How to deal with flexibility in national service

Over the years, Singapore has lost many sporting and artistic talents due to inflexibility in the administration of national service. The people in charge of granting exemptions were afraid to grant exemptions as it might lead to a floodgate of applications.

I suggest the following approach to deal with this issue.

a) There is no harm in allowing 1% of each cohort to be exempted. This could be 200 exemptions in a year. We still have 99% that have to serve NS.

b) The exemption could be temporary, subject to performance. If the performance in the special field is not up to standard, the exemption can be withdrawn and the subject has to return to serve national service within a year.

c) The candidates for exemption can be recommended by the organization that is involved in the special field of sporting or artistic excellence.

I hope to see a more flexible approach in granting temporary or permanent exemptions from national service. We should not adopt an inflexible approach towards dealing with a difficult problem.


Tan Kin Lian




11 Responses to “How to deal with flexibility in national service”

  • White Uniform Syndrome:

    FGS, this is just plain brainless! It’s not even an issue to begin with. The woody PAPies are making sg a laughing stock to the world!

    All that our young sportsmen asked for is a deferment not even asking for exemption. What’s so difficult? Why cannot delay just for a short period of time since that’s the prime age to do sports? Like Mr Tan say, if athletes performances aren’t up to expectations then terminate their exemption. It’s just so simple.

    Fear of a floodgate of applications only confirms that there’re very lazy people and stupid people in-charge who don’t want and cannot make decisions! Of coz the easiest way for lazy and stupid people is to ‘die die’ just follow rules.

    And also, shame on those idiots who would rather ‘buy’ foreign sportsmen, exempt them from NS to win medals for sg than to allow our very own local-born male athletes to defer NS to represent sg.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Patrick Tan, son of former President Tony Tan, got an unbelievable 12 years deferment of his NS and a special job from MINDEF when he returned to Singapore that served as his NS. He did a PhD and got a medical degree from Stanford. These are not “age sensitive” as a career of athletes but Patrick still got a mind-blowing exemption. He could have done his NS before going overseas to pursue his studies. Why? Is Patrick a “super white horse”?

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  • 24-yr exemption:

    On the contrary, the people granting exemptions are very generous.

    A few got 24-yr deferments.
    Or was it 12-yr? Even if only 12-yr, it must have felt like 36 golden years.

    Especially if after deferment, you work in a nice cool office instead of sweating out in a real jungle with leeches, hornets, snakes and crocodiles.

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  • tan kin lian is pea brained:

    already without the exemption, pap folks of power and connection already have it easy for their sons.

    need an example. when we were NSF in late 1970s then minister son got into pioneer magazine. PES better than a few of us. so the lower PES among us also appled to be in pioneer magazine.

    but no chance since NSF unless PES is Fail must combat. we cited so and so son how come can. no answer. but in those lying lky days, nobody can even cough without permission. so no answer until today 2019.

    if exemption for the 1% becomes law, then, as sure as sun rises from the east, pap sons all in the 1% because such is the nature of humans, especially those wearing white from pap proven to be self serving S$m money grabbing liars.

    we can continue with the white horse black horse Lj horse Cb horse examples. but since it is about tan kin lian pea brain, no point. a waste of time.

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  • Sillypore Is For Everyone:

    NS is no more relevant. The clown had said Sillypore is for everyone.

    Why should those without permanent stake be allowed to avoid NS while using this country as a stepping stone?
    In our workplaces there are many of those holding PRs, have their education here, skipped NS, then returned again as FTs.
    Many of our Government related companies employed such people.

    Either everyone should do NS or it should be replaced by a professional army instead of exploiting conscripts.

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  • MikeB:

    Why no has taken Patrick’s case to the courts or Parliament since it’s a sensitive case like the LEE siblings…

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  • Bapak:

    To all smart Hong Kongers & stupid Sinkies, there is a “One Country, Two Systems” well in place here. One of the elites, the other for the suckers. Our NS deferment systems confirmed it.

    You may be a Tan, unless you are Patrick the rest are called Tan Koo Koo.

    The irony is, smart FTs once become citizen are transferred from smart group to stupid group. One UK married Thai parents found it out the painful way.

    This is no joke, though the world is laughing – at you for not doing your homework!

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  • Crony oligarchs unlimited:

    It’s the military oligarchy that must be served at all costs, sir.

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  • Sinkie:

    What about those male foreigners declaring that they want to become Singapore citizens only after turning 30 years of age – very obvious avoiding National Service ?!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Everyone is important – not just sporting icons you despotic lout.

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  • Darth Vader:

    WHY is everybody here grumbling about lack of flexibility in NS, patrick tan etc? And WHY are people even paying attention to more of tkl’s lunatic ravings?

    The answer is VERY SIMPLE: VOTE THE PAP OUT, then much needed reforms can be implemented such as foreigners having to serve NS (BOTH genders) if they want to study and work here unless they’re over 40 or 45. A new government can also make patrick tan serve all the years of ns he skipped. Best of all, a new government can check if any and all pap ministers’ sons weren’t called up for ICT and MAKE THEM SERVE ALL THE YEARS THEY MISSED if any

    Now isn’t this better than what tkl is blabbering about?

    So tkl, are you listening, assuming you can hear anything with your head stuffed so far up between your gluteus maximus tissues?

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