Alfian is no knight in shining armour fighting the PAP dragon

Or for truth and justice. He’s more like an identity-challenged knight in rusty armour rowing with his enemies (think PAP govt) and his inner demons.

I’m not defending what the PAP minister said about Alfian (Because unlike the constructive, nation-building media I’ve not been paid my 30 pieces of silver, and unlike the PAP IB, I don’t work for free.), but I hope his critics had read some of Alfian’s stuff that the anti-PAP Woke don’t publicise, when criticising the minister. Anti-PAP cybernuts are a different breed of low life: “PAP is always wrong.”

I speak as someone who read some of his stuff years ago. In the poems I read, I sensed his unhappiness about living in a Chinese dominated multi-racial society. He was really not happy that his race was not top dog, like in KL, and he was not getting the goodies like M’sian Malays that he felt he was entitled to. He wanted to live in a multi-racial society where the Malays dominated. I must stress that this is only my reading.

A lawyer and PAP member (who yet again hasn’t been selected to be an MP) seems to share my view, though he put it more menacingly

I find Alfian’s actions anti Singapore. The combination of his poem and his pro Malaysia sentiments reflect a longing for a situation where his race is not the minority.

He is not a critic. He does not feel he belongs in Singapore.

Ong should add to his statement by using this PAPpy’s turn of phrase. Silly of Ong not to have said this in first place. But then GE coming and he doesn’t want to offend the Malay voters, who are not exactly fans of the PAP govt. Neither does he want Tun to take offence.

Oh, and do realise that Alfian is biting the hand that protects him.

He will have problems if he is a Malay living in M’sia: his preferred country. He’s a self-proclaimed gay, atheist Muslim. That is haram in M’sia and other Muslim countries. In Saudi Arabia he could be executed. In S’pore, minister Shan rightly says that LGBTQs will be protected, like other S’poreans

And remember what happened to Anwar? The authorities tried to destroy his career by portraying him as a homosexual because being gay is haram in Islam.

Doubtless if he was M’sian, he’d be spurning the privileges of being a Malay, and bemoaning that he couldn’t reveal his inner self. He’d be writing about hidden identities, like Oscar Wilde. Or maybe, he’ll be looking at his bank statement and smile.


“Malay race” created by ang mohs, not the Malays

Academic talking cock/ Got such thing as “Malay” race meh?

Watain fans: Muslims cannot be, but can Malays be ?


I’ll end by saying that the the minister roughed up Alfian for wrong reasons, doing no good for his reputation: [ LINK ]

But I never had a high opinion of him: Ong Ye Kung: “Is he the 4G leader with the killer instinct?”


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor




17 Responses to “Alfian is no knight in shining armour fighting the PAP dragon”

  • Forever An IB:

    The puppy is out again. yawn.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Since when did anyone give a sh*t what you think anyway? The world is moving on without you.

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  • Sinkie:

    Being anti-PAP doesn’t necessarily mean being pro-ordinary Sinkies.

    This guy Alfian stinks.

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  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    as expected, the shitty method of character assassination, all for the sake of cents per post. lying pap via pap PA hires only the lying kind from Msia.

    a shitty character never departs from shitty behaviour. a pity to the papa and mama who birthed the piece of cheapskate shit.

    the only pity is this. a grand site such as TRE allows such shit to be forever tainting the pristine TRE landscape. a true pity. sad for TRE for being too generous to shitty shit.

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  • Andy:

    CI is a fu$$king racist. TrE should stop posting his garbage here. CI, you’re an old bast**d with one foot in the grave. Why not just enjoy your life instead of sPEwing your hatred, bILE and venom everyday on the internet.

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  • such a good statement:

    //Being anti-PAP doesn’t necessarily mean being pro-ordinary Sinkies.//

    wow pian ? such a good statement indeed ?

    is it because many of the white idiots and gang are also ordinary sinkies ?

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  • Report ci to Police:

    we are watching closely.

    as soon as the line is crossed, no horse run.

    straight report to pap police about the pap PA paid IB.

    patiently waiting for that one slip.


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  • useless article:

    if any of you can honestly swear you are better than Mr Alfian, then you can talk…otherwise zip it up!

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    This man should just concentrate on writing poetry.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    CI is like PAP. Both are afraid of the truth.

    What Alfian said is true. It will break your heart because you realize MOST Singaporeans have because either stupid and/or spineless under PAP. The also suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

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  • Half-truths or plain lies?:

    That’s true: he wouldn’t be blowing his homo horn were he to have his Malaysia home.

    And what are you about this oxymoron – “atheist muslim”? Because witnessing to the one and only Creator is the proof of muslim, and giving thanks and praise for prophetic guidance.

    CI, are you damned sure what you’re imputing to the guy?

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    Some people want the best of both worlds. They want the benefirs (both monetary and otherwise) of the system. They also want to have the freedom to crtique the system.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    This man should just concentrate on writing poetry.

    You think this Cynical Idiot has poetic talents? I poem-fucked him many times but he dare not reply!

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  • Homeless Cat:

    And you, CI, are nothing more than a relic of a bygone, feeble age whose time is nigh ended. Many people would love to do more than kill said PAP dragon. They would love to drag it to its grave…after they loot its lair.

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  • goh meng seng pea brained:

    it is beneath us to even open anything posted by pap IB cystical incestor as called by readers.

    even so there is one message we need to broadcast to pap IB cystical incestor.

    the message is, if not against us is for us.

    as long as against us, it is not for us.

    so anything against pap is good for us. anything against the against pap is against us, if pap IB cystical incestor has the ability to understand.

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    Don’t mean to be racist but there are lots of rude, lazy, unprofessional Malays in retail. I’m not saying all Malays but lots

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  • Hank:

    We are All very ynical about your contributions here Cynical Investor. Go away. Nobody will miss you. Arkkkk… Pwee!!!

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