SCGS, ACS, RGS, SJ, will have a smooth drive.
    Anyway RGS is moving out soon I heard.
    Please tell me what I have missed and I will try harder, think harder, think more critically.

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  • Bapak:

    Ah Tan, do you think with streamlined systems running at a lower cost, this regime will lower fare prices? Wait long long okay. The correct way to solve our problem is not critical thinking, is to VTO period.

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  • To KBW; cc LHL:

    Mr Tan Kin Lian has a great suggestion, a streamlined one.
    A cheap one for everyone, operators, commuters and government.
    You have help now. You can continue to be PAP Chairman, draw million dollar salary, make up for the mistakes and sick policies as MND and MOH Ministers, sometimes as Acting PM too.

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  • LHL - are you listening ...:

    … your transport saviour is born.
    Oops, sorry, HE has been here for decades, just that you and your cronies are blind all these years to notice HIS Presence.

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  • Critically speaking,:

    Don’t be naive.
    PAP through its controlled PTC will adjust fare such that people are not that pi..ed off to vote against them.
    It is the same for HDB flats, and many other things.
    If the pain is within the threshold, people will bear with it.
    So, whether they cut services, add services, streamline, target, consolidate, value-add, fares will continue to rise over time … in line with inflation, pay rise, economic growth, etc.
    PAP can simply with a stroke of the pen add or minus money to the transport budget, like for education, health.
    They can change the law, make an Indian-Malay to be EP, what else they cannot or dare not do?

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  • opposition dude:

    Alamak Mr Tan, sometimes you can be so dense you know?

    “buses run more than half empty during the off peak period”

    Common sense tells you that off peak periods will have less people on the buses. If buses were still 100% full during off peak hours then it means that there are too many people on the island and too few buses.

    “When I told them i a survey to choose between a big network which requires higher lower public transport fares and lower fares from from a streamlined network, the majority choose a streamlined network.”

    See how biased this survey is? A big network with higher lower fares and a streamlined network with lower fares. Are you dead sure a streamlined network will definitely lead to lower fares Mr Tan? Surely you would have realised by now that PAP loves money more than anything else and would raise transport fares with some excuse about higher maintenance costs or the price of fuel?

    There is a reason why a good number of people disagreed with you Mr Tan, it’s because they are affected should all buses only lead to MRT stations and nowhere else.

    Perhaps you should be the one thinking critically before expressing your opinion instead.

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    Dear TKL,
    Singaporeans know how to think critically.

    PAP supporters support freedom with responsibility.

    On the contrary, Opposition supporters support violence (freedom with no responsibility)

    This is Ang Mo Tua Kee freedom, human rights and democracy.

    Attacking people who disagree with you ?
    (Oxygen and all Ang Mo Tua Kee support this)

    Singaporeans, do you support freedom without responsibility ?

    PAP Huat, huat, huat ah

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  • Think Realistically:

    They will always have reasons to increase fares even with a reduced network. It could mean longer waiting time, more transfers, detours, delays, and crowded buses and trains. A reduced network does not mean the cost savings will be passed on to commuters. It just means more profits for them. For e.g. when the price of oil plummeted, did car owners see any significant reduction in price at the gas stations? Prices mostly go up, seldom down, except for your depreciating HDB flats.

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  • To everyone:

    The transport system should be comprehensive, inclusive and affordable.
    Please do not disagree with me.
    If you disagree, criticise me, throw wet blanket over my idea, you are not thinking critically.
    Please think critically before expressing your opinions.
    I know best.
    My idea is the best.
    My opinion can never be wrong.
    LHL … are you listening?

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G locals have to think – period.

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  • I am thinking critically now:

    How many people responded to your so called survey? Your children, your friends?
    Do you believe in the results of surveys conducted by PAP, Singapore mainstream media, PAP controlled or sponsored organizations?
    Your survey question is loaded. Who doesnt want cheaper fare and better still better service?
    Can your streamlined, aka reduced service deliver both to all?
    Are you thinking critically or are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes?
    Without actually experiencing long wait or long journey or changing buses/mrt many times to reach the destination, people of course will say they want cheaper alternative.
    When people have to wait 30 mins for a bus or take more than 1 hour to reach their destinations or wait for another bus (or the next or next next) because the bus right in front of you is jam packed, they will complain.
    You as a rich retiree, with a car, with the option of booking a taxi, probably with a domestic helper and a non-working wife, will never feel the same as the majority Singaporeans. You belong to PAP elite, you were ex PAP member.
    By your analogy, PAP should not be building more MRT lines, the Thomas line, the East Coast line, because a bigger network will increase cost.
    I am not sure if you know about this – I understand for the DTL, every train still has one MRT staff – it is a driverless train, yet we need a staff there, for what? Maybe all SG driverless trains have a staff, maybe a “plainclothes” staff.
    Ideas are cheap.
    Execution is key.
    No matter what, what you say, I say, he says, she says, PAP will increase fare.

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  • Darth Vader:

    WHO told you that just because people prefer a streamlined service if it means lower fares means that they agree with your MORONIC idea that all bus services should only lead to MRT stations????!!!! HOW do you know that they don’t agree with what I said that we should consolidate all the different PTOs into one and eliminate redundant services instead????!!!! And for that matter, WHO conducted the survey, YOU?! So HOW then do we know that you did NOT rig the survey or interpret it as an endorsement of your STUPID idea?!

    No, it is NOT we the people that need to develop critical thinking, it is YOU YOURSELF tkl! Just look at all the bullshit you post here that proves your own STUPIDITY! ONLY members of the ruling party can vote?! This will result in a one-party state, the very thing we here are trying to get rid of! We should not reject communism?! Hey STUPID, China was a FAILED state until Deng Xiaoping implemented capitalist economic reforms! The anti-government protestors in HK are Western puppets?! Hey STUPID, if we here in Singapore are fed up of the increasingly authoritarian pap and want more democracy, then WHAT makes you think the people of HK aren’t sick of the increasingly repressive winnie the pooh in Beijing?! WHO are you to speak for us, let alone HKers? You CAN’T even win an election, so WHO gave you permission to speak for us?

    We are NOT stupid like you okay?

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  • Good tasting gado-gado:

    Think oh mankind, & do have a heart.
    Not only be kind, but to one and all when speaking be sound.

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  • Streamlined? What?:

    Mr Tan, to me, streamlined means I can get from any place A to any place B with one direct bus or train. No meandering time waster. A big network is one where I have to change 3 or 4 times to get to where I want to go.

    Of course, I would choose streamlined with lower fare. Your survey just proved the opposite of what you want to say.

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  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    in our critical thinking, we think tan kin lian is dead wrong.

    the reason for high cost is there are too many useless pap paper generals in mrt bus lta. these useless pap Ljs are all paid S$m pa.

    if only they are paid GROSS median wage S$3,500 pm, voila, immediately, yes IMMEDIATELY, mrt bus become as profitable as lta.

    in a land of tan kin lianS, too bad, all suffer due to too much tan kin lian type of critical thinking aka talking cock.

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  • crowded buses and trains:

    //They will always have reasons to increase fares even with a reduced network. It could mean longer waiting time, more transfers, detours, delays, and crowded buses and trains.//

    spot on ? longer waiting time, more transfers, detours, delays, and crowded buses and trains ? all due to 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy ?

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  • oxygen:

    @ PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20:

    XIAO KOW LUAN PUI means mad puppy anyhow bark. That is YOU in this thread on transportation.

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  • Not the Full Picture:

    Everyone has to think critically. This includes the Government AND the people.

    Buses is just one part of a huge puzzle.

    If we all think critically, we would all know (i) there are just too many people on this planet and further increases are going to end in conflict and tears; (ii) Governments have been coasting and switched off their minds and lazing on their bottoms and ceding excessively to the private sector; (iii) large corporations and big tech have got out of hand and have sucked the life and future out of too many people; (iv) if people can see the monstrosities of large corporations and big tech for what they are, what is wrong with people when so many of us are still coasting along and digging our own graves; (v) too many politicians are undeserving and unquestioning and waiting until citizens in other countries riot and set their countries on fire before realising things are seriously wrong.

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  • Bobo:

    No matter how hard we think, we always got backfired. More layers added to load us. What to do?

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  • More Pain Needed:

    The greater the pain, the better the thinking.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    “Singaporeans think” is an oxymoron. No point thinking if you have no spine.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    “Singaporeans think” is an oxymoron. Also, thinking is a waste of time if you have no spine.

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