Singaporeans deserve non-adversarial politics

PM Lee believes that Singaporeans are generally happy with him and said that was why his Party had a super-majority in Parliament. He said recently, “If they were unhappy with me, I would not be sitting here so peacefully, smiling and talking to you. I would have other problems on my mind.”

I wonder what these “other problems” he would have in his mind if Singaporeans better expressed their unhappiness and reduced the PAP’s super-majority in Parliament.

Some time ago, Mr Lee said the opposition’s job was to make life miserable for him, and that they want him to “screw up”. He felt paranoid about them eyeing his seat, and said he would have to “fix” them if more opposition members were elected to Parliament.

“What is the opposition’s job? It’s not to help the PAP do a better job! Their job is to make life miserable for me so that I screw up and they can come in and sit where I am here and take charge.

“Right now we have (3 opposition members in Parliament): so can deal with them, it’s ok. But supposing you had a Parliament with 10, 15, 20 opposition members out of 80.

“Then, instead of spending my time thinking of what is the right policy for Singapore, I’m going to spend all my time – I have to spend all my time – thinking what is the right way to fix them, what is the right way to buy own my supporters over, how can I solve this week’s problem and forget about next year’s challenges?” – PM Lee, May 3, 2006

Why does the PAP need to be so adversarial? An adversarial political system is not good for Singapore. The PAP’s mindset of “anyone who is not for me is really against me,” must change.

Towards this call for non-adversarial politics, I laud Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s congratulatory message to Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, for being conferred the Distinguished Leadership and Service Award by the US-based Institute of International Finance (IIF).

Doc said, “I am delighted that he has been recognised by the international community for his abilities. Indeed, he still has many contributions to make in the international community and we are very proud of him, flying the Singapore flag high.”

In this instance, Doc did not see Mr Tharman as a political opponent who does not deserve applause. He saw him as a Singaporean who was flying the Singapore flag high in the international arena.

This is the kind of non-adversarial politics Singapore needs!

The opposition’s job is to help the Government do better in caring for Singaporeans – in helping to lift some of the heavy burden that they bear day-after-day. To do this effectively, there must be more opposition in Parliament.


Ravi Philemon




24 Responses to “Singaporeans deserve non-adversarial politics”

  • Crony-capitalism & Opposition:

    It is compassion, the most gracious of virtues,
    Which moves the world.

    Those who have wisdom have all:
    Fools with all have nothing.

    Those are fools however learned
    Who have not learned to walk with the world.

    Make foes of bowmen if you must,
    Never of penmen.

    - Thiruvalluvar the Sage

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  • Dictator's next stop?:

    A general question: where does a dictator go after he loses power?

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  • Empowered by Constitution:

    The Constitution is Law.
    Rule of Law.
    Public Servants must remain Humble as Servants of Voters.

    They must not be allowed to be Partisan unless they are politicians.

    RC must not have partisan people. Some could have become overzealous and are unhealthy for the people.

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  • TruBlu:

    So how about $UE TILL PANTS DROP?

    What kind of meritocracy is that?

    Wel,any Presiden-cum-SAF $cholar wants to defend

    Lembek generals who hides under skirts in order to slip into PariahMEN?

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  • Singapore Fooled Again n Again:

    Their way of handling issues and creating issues have also divided Singapore much. Rather than coming together with the opposition parties, especially those voted in, to work things out to bring better results to the population, they don’t. They are only interested to silence and finish off those who don’t agree with them, financially or legally

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  • PAP Messed Up Country:

    All along, partisan politics are practised. The Straitst TImes Kept using that word during the 90s when I still bought papers.

    I looked up the dictionary then. It said partisan meant unreasonable support for a political cause.

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  • MikeB:

    Want to Strike Lottery?… Vote for Alternative ruling party. They will give us back our CPF and FIX all the wrong to make them right again … Singaporeans will be Happy Again.

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  • LHL calling for violence:

    Is LHL asking Singaporeans to express their dissatifaction of PAP policy n his premiership, like the Honkies, violently n destructive, instead of being grumpy peacefully hoping however deaf or he and his cabinet ministers r will listen, ponder n express their gratitude to them being so patient, rational n intensely love Singapore? The conscience n appreciative parts will be the normal human reaction of any politicians really in politics to serve n love n patroitic to the nation n not there to be envious, self glorify n ultimately self gratify.

    In reality, whether a man in politic has leadership stature will depend on how he reacts under stress of possibility of persecution for his political errors or crime? Americans are now having the opportunities of witnessing the behaviour of Trump gripped with the reality of being impeachment, removal n possible criminal indictment.

    First he stained US’s integrity in alliance when he greenlighted Turkey launching the attack on US ally in succumbing the ISIS, n facilitating the attack by ordering complete withdrawal of US military from the area leaving the Kirds to face ethnic cleansing, then openly cintinuous humiliating n defaming the democrats Congressmen n Speaker n the constitutional Congress committee for his impeachment inquiry n now openly humiliating Abraham Lincoln n US presidential election plus openly awarding himself the G7 Meeting to his Floria Trump Golf Course Resort. The continuous resignation of the Secretaries aggravates the stress.

    In fact in one Robin Day, a British legendary political interviewer, interview of an Asean PM, he was insistent of getting the PM to reveal what underdefine his fear of his neighbour, the PM melted n quietly claim alma matreship but was immediately dismissed by Robin Day with his journalist duty to the British Public to bring authentic new. However the man grew to become the ultra arrogant n derogatorily opining on most of his counterparts of other nations including Britain, US (presidents) n PRC (Chairmen). No defamatory suits was interpreted by media of his stature enabling him to get away with it but suspiciously most of his victims waved it off like Zhou Enlai dismissed him as a (pompous) banana in one of his interview with foreign media where he was ask his opinion on him.

    Could Indianee’s rationalzation of apptmnt of LHL personal lawyer as AG has no issue with conflict of interests becos he has a successful career n with strangely the CJ n his entire Judiciary institution include n not the Law Soc n legal community plus Tony,s son in law Dean of Law remained respectfully mute ie deaf n dump, n chan’s limiting the meaning of accountability to the responsibility of son to his parents n definitely not PAP to Sinkies in response to THEIR PEACEFUL(lhl…

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  • insufferable clown:

    why is the Clown so paranoid?
    like as tho he’s the world’s greatest leader. heck no!
    SG doesnt belong to the PAP only…belongs to every Singaporean who loves our country and want the best for our citizens..and that includes all opp party members.
    who the hell he thinks he is that he needs to fix them all?
    vote the clown out so he can go to the PRC , since the chinese netizens love him so much and his way of control n governance.

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  • opposition dude:

    In life there seldom is a system where all parties work together. It’s a natural thing for the dominant party to slam everyone else and think they are the best or only solution for the country.

    Goondu Loong’s comments back in 2006 are laughable today since he is saying that he has to spend his time fixing the enemy instead of spending time making Singaporeans’ lives better. If you are really doing your job there isn’t a need to go let everyone know, people will know when they can see and feel for themselves that the cost of living has come down and that there aren’t that many aliens on the island.

    If any PAP bodoh was to utter the same nonsense as goondu Loong in 2006 he or she would be mocked and made fun of today for being so arrogant as well as being naive.

    Aljunied made goondu Loong have a good psychological shock in 2011, let us hope that another few GRCs do the same as a crystal clear signal to the goondu’s last election as PM. There is no better present to give him since he gave us so many in terms of the 30% water hike and the transport fare hikes to name but two.

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  • LHL Peaceful kpkb = Like:

    Huh, peaceful grmbling means Sinkies like him? Has LHL so erotically excited by Homgkies violence that he felt shortchanged by peaceful Sinkies? Does he feel insulted that he is not treated similarly? Could it be SIN gentlemanly disapproval deepens his complex over SIN descript of imbercile n his siblings’ honored him as dishonorable son?

    LKY amended the Constitution, since Parliament approval was automatc yes with near all PAP MPs, as he required. So he decreed no First Lady n barred Ong TC seeking a second term becos he was sick (cancer)! LHL was reported to have the same cancer at abt the same time as President Ong but not barred frm GE. Tony jialiaobi has his wife photo up but Mrs Ong photo was taken down from all official hanging places! So also Mrs Nathan n Mr Y(confusion which is the Mala president)!

    Watching US media how Trump meltdowns (Democrat Congresswoman Speaker observed) as his Impeachment Inquiry proceeds with rapid resignation of his Secretaries n Kim on a white stallion looking smug on his snowy mountain away from his new nuke, do Singaporeans boil thinking of the S$28+ millions LHL has been blackmailed by his erotic desire to hod a HISTORICAL meeting between two ?xxxs? But LHL think we r happy because we aren’t behaving like the Hongkies, we still remain peaceful grumblers?

    Really what is this creep has in his little garbagy head, huh? A very dangerous man! Should vote him out before he gets the aliens to behave like HK n Spain.

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  • Empowered by Constitution:

    How KIASU can Mr KiaSu be?

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  • Untamperable?:

    How did TCB lose the EP by so few votes???

    Oh, i KNOW !!!!!

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  • Bapak:

    I am not happy with him cause he cannot ride a horse up Bukit Timah Hill.

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  • SpurmYewCum Darkwinder Sing:

    Want to Strike Lottery?… Vote for Alternative ruling party. They will give us back our CPF and FIX all the wrong to make them right again … Singaporeans will be Happy Again.

    No need depend so much on TOTO anymore !!!

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  • Remote Control RC:

    The holly Trinity of RC PA public service must be kept non-partisan.

    Else where got fair game?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Politics is a d*g eat d*g profession. The old man was a master despot and together with 90% of people wanting to kiss his a** made history by making himself a divine being before he croaked.

    His unfilial son does not know 70% still vote for him because his father cut off their family balls a long time ago. So he is lucky he gets the benefits of his father’s surgical expertise.

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  • Putting Our Lives In Danger:

    Pinky opened his big mouth talking about HK protesters wanting to humiliate and bring down the HK government has angered the HK protesters and now they have promised to’renovate’ DBS, UOB and the High Commission offices in Hong Kong. Singaporeans going to HK better not talk loudly as they can recognized our accent and may decide to harm us.

    Thanks to Pinky kaypohness, our lives may be in danger.

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  • AnIdea:

    Democracy has always been a disruptive and contentious and could possibly violently chaotic. The other option is ruled by a group of elites/ministers with a powerful uniting figure or strongman. Unfortunately, that has also proven in history with tragic endings for nations who live by the wisdom and will of a man( and with his chosen/appointed ministers).

    In Sinkyland, one party has ruled unchallengeable(democratically) for more than 50 years. The outcome on consensus is that the city has been prosperous and stable. Yet, democracy invites political challengers/opponents to step up the podium and usurp the status quo by luring electorates to empower their cause.

    In the case of Sinkyland, is it even wise to pander to opportunist(still by man’s fallible wisdom) at the end of the day?

    Why not instead, since the democratic process is equally flawed as autocratic rule, let PAP do as they please and the nation, most who voted for them anyway, will ultimately reap the consequences of PAP aggressive wisdom?

    But if the outcome has generally been good(base on consensus ) thus far under a single party, leave them to their vices, why challenge and bait the electorate?

    Wouldn’t it be interesting that no one or party step up to the SINFUL podium vying for obscene political power?

    Step back and watch their(PAP) unchallenged ways/wisfom bear….fruits.

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  • nizhemoshou:

    why do you think he wanted kaypoh on the side of Beijing against HK protesters? GE coming , thats why.
    He had previously made PRCs angry by his kaypoh on the side of US against China on SCS and telling silly jokes in his speech to US audience at the expense of China. He was thus subsequently not invited by PRC govt to the BRI inauguration.
    He would therefore be afraid the hundreds thousands of new Sg citizens who were formerly prcs might purposefully not vote for pap in coming GE just to teach him a lesson if he didn’t take the opportunity to curry n win back their favour.

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  • Ingrate:

    There was some years ago, a PRC student, receiving free education in NUS on a generous scholarship from Singapore Tax payers, while they have to pay increasing fees for their children. He publicly insulted Singapore elderlies, which activates Singaporean netizens to condemn his callous behaviour. Surprisingly a minister rebuked Singaporean netizens for condemning him in his Facebook in contrast to a German boss of the establishment, where the student was having his industrial attachment, who sacked him with a goodbye message that he has no place for an ingrate in his establishment.

    In another comment on a separate feature TRE article, a netizen wrote of a English Language teacher from England, who resigned not long after she started teaching, expressing in a local media, her disgust of the unfair treatment of Singaporean colleagues whom she said were good, better qualified! better experience n dedicated relative to the expatriate staff as she n other foreign staff recruited were collectively referred.

    Many Singaporean netizens might remember how Indianee, publicly in her depravation, called netizens, condemning a Brit n his infant son insulting public commuters as stink, dirty etc etc, as lynchers n defended the sport car owner scumbags.

    Chan showed his callous n ingratitude character when he openly threatened Singaporeans Pmets that HE has no problem to import more aliens to replace them.

    The same tone n disgusting was expressed by dead Lee Sr when he publicly told Singaporeans that he has to import aliens to kick daft Sinkies butts to wake them up.

    The imbercile, addressing NTUC, has very generously advised daft Sinkies that if they need jobs, they have to steal them from the aliens! Is he mad or moronic ? Singaporeans steal in their own countries, when the imbercile n his ministers n pap mps swore to their individual God that they will served them n Singapore in their interests n benefits but now he advises they have to steaL the jobs from the aliens he has imported by the millions.

    So he thinks Singaporeans love him! He should repeat this over CNA but before he does it, would he order the police n judiciary that he has lift the ban on mass gathering n the requirement of police permit n details of mass gathering. Just as his father, his seat warmer n he have jointly announce that any damning allegation must be challenged in a Court of Laws n not doing so means admission of guilt as alleged n should resigned. Singaporeans r still waiting. The judiciary n security should help to honour n sustaining the honour, integrity n courage of the national trio with respect to their words n not farts!

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  • So the SB love fiery style:

    So it that what that dishonorable SB thinks? But tranquility with Kallang roar like kpkb in the deep frightened SB so much that he suffered from imaginary drop on his door all thru the wee hours of the night? Is that why he is so desperate to see life threatening with the cool, composed daft Singaporeans having the frightening composure alike Chairman Xi Jinping?
    Trump meltsdown after he has his tuition from the PAP NFI munster n went home delirious tHat he has free American P idol free with $28++ millions erotic board n all meals in SB fuka resort! American leadership is so damn easy to me,lt down. Pelosi must be having bad dream like SIN SB but for directly oppositE reason : one quiet n rational the other violence n flames! While all these horror dream, Stubby Kim rode his gallant white stallion across his snowy paradise, laughing as he galloped at how stupid n easily conned the dishorable son the the naive world’s greatest dumb idol including Deng but not his Savior Zhou n his condemned banana.

    Just like the world wonder how can these much admired Americans by the depraving HK young graduate moronic activists, SIN nepotists n papplps, n most PRC fske intellecluals, can be so blooming dumb to rally behind the historic (NB LHL) biggest political shit of all generations? Similarly 25% of Singaporeans r scratching their head how can their 75% of the own countrymen can be so dumb to support PAPSBs n PAPPLPs after their repeated insults n even after their loving foul mouth political idol n wife returning from the nether world to warn them via docking on their son n daughter (re: Taoist priests n deciples).

    Is that why these SBs spent public millions to support their alien bodyguards n their families with free education for their kids?

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  • S28 millions how distributed?:

    How would u call one who thought he will make history by spending $28++ millions on a SB,easily meltdown by pressure from impeachment fear, n anoth SB? An idiot, moron or a bigger SB than the two SBs! ?

    What is interesting is how to spend $28m in just a one day meeting of two SB even the monster size. How is the $28 ++ millions distributed? Would the moronic genius elightened the daft Singaporeans?

    Defenseless against his own stupidity.
    The belt in hand n contorted devillish face, belting the life out of his innocent love with zero flaws except transient stupidity with deadly unawareness.
    compensating heavily not with own $ but dafts’ on SB who dared to humiliate his glorilla with truth which papists r not to say in public except lies n fakes

    Venting 5 decades of frustration in authoritarianical suppression inducing erraticism cum eroticism wrapped in depravation n lawlessness.

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  • Arrogant survives on daddy:

    rogance built on old man. Now old man dead n gone. A little pressure spiral him to erotically cum erratically like his american idol now himself on a patallel spiral. What SB would spend $ millions on such SB as Trump hanging on , treason n accomplish to ethnic cleansing n genocide the other fonds capital to build more nikes. 3 SBs aided by ball minus CBs contaminating professionalism, justice n on human ues. These SBs n CBs finds their kinds in US SB supporters n what they called themselves as republicans more lile ruffians SBs of the highest order. Now the Yanks white supershits r moronic if Sinlires r daft to the same percentile.

    No wonder jews muslims reading the same to kill e o instrad of love. Christians hope to be better chance of jesus saves sinners so more r getti’g more greedy, commiting perjury n cheats n swindle like crazy pap trumpy style
    God drowning these SBs n CBs.

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