Why I feel our government is playing catch up game with pimps and prostitutes

It was recently reported that the law will get tougher on owners of homes used as ‘pop-up’ brothels.

Flats being used as brothels will have many strange men coming and going throughout the day and night. Women staying in neighbouring units are naturally concerned and fearful and this is the price that they pay for having an incompetent government, whether they understand it or not.

But after so many years, the authorities are still playing a cat and mouse game with those pimps and prostitutes. Should our citizens be surprised? Why should they when they have a weak government?

Often, such units are rented out either to the woman individually who are almost always visiting Singapore as tourists. To give fellow readers an idea of just how street-smart and well-informed some of these women are, they know exactly when our elderly uncles will get $500 from the government and they will fly in one day earlier.

It is not uncommon that the flat owner is either a pimp, a friend or a customer himself. Apart from cases where the owners are overseas, many of such owners are tempted by easy money and hopefully, free screws.

The PAP government is very book-smart and good at passing laws with hefty penalties and jail time, etc. But it has been proven over many years that they are still ineffective against such vices. So, what should we do?

If I were in-charge, I would strengthen neighbourhood watch groups and encourage residents to tip-off the police at the earliest signs of suspected vice activities in their neighbourhood. In turn, they could be rewarded with, say, 6 or 12 months of S&C fees exemption.

Next, I strongly encourage amendments to our relevant laws to include the confiscation of those flats, mandatory canning for guilty male home owners and pimps. Some “naming and shaming” of these pimps could also do good.

Though measures are needed. Otherwise, this useless government will always play the catch-up games with them.


Simon Lim




18 Responses to “Why I feel our government is playing catch up game with pimps and prostitutes”

  • It starts from the top:

    As their mentor has mentioned before,
    “Whats wrong with collecting more money ?”

    Who did the 70% vote for ?
    What do you think ?

    Pay and Pay.
    We got the government we deserve, no more and no less !

    Pls vote wisely.

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  • Who really started it?:

    Straits Times: Hounding immigrants who insult Singapore only generates more toxins – Chua Mui Hoong

    Not so fast. Chua Mui Hoong should ask herself who is responsible for “generating” the “toxin” in the first place? What is causing the resentment among Singaporeans against foreigners? How many Singaporean PMETs have lost their jobs to foreigners?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    How IGNORANT can you get…you can NEVER get RID of the Oldest Trade in the History of Mankind…

    whichever Govt in Power can NEVER eradicate it and that is why Yellow cards are ISSUED in this TRADE and NOT the RED ones…

    as a Bastard once said it is better to issue a yellow card and keep the money for this TRADE to remain in Singapore…and what is WRONG in collecting more MONEY??? from the living… Pimps & Prostitutes(PAP) and the DEAD!!!

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  • Flabbergasted:

    AirBnB styled geylang, haha, uniquely Singapore

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  • Bobo:

    Do you mean old uncles also got open legs policy? They also support cheapest and better supply of “FTs” policy that came their way? OMG!

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  • Bringing Geylang to Heartland:

    Simon, don’t talk stupid. I know election is near. How about Singapore Pools gambling? You want to stop this. It will cause a riot.

    Govt. likes to bring National Day parades, Arts festivals, Chingay and gambling like Singapore Pools closer to the heartlands to make the 70% happy. So why make a fuss about making the 70% gamblers, Ah-peks & Ah Mas happy??? Don’t need go so far and wifey happy.
    That’s why problem still exists 15 years ago till now.

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  • leejiayougeloongdaizi:

    Are you serious, Simon? You really think G wants to stop such vices? Once in a while they catch a few PAP – Pimps And Prostitutes is for wayang only. After police arrested the PAP, got tell us what happened to the PAP?

    You think there’s no complaints from singaporeans living in neighbouring units to the authorities? Bcoz of inaction, people must have complained until give up already.

    Who knows? Maybe, (I say maybe) like signing CECA with India, G also sign PECA with China? (PECA = Prostitution Economy Cooperation Agreement.)

    Some more, who cannot see the benefits G stand to gain if they closed 1 eye?

    When the PRC Mei Mei come in and out, in and out as tourists, G can boast about good tourism figures.

    When PRC Mei Mei cheats or takes easy money from uncles, G can boast they’re clever, they’re right to hold our CPF monies for our future.

    They ain’t playing a cat and mouse game. They simply allow the mouse to roam freely as they all stand to gain. It’s a win-win game.

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  • We as we asked for it:

    U pay them 16000 per mth ,most of them absent,some even yawn Ing like DARYL david,
    They all got good jobs and biz outside,later when no more mp directorships await them

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    On “catching up”, how can you catch up with the steady depreciation of your HDB flat to ZERO? (An HDB flat value is based mainly on its usefulness (as a residence). The shorter the remaining lease the lower the fair value of the flat until it becomes ZERO when the 99-year lease expires.) Most of your CPF money is tied up with your HDB flat so it too for sure is losing value daily. What can the Government/PAP do? Create another “property bubble”? Not likely because the price of new HDB flats is so high (price more than doubled since LHL became PM) they are no longer affordable. By the time you finish paying for it your CPF account is depleted and you have nothing to live on when you retire. You can downgrade your flat but the new flats are also pricey, overpriced.

    Allowing CPF money to be invested in what is basically a DEPRECIATING asset is a big mistake. Remember this when you vote during the coming GE.

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  • What happen to Daryl David?:

    Talking about him. He should be called Singapore’s “David Copperfied”. Even better than Copperfield. Disappear and never appear, lol

    We as we asked for it:
    U pay them 16000 per mth ,most of them absent,some even yawn Ing like DARYL david,
    They all got good jobs and biz outside,later when no more mp directorships await them

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  • pap lies HDB is asset:

    pap says S$1,000 can HDB.

    so 70% sheep happily over pay for HDB over priced rental. when jobless no S$ to survive. pap says can cash from HDB rental unit, renting it out.

    rent to who?

    here comes the pap rub. pap opens legs so wide, every 3rd world Cb can come in looking for honey. not that they are wrong. after all, prostitution is legal in Singapore and it is right that it is so.

    the wrong is, if pap says all Cbs can come in for honey, then don’t penalize them for working to get the honey. logically who is wrong first? the pap who invites them in or the ones having come in now told it is wrong.

    BTW we are not judging anyone on this, meaning those men who pays for the women. all men needs to ffff, including pap michael palmer who ffffed pap PA laura ong. only that when WP Mr Yaw SL just small rub rub with fan pap sings holier than thou that citizens do not forgive pap michael palmer and pap PA laura ong.

    we repeat. we are not judging the men and women. we are judging the pap who opens legs so wide then complaining and making illegal what they started. such hypocrites. all these pap Ljs and pap Cbs also ffff ffff. what is so different with paying for the ffff and not paying for the ffff with pap PA women?

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  • TruBlu:

    Seriously,can we hope for our young sgs to uphold morals the way we,older sgs,used to when we *young* then?

    CIVICS in our school curriculum has given WAY to MATERIALI$M (ala meritocra$y).

    With the hype on casinos,would we,could we, expect SOCIAL MORALS to be the same as before?

    Casino busine$$ can never be divorced from the other supplemnetary/complementary pheripheral businesses of vice like PRO$TITUTION and money lending/laundering or even drugs.

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  • #06-195 Ah Lee Baba Old Cootie:

    I cannot stop laughing. Imagine some years when all flat owners have to sub let to pimps and entire HDB estates become a red light district and ponzi scheme.

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  • a PG:

    They are oso good at playing the “fixing game” on the oppo parties. Simon thanks for exposing the pay and pay for their incompetency.

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  • Harder Truths:

    All wayang. Just like National Service.

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  • imagine this:

    our country had gone to the dogs some time ago..
    contrary to what many of us believe, prostitution is legal in SG.
    just that its controlled /allowed only in certain areas known to gov..and workers have to be registered n go for regular medicheck ups..
    imagine that..!
    with tons of foreign workers here, mostly single men, i guess its needed…or else our womenfolk would be in danger.
    even pros coming in from o/s can find jobs here..how ridiculous.

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  • Question is:

    @ ” If I were in-charge, I would strengthen neighbourhood watch groups and encourage residents to tip-off the police at the earliest signs of suspected vice activities in their neighbourhood. In turn, they could be rewarded with, say, 6 or 12 months of S&C fees exemption.”

    Dont be naive. Tip off so what. Unless caught red handed or with evidence else how to incriminate them or charge them.

    Heard a story from a friend that his colleagues neighbor rent 2 rooms of his HDB unit as temporary lodging to several tourists visiting singapore ( short term ). Of course cheaper than outside hotel. Someone complain and the police came and inspect. The landlord replied the police claiming all these tourists are his oversea friends visiting him in sg and staying in his house. In return he ask the police which law in sg state that friends and relatives visiting sg muz stay in hotel. Police also lan lan.

    Better Mr Simon lim organise his own sting operation or go undercover as 嫖客 himself 路虎穴, 親自”驗貨” with hidden cameras…etc. That will work . You can even extort them with the videos and after that inform the police with the video edited. You get to ” enjoyed ” and get some monies , the police get the credit and publicity.

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  • Pimiping the power house:

    The Sex Goddess appears out of nowhere during an academic meeting.
    The assembled faculty are dumbstruck as she hovers over the conference table. The goddess floats to a place directly in front of the school’s prime professor and says: “You seem a virtuous mortal. I have decided to grant you a wish. Worship me & I will bless you with unfathomable wealth or you’d rather have your wisdom haha? Which do you choose?”

    “Wisdom!” he says, without hesitation.

    A blinding flash fills the room, and the sex goddess disappears. Now the prof was bathed in a golden glow, stroking his beard and knitting his brow in deep thought. Everything about his presence suggests immense wisdom.

    The room is silent, all eyes fixed on da professor. Finally, another teacher whispers to him, “Please, say something!”

    The professor mumbles, “Shucks, I should have picked the sexy b*t*h!”

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