Was GRC created more towards religious line rather than minority line?

Was GRC created more towards religious line than a minority line?

The GRC scheme came into effect on 1 June 1988.The Government stated that the GRC was needed so that minority could be represented in the Parliament: at least one of the MPs in a GRC must be a member of the Malay, Indian or another minority community of Singapore.

Was it more towards a minority or more towards a religious line?

Let us put a challenge, most of the Malays MPs professed to being a Muslim, what if a Malay MPs professed having no religions , are they welcome as a candidate ?

Thus we see workers party’s Faisal Manap leading a Muslim prayer. We see PAP women MPs wearing Muslim’s hijab. We see Malay PAP MPs at Muslim religious events giving speeches. Some even giving speeches on Islam. Minority hmm?

What does all these translate? Are they representing minority or a breeding ground towards religious line? Thus we can see GRC doesn’t really represent minorities but more towards religious representation.

Thus we can see that to enforce on separations of religion from Politics are difficult as long as Singapore practice GRC system, in fact it make matter worse as MPs are representing themselves as Religious leaders rather than minorities.


Aziz Kassim




18 Responses to “Was GRC created more towards religious line rather than minority line?”

  • White Uniform Syndrome:

    GRC was created primarily to make it difficult for the oppositions to come up with a strong team to contest in GRCs. Period.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Aziz, you’re spot on, unfortunately it has been misused.

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  • There is a difference, bro:

    In the rule of nature, the race follows the papa. Religion, on the other hand, can be personal choice.

    But in pap Singapore, INDIAN is malay. So much so pap BSed 70% sheep about need for malay president and went ahead to select an INDIAN in the end.

    When papa is INDIAN, mendaki says INDIAN, I/C says INDIAN, ownself lamented about INDIANness, can be malay in pap Singapore.

    pap elak by saying her religion. ffff. nobody doubts her religion since religion can be personal choice but race is always papa and confirmed by mendaki and double confirmed by I/C. ownself from ownself Cb mouth also three times confirmed. yet pap says malay and selected INDIAN as president. WTF.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Aziz – where did you get that idea – that the MP’s are passing themselves off as religious icons?

    The division is racial – ethnicity – as the basis for group representation in a GRC. It so happens there are Christian or Muslim Indians and Chinese and Eurasians. So the division is not racial.

    Only for Malays – you must be Muslim. That is not the fault of the system. It so happens Malays identify themselves as Muslims and no other religion. So I do not see how you can say this applies to non-Muslims or the system at-large?

    I am against the GRC as it creates racial divisions based on race and ethniciaty above competence and equality. I would insist on candidates that was selected by their hard work and behaviour rather than the colour of their skin or what language they spoke. But that will never happen in $G.

    Do not expand the requirements of one particular group as the basis for what the system was designed for. You will end up with wrong conclusions every time.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Apologies- 2nd para should read

    “The division is racial – ethnicity – as the basis for group representation in a GRC. It so happens there are Christian or Muslim Indians and Chinese and Eurasians. So the division is not religious as you claim.”

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  • MikeB:

    I think opposite parties must very quickly start a collision party and have very clear Manifestos agreed by all parties.
    They should go all out to be the next ruling party. They should show strength collectively and promote their manifestos aggressively.
    Citizens want to know their readiness as the next ruling party and what improvements will the changes make for them.
    Most of us want Change but are afraid that the oppositions are not ready. The oppositions do not even have a proper manifesto except for SDP. I suggest the coalition use SDP’s manifestos. Oppositions must work as a coalition to make it work for the people.
    We want to know what they can do for us if elected in the next election and not talk about 2030 or 2040.
    We are ready but are they ready now.
    2030 or 2040 will be too late, period.

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  • Bapak:

    Don’t worry Kazi, we have capable PAPies able to bring in Indians as Malay. So where got problems. But when come to buy nHDB flats, these Indians will be Indian again. The world should learn from PAPies.

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  • Political Observer:

    The fundamentals are already in place for 50 to 60 years created by LKY and his team.This are tested and proven policies which has been accepted by singaporeans and only workable in singapore. GCT & LHL followed the fundamental principles laid by LKY & Team.
    Whichever party wins they will have to follow the acceptable tested/proven principles and policies. The real implementation of the policies are being implemented by the civil servants from day one not by this current party. The current PM and the cabinet gets feedback from the citizen and mainly from the civil servants who are responsible for ensuring these are carried out.The Cabinet only reads the prepared text and messages written by these CS(civil servants)
    So the CS will have to listen to the new governing party.If they do not carry out what is required, the existing policies,Laws of 50/60 yrs shall be used against them(Sue,Bankrupt & sack) them using the same as the current govt.
    In short nobody is indispensable,even after LKY things go on because of the application of the acceptable fundamentals..Only will have to remove the newly input policies and laws that benefitted the current govt..
    The present stake holders are frighten to let the cat out of the bag (Expose).Also probably too many dirt has been swept under the carpet.
    The real truth will be out when PAP is voted out..SINGAPORE WILL NEVER COLLASPE AS we are a resilient lot who’s got the will to succeed.
    Now they are using the fear tactic and trying to control information from sporeans.These tactics were only relevant in the 60s,70s,80s…

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    It does not matter whether you are in an SMC or in a GRC. Just VTO. Singapore needs regime change.

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  • Evil, Greedy And Corrupt:

    White Uniform Syndrome:
    GRC was created primarily to make it difficult for the oppositions to come up with a strong team to contest in GRCs. Period.

    No need to read too much into GRCs, for example, thieves are very pragmatic, they will make their stealing easy, the reason given is just a convenient excuse, real or not, is not important.
    When needed, Indians can be Malay, Malay can be Chinese. These are just digits, easily changed to steal, to making obscene money.

    In short, It is a mechanism for PAP to cheat the democractic process, as said, keep oppositions out, keep themselves in power.
    With absolute power it is very easy to get rich.

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  • Francis Thia:

    In Singapore, there are more Chinese less people from other races or ethnic groups. The GRC was started so as to have some representatives from minority races such as Indians and Malays.

    However, we must remember that the Indians, Malays and Chinese are simply people of different races.

    The Malays were influenced by Islam just as the Chinese were influenced by Buddhism.

    Buddhism is a philosophy or way of life that originated in India.

    However, Buddhism is not common in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

    Surely, race and religion are two separate matters.

    A person may be brought up by Buddhist or Taoist parents but become an atheist as an adult.

    Likewise, a Malay or Indonesian child may be brought up in the Muslim way by Muslim parents and guardians. However, nothing can stop a Muslim from converting to Christianity or other religions.

    So, such a Malay Christian is often called a Muslim Background Believer or MBB.

    Not even the best preacher in this world can convert a person to become a Christian.

    A person becomes a Christian only when God gives faith to him or her to believe in His holy Son, Jesus Christ.

    Christianity is about having God’s forgiveness of sin and receiving Eternal life from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    God came in Person as Jesus Christ who can forgive all your sins, cleanse your soul and give you Eternal life to live forever in God’s holy presence.

    A Christian is a person who worships God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    A Christian is a child of God in His holy Kingdom of divine Light.

    The Lord Jesus Christ prepares a Mansion in Heaven for the Christian to live with God forever and ever.

    A Christian has the living hope of Heaven.

    When a Christian dies, the Lord Jesus Christ comes to bring him or her to Heaven where everything is holy and perfect.

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  • As Time Passes By:

    Human beings live through their daily lives in a state of existential loss to their own souls, except those with true faith in God’s commandments and who thus speak and act righteously; they enjoin themselves and others towards truthfulness and sincerity; and they assist one another with patience and equanimity.

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  • To MikeB & PseudoPAP:

    You sound like you’re representing “those who want change but are afraid”. Well, conversely we would like to see a change in your kiasi kiasu attitude: what principles do you believe in and what values do you stand for, as a citizen of a supposed republic – for a start?

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  • Useless To Split Hairs:

    GRC basically was created on PAP-Political-One-Up-man-ship Line, not racial, religious, or minority line.

    The whole idea was a dirty idea to ensure that the Opposition political parties, at that point in time, could not get enough minority race to join them and at the same time could not easily form a group to contest.

    The fact that the GRC, started with three candidates in a group, was expanded to four, then five and then six, is a clear indication that the PAP Government’s aim was to create problems – personnel and organisational problems – for the opposition political parties.

    After the PAP lost the Aljunied GRC, there was a rethink on this GRC grouping. The Elections Department under the PAP Secretary-General cum PM, then reduced the GRC groupings to 3 or 4 candidates per group, so as to minimise the losses if another GRC is lost to the Opposition Camp.

    Therefore, it must be concluded that the GRC System (unique only to Singapore’s apolitical and daft voters) was created for PAP’s own selfish political interests rather than for the benefits of any minority race or minority religion.

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  • It's Cumming!:

    I notice last few days more than usual cases of arrests, jailing and sentencing of cases reported in state media.

    Eg. Just today’s news :
    1.Mt E receptionist JAILED for embezzlement.

    2. Guy JAILED for geting fake birth certs for twins.

    3. Arrest for break-ins to marine parade school.

    4. Cigarettes found in toilet rolls.

    5. Arrest of woman for stripping in public along Middle road.


    Reports of growth in both landed and non landed prices.


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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Aziz Kassim, GRC is like all other PAP’s lies, it was never for minority representation in parliament. It was confirmed by AGC that it is only for election period only.

    If our minority races still think it was to represent their voice in parliament, you must be idiot beyond cure.

    Don’t you have had enough of this PAP and its lies?

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ do care for racial or religious minorities, VOTE THEM OUT at the General Election !!!

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  • KiaSu does KiaSu:

    How Low can a Mr Kia Su go?

    I do not mean tampering.

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