SAF can really detect and neutralise drones?

After the attack on Saudi oil installations, in what seems to be warning to Tun not to try anything funny (Morocco Mole, Secret Squirrel’s side kick tells me that his second cousin removed working in Tun’s office tells him that arms dealers have promised him Iranian drones that hit the Saudi installations.)

Singapore ‘quite confident’ of detecting and neutralising drones used in Saudi attacks: Ng Eng Hen

Headline from constructive, nation-building CNA


Is he talking cock?

Because remember the drone intrusion at Chamgi Int’l? Why isn’t Changi Int’l not protected against drone intrusions?/ Paper weapons?

and Where’s SAF and police when Changi Airport needs them?.

But let’s be serious

But it would be a mistake to confuse the use of drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in this attack with other incidents where off-the-shelf drones have disrupted airports, football matches or political rallies, says Douglas Barrie, an air power fellow at think tank the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

He says this attack was carried out, in part, by sophisticated UAVs – small, pilotless, winged aircraft – nothing like the quadcopter drones flown in suburban parks.

Instead, they can cover hundreds of kilometres and be pre-programmed to fly around navigation points on the ground, allowing them to approach a target from an unexpected direction.

“The level of complexity in this attack is above anything we’ve seen before. Using a mix of cruise missiles and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) that arrived all at the same time calls for a serious level of planning and proficiency,” says Mr Barrie.

The attack has raised a question-mark over the quality of the protection available against UAV assaults.

Criticism of Saudi Arabian air defences is wide of the mark, says Mr Barrie. The fact is that complex networks of air defence radars linked to guided missiles and squadrons of advanced fighter jets are not designed to counter this relatively cheap and disposable technology.

“Digital technology has made a huge difference to what smaller UAVs can do. Suddenly you can pack a lot into a UAV, you can almost turn it into a precision guided weapon.”

By programming a UAV to fly around numerous points before arriving at its target it can avoid the obvious directions from which an attack is expected. This may explain why existing radars failed to spot the drone formation which attacked Abqaiq.

Which is why this got rushed into the area

The US Air Force has just taken delivery of Phaser, a microwave-based weapon from defence giant Raytheon. Firing from a disc resembling a giant satellite dish atop a sand-coloured container it wipes out the digital elements inside a drone.

Raytheon cannot say where the rapidly purchased Phaser has been sent, but the Pentagon has stated that it is being deployed overseas.

Perhaps Phaser’s biggest strength is it operates at the speed of light. That is the rate at which it fires out bursts of microwave radiation. And that can bring an approaching UAV down in a split second.

The beam emitted by Phaser is 100 metres broad at a distance of one kilometre. That translates into a lot of dangerous space for an attacking UAV. Targets are tracked by an electro-optical sensor converting images into electronic signals and working in tandem with the microwave beam.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor




11 Responses to “SAF can really detect and neutralise drones?”

  • Boycot mouthpiece:

    Whatever the solution maybe i am coke sure it will cum from a non-singaporean.
    It will most likely be foreign technology despite sg top in maths and science.

    Dont be fooled by education and academic results .

    Name one singapore born singaporean who scores highest in engineering who has invented any best in the world technology.

    Dont mess with me. I can debunk extremely well

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP do enjoy making fools of themselves don’t they? SAF is good lah, confident of this and that lah ha ha ha so funny.

    They couldn’t even stop a hacker from stealing 1.5 million patient records at SGH nor a HIV leak a few weeks later!

    Something that isn’t a physical attack already resulted in records stolen and sensitive information leaked and on sale on the dark web. Do you really think the SAF is ready for a real war or some drone attacks?

    Do remember that NONE of the generals have gone to war nor have the relevant experience, all are just booksmart scholars nia.

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  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    nothing new.

    nothing original.

    what is the intent?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Same people that said Mas Selamat could not escape.

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  • TruBlu:

    So crever,caught the toy-drone.
    Clap,clap,clap and kee chiu…

    5.7 million people.
    Only 3.6 SINGAPOREANS.

    Clap,clap,clap and more claps…

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  • Untested:

    SG will know when the Chinese or the Russians decide to test our air defense system. It could happen one day if tensions in the SCS escalate.

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  • Attack By 30 Drones:

    Do not be over confident. If one day the terrorists decide to arm 30 drones with hand grenades and fly them from Batam, Bintan and Johor each targeting to fly over a Minister house and let go the grenades in the early hours of morning say at 3 am, can our SAF detect and destroy these drones ?

    Our fighter jets will be useless, our Radar will not detect these low flying drones and our Gurkha police with machine gun cannot see the drones in the dark and these drones will come in different directions at the same time. It will be big panic and no Minister will dare to sleep at home. Probably take cover at East Coast Park. Think about it. Very Big problem.

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  • Lazy & Crazy:

    This is the laziest journo I have ever seen. Oh no call him a journolist would insult all those proper ones. Maybe a hack?

    cut and paste is plagiarism:
    nothing new.

    nothing original.

    what is the intent?

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  • Went to Japan:

    Singapore politician’s bs, you believe?

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  • Just for laughs:

    Is there a super-determinate drone that can zoom in on the satans and shamans of cronyism in our midst?

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  • silent soft intrusion:

    don’t need drones lar ? just need to have 6.9m or 10m or 15m and then appoint them to key positions ? this (silent soft intrusion and influence) is more effective then drones or some noisy threats (which good for plenty of rhetoric for the white idiots on tokking about threats and conducting drills for publicity lar) ?

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