BetVision – The main sponsors of Team Singapore at the upcoming IFMP Asia Nations Cup!

Taoyuan, Taiwan – BetVision is the major sponsor of Team Singapore at the upcoming IFMP Asia Nations Cup (November 5-9, 2019) at Hotel Le Midi in Taoyuan. The event is packed with programs and sessions of play that would allow the team to perform at their fullest.

The team is aiming to be part of the top 4 that will take part in the Grand Final in Lima, Peru (December 2-6, 2019). Twelve teams are participating in the event – Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan. Blinds will be 25-50 with a 10,000 chip stack throughout; pot-limit pre-flop and no-limit post-flop.
Led by Team Captain, and the winner of the Manila Megastack Event, Phua Tzai Wei, Team Poker Singapore is aiming to the top of the cup!

The other team members are:

Lisa Tan Meiling – the first-ever woman to win the Manila Megastack Main Event.

Fong Xi Yuan – a regular in the RWS. He is respected and feared among poker players.

Brandon Gerard Tan – an experienced poker player who focuses on live and cash games.

Desmond Oh – the Asian Game Gold Medalist of the Singapore Contact Bridge Team

Daniel Chua (Vice-Captain) – a game veteran with a hunger for the game.

Lim Min Soon (Player-Manager) – the only triple crown winner of the Singapore Poker Championship Series.

Freddy Kwek – a game veteran with a lot of experience and numerous amounts of cash.

Ivan Tan – one of the pioneers and regarded as one of the best poker players in Singapore.

The Singapore Team is looking good with a well-rounded and balanced pro-players! The experience of the veterans and strategists in the team will ensure the high level of play the team has to offer. With BetVision at their back and as their major sponsor, no one can stop this team from emerging as one of the tournament favorites.

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