SDP’s John Tan barred from standing in General Elections

John Tan is the Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party

On Wednesday (6 Nov), the High Court dismissed an application by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Vice-Chairman John Tan Liang Joo to declare that he is eligible to contest in the upcoming General Election.

Under the Constitution, anyone who has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to an imprisonment term of more than a year or fined more than $2,000 cannot contest in the General Election or become a Member of Parliament unless he receives a pardon.

Tan, who was fined S$5,000 for contempt of court earlier this year, had argued through his lawyer M Ravi that the word “offence” in the Article only applied to criminal offences. As contempt of court is a quasi-criminal offence, this should not apply to his case.

Mr. Ravi had referred to a past incident during the 1988 General Elections where SDP candidate Jufrie Mahmood was allowed to run in the elections even though he had been found guilty of contempt of court and fined $3,000.

However, Justice Aedit Abdullah dismissed Tan’s application, saying he was disqualified from standing in elections under the “plain words” of the Article. In addition, there were “several difficulties” in relying on Jufrie’s case – such as a lack of details and no official record was tendered.

Speaking to the media, his lawyer Mr. Ravi said that the decision was “deeply disturbing” as this effectively meant that people who are not convicted of a criminal offence can now be disqualified from standing for elections.

Tan is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party.




24 Responses to “SDP’s John Tan barred from standing in General Elections”

  • Citizen Formula in modern era:

    It is foolhardy to surrender Democracy & Constitution to the PAPi just because you are selfishly afraid.

    Before you are replaced by the Busloads of national dilution, I say, either you can stand up “NOW” against the abusers and fixers or you won’t be able to stand up no longer, as you turn into as insignificant digit.

    When Parliament is dissolved, fixers become “nobody”.

    Forget about manufactured “Integrity”, manufactured “Honesty” and manufactured “Scholars”.

    Forget about “Loyalty” especially when you are being betrayed and not Protected. Especially when your livelihoods and harmony are forsaken and neglected.

    Forget about being Partisan to any Political Parties.

    The Formula;

    Be simply practical and elevate your citizen status by voting against “any” ruling party to receive maximum advantage, lesser tax, no GST, Protection of your livelihoods, brighter future for your children. This formula for every citizen must henceforth last forever from the next GE onward.

    Bring your Children or Family photograph to the voting station to remind yourself to do the Right Thing for Every Singaporeans.

    We are already in a modern era, “BLIND LOYALTY” don’t pays. Please remember that.

    Please work together united to Elevate Citizen importance and Status and reminds these political idiots to behave themselves.

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  • getting rid of all opps.:

    one by one being fixed by PAP..
    tonight in CNA..parliament ‘special’( how crude) on the AHTC saga!

    Mr JBJ,Dr Chee,and many before them n since..
    how can we recite our national pledge faithfully anymore???

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  • what now my luv??:

    the judicial system here sucks!
    we peasants cant win, no matter what.

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  • oxygen:

    PROFESSOR HART, professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford University once said – the moral authority of law unfortunately is compatible with too much iniquity.

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  • Lee Gan Yew:

    How low can you go?
    Let’s have more volunteers to ensure a fair election.

    If the election is unfair, how low can you go?

    Is it untamperable?
    I must say yes.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukarine’s new president, said this “…. Hang your kids’ photos instead, and look at them each time you are making a decision,”

    So when you are in the polling booth this coming GE, think about your children and you will put the X in the right box.

    Just in case you’ve forgotten; This PAP government took our jobs and gave to foreigners. Your children’s places in our universities were given to foreigners with $million daily for their allowance. Our healthcare and housing costs were inflated by foreigners.

    This PAP government increase every tariff and fee that they can increase, making the cost of living unbearable.

    Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy also said this, “We will build the country of opportunities, one where all are equal before the law and where all the rules are honest and transparent, the same for everyone. And for that, we need people in power who will serve the people,”

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  • Homeless Cat:

    The PAP is not as clean as they think they are. If their misdeeds were revealed, they would be shown the door.

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  • PAP rule of law:

    Don’t we know what the outcome would be? Such is the PAP rule of law.

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  • same modus operandi:

    WP almost fixed , they now going after SDP.
    every 5years closing in on GE same dirty tricks!
    how can they face their maker one day ,w/o any conscience??
    so those 70% better open your eyes n ears wide. one day it could be you!
    so dun be dafts n continue voting the Pay And Pay in.
    its like you either pay with $$money or your life.

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  • A Call to Conscience:

    This is really “kiasu” because they are afraid to face the Opposition in a fair fight and so have them disqualified before the Election through some legal technicalities. They attempt to throw dirt on their political opponents (WP) when there are mud-stains on their hands (AIM). It actually shows up the Party’s weakness. Those who are confident at winning do not have to stoop so low to win. A good conscience demands that Singaporeans vote for what is good, fair, just and right for the country.

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  • Harder Truths:

    …and so it begins…

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Another compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • MikeB:

    So many zombies in Singapore, how to VTO?

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  • pap S$2 AIM Company:

    never mind lah.

    pap can fix all it wants.

    we continue to collect S$300 x 2 each during election year and continue to vote OPPO.

    we are practical people. as long as 70% sheep exists, fume also no use. just blood boils for nothing.

    better to see more and more of the local born male 70% sheep suffer more and more. like all things human, sooner and no later they revolt.

    Qing dynasty did die even though everyone said Qing dynasty lasts forever. How come? because Qing peasants finally revolted.

    so the same with lying pap thieves. sooner and no later 70% sheep males cannot tahan and revolt. then pap lying thieves all run road to swiss land. too bad for these lying pap thieves. we stop them, then, by blocking exit points from Singapore.

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  • USA never criticise SG:

    John Tan’s case reminds us that USA never criticise Singapore’s pap regime.

    I totally do not trust USA.

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  • no choice but hodson's choice:

    //tonight in CNA..parliament ‘special’( how crude) on the AHTC saga!//

    well hope that all the PLPs who may tour TRE once in a while will see that the best may not get the jobs as the white idiots and gang would like all the daft sinkies to feel ?

    it is very difficult to do a decent and honest work if the white idiots find all ways to make you ‘look bad and hopefully to disqualify’ you and then daft sinkies may be left no choice but hodson’s choice (namely the proud and standing white idiots and gang) ?

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  • never voted pap, never will:

    granted cannot fight pap 1 law 2 interpretations at the moment since pap appoints all the pap judges.

    but will come a day when New Government by a better group of citizens forms. then new cj new agc new spf new bank negara new cpib.

    voila. pap clown and pap clown wife and their S$m lying gang all indicted by new cj under new agc. true justice, finally.

    when is this going to happen?

    according to dictate of heaven, soon.

    never give up. heaven is watching. all the ah nehs can lie, so also all the pap clown clan members. but heaven has eyes. very soon going to act.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The Judge made an error in Judgement so say a bast**d and the fate of Michael Khoo was SEALED as a Righteous Judge…the million-dollar salary & perks are too good to take the risk of NOT toeing the LINE of a bast**d

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  • Trust PAP?:

    USA never criticise SG:
    John Tan’s case reminds us that USA never criticise Singapore’s pap regime.

    I totally do not trust USA.

    No foreign interference, remember? But it’s alright for them to give out as many new citizenship as they want to foreigners so that these can influence the result of our GE? So, you trust PAP?

    GD Star Rating
  • Trade War Abating:

    Trust PAP?: No foreign interference, remember? But it’s alright for them to give out as many new citizenship as they want to foreigners so that these can influence the result of our GE? So, you trust PAP?

    You got me all wrong bro.

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  • John be Volunteer:

    Hope John can still be a volunteer to help ensure a fair election.

    It’s already so fair that John is barred.

    So we need to think out of the box.
    Is the Process absolutely UnTamperable?

    Is there a second the ballot box can leave the sight of volunteers?

    Think, singkies, think!! Think outside of the box.

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  • TruBlu:

    Just… WALK THE LINE…
    Not easy but must still WALK THE LINE.
    Dont smear but criticise BAD POLICIES that have BAD CONSEQUENCES for sgs.

    No need to quarrel.
    What is lacking is candidness.
    No accusing.
    No bluffing.
    No cursing.



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  • Contrary effects of pol threat:

    Trump threats to his d eath while SIN Pimps threat to wealth.
    He h, why the difference? If Trump gets to know abt this, surely he will tweets against God but then he will retweet he is God like his parallel going from hallelujah to aunitowfu to … but he still has to be consumed in flame. TrumP mUst realize even God is a Never Trumper. so he or the entire US?

    Ya what is the difference? CBs, CBs and CBs in completeness!
    BUT as Chinese ancesters finding out the hard way themselves left this massage to their decendents but in vain

    Always remember who is there 3 inches above your heads!

    But evils strengthen themselves in Greeds, more Greeds n More zgreeds until they turn into shits smothering them!

    GD Star Rating
  • Americans' wish come true:

    Americans n most other nation are envious to have such wonderful govt n openly lament for one. Americans seemed to be good doers n r blessed with one finally. But along Chritians’ thinking, US must have sinned more than other nations n hence given the salvation before any other nations. BUT many don’t like it n want to throw him out. The eviction process is ongoing n an American summed up the main actor of the drama succintly but most vividly as follows:

    An American expressed succinctly her President’s tweeting craze reaching a ludicrous pitch of openly intimidate an able no nonsense lady US ambassador to Ukraine as follows:

    Elaine Karlsson The more he attacks, the more he reveals his fear of exposure.

    ‘He’ is referred to her President n attack means tweeting humiliation on the ambassador while giving her testimony in the Public impeachment Inquiry of Trump. If you r curious why they get their ideal Govt but has to face a Nation Divide. OMG, not a repeat of Soviet Union with California becoming Ukraine relative to the new world power. Just imagine California having a Communism Constitution! Well the real or fake, depending in this era who is looking at it, will become clear if you peep into the drama currently showing by nost US media n by Youtube. See for youselves how USA rejects the Govt they so admired n eviois of the inhabitants on the little red dot called SIN on air tickets!

    Strangely Ms Karisson’s message seems very appropriate in Singapore context of PAP persecutive complex on anyone including Political Parties Members other than of course the PAP’s plps, expressing opinion not to the liking of the Dynasty with its harem of eunuchs n CBs (re: LHY/LWL).

    Shouldn’t Singaporeans be also concerned of the same occuring here n have been ongoing for 50 years? The time is now to get rid of such babaric political behaviour!, don’t you Singaporeans think. Humilation right before aliens, bully in colloboration with their imported alien crooks etc.. NB Deutsche bank saga with CEO shifting to Cyprus. PAP loves FWFTs esp the top kind but contrary to GCT simplicity of rich doesn’t corrupt DB has onvicted for money laundering on a humongous scale incurring US fines of $600 m . Cautions r they among PAP adored list! Fast bucks, fast talk no effort base pap mission.

    GD Star Rating
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