SDP: Explore Alternative Ways Rather Than Ban PMD Use; Don’t Penalise Responsible Users

The ban on personal mobile devices or PMDs have caused much unhappiness among its users especially those who depend on such devices for a living, for example, food deliverers.

This is a difficult situation because of accidents caused by PMD riders on footpaths in the past that have resulted in injuries and even death. The dangers of PMD use on footpaths must not be taken lightly.

But while recognising that the safety of pedestrians is of topmost consideration and the need to curb irresponsible PMD users, it is also problematic to issue a blanket ban on the use of such vehicles on footpaths as this affects the livelihood of many who are responsible users.

Alternative solutions can be explored:

  • Restrict PMD use to those who depend on them for a living eg. food deliverers; exclude recreational users except in parks.
  • Set an age limit.
  • Register users and regulate usage eg. areas of operation, routes they take, time of operation, etc.
  • Require registered users to attend a course on rules and regulations on PMD use.
  • Ensure that vehicles are equipped with safety equipment such as proximity alarm devices.
  • Set speed limits, lower them during peak hours when human traffic is high and school zones. ‘Speed strips’ to prevent speeding could also be constructed on footpaths.
  • Ensure that users dismount from their PMDs and push their devices at busy intersections such as MRT entrances/exits.
  • In the longer term, set aside bike/PMD lanes like bus lanes. The use of PMDs and bicycles on footpaths can then be phased out.

There are alternative ways to deal with the problem. Banning PMD use outright is the easy and lazy way out. It breaks the rice-bowls of many of our fellow citizens who depend on PMDs for their livelihood but who are responsible users.

If we put our heads together, we can arrive at a safe and acceptable solution where responsible users can operate their vehicles without compromising the safety of pedestrians.


Singapore Democrats




15 Responses to “SDP: Explore Alternative Ways Rather Than Ban PMD Use; Don’t Penalise Responsible Users”


    SDP you said ….depend on PMDs for their livelihood but who are responsible users.

    Singaporeans be warned. Fake news detected.

    If PMD riders are responsible users, then there won’t be any accidents at all.

    SDP is spreading lies and fake news that PMD riders are responsible user when they are not.

    PAP is right to ban PMD and break their rice bowls. These Singaporeans have no match for Ramesh EQ despite doing ten years series.

    Majullah PAP, PAP Huat, Huat, Huat ah more millions salary for PAP
    Singaporeans will vote PAP into power again for 9% GST.

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  • Harder Truths:

    This PMD distraction is taking the focus away from the REAL economic problems. Let us draw a line under this crap and move on.

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  • Asd:

    So import fentanyl ? Don’t penalise the responsible home user ? Come on SDP you can do better than this..

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  • Johore Jaya:

    This is a superior way to go! Pappies are killing innovation and inventiveness.

    The PMD is the greatest gift to the world………and pappies want neat and orderly so that their $million won’t be disrupted.

    Ever heard of creative chaos? Go drive in Johore Jaya and you understand!

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  • Goh:

    Like illegal 4d bookies.

    Pmd rider can operate under Singapore pool.

    Just change t-shirt.

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  • smart nation needs smart voter:

    Harder Truths:
    This PMD distraction is taking the focus away from the REAL economic problems. Let us draw a line under this crap and move on.

    so well said, bro.

    we hope OPPO folks do not get involved in this pap blunder. let the Grab folks vote them out.

    SDP by re allowing PMDs on footpaths shall alienate the majority folks who use footpaths. not a wise thing to get involved.

    more important is why mrt fares increase when its ceo NON performing yet S$2m+ pa? why not cut his wage to median wage S$3,500 pm GROSS and keep fares as they are?

    much more important is why GST needs to increase when gic temasick exist to make money for nation so that voters lives are better and not worse.

    perhaps because gic under pap clown chairmanship and temasick under pap clown wife ceo failure have wasted all gic temasick profits so much so 70% sheep needs to pay more GST to ensure gic temasick coffers are topped up.

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  • Ah Ha:

    Who wrote this gobblie gook! The SDP would have been a million kilometers ahead if they had kept their mouth shut before printing some slap styct comedy review like this. So many bad points and suggestions! Let these recreational drivers use them in Parks, are you out of your mind! They go nuts after dark and even during the day, speed like crazy never giving a hoot for public safety, speeding and show off! NO First World country allow these machines of injury and death to operate in areas where there is pedestrian traffic, none! Allow for food delivery, please give me a break, get a bicycle or motorbike if the job is that lucrative. All these highlighted points are a fools wish list, imagine these PMD operators obeying a speed limit or obeying a dismount and push area,will never happen, SDP you are exhibiting a real weak mentality, weaker than the minister that allowed this in the first place, at least the Government did listen to 80% of the population and put the ban on, saving hundreds of injuries and possibly many deaths. Your effort to make brownie points has backfired!

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    On this issue , i agree with PAP.GUARANTEE.WIN.GE2019/20

    Many of the serious incidents mainly were cause by PMD users who are working as food deliver services. If the rest want to blame , priority is all these irresponsible predecessors.

    G also in the wrong and rather screw up, without assessing properly our road conditions and pavement situation e.g. how wide and considering how gracious or polite people are, just roll out all these pmds.

    Next is all these pmds owners anyhow modified or anyhow charge causing unnecessary fires.

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  • EZ solution:

    SDP should focus on winning the GE? Why get distracted by this? Food delivery service should own a motorcycle or the food delivery svc companies can always provide a fleet of motorbikes for lease to the service riders.

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  • Zoo:

    Lta to insure pedestrain.

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  • Stupid Dumb Party:

    No wonder some people say SDP stands for Stupid Dumb Party.

    Be smart. Don’t try to be TOO Smart.

    80-90% of voters don’t want to be hit by the time-pressured, crazy, lawless, uncontrollable PMD users, especially the fast-food delivery workers.

    I have been hit twice, and near-miss at least 10 times. Luckily, I sustained only minor injuries on both occasions.

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  • TruBlu:

    All i can say is THE SHARING OF TINY FOOTWAYS with PMDs is a poorly conceived and hurried action by the MILK MINISTER.


    Whise FAULT is this?

    As usual,LACK OF POLICING is a cobtributing reason as well.
    So;no need to HURRY…just becos you want to get that PROMOTION?

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  • John Lai:

    Just ban all PMD lah! 5 yrs later everyone’ll say correct decision. What for waste valuable time for those PMD riders grumble, complain and shout non-stop? They think they what? Throw them in jail then they know! They got no clue what is public safety! They only have in their childish mind they got right travel anywhere, any speed, any direction, any time and everyone must give way to them! Why deliver food cannot ride bicycle? Why must use electric or motor? Our grandfather generation ride bicycle send rice, coffee, soft drink, canned food everyday in hot sun! Scare tired, scare hot sun, then don’t work lah!

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  • EZ Solution:

    If food service riders can make $3000 a month and are serious about making it a career, they should be able to afford a motorbike fitted with a compartment. It does not have to be a new motor-cycle; a used one will do. Grab drivers have their own cars; taxi-drivers hire vehicles from taxi companies because their trade requires it. The same goes for food delivery service riders.

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ do not care for Singaporeans, explore alternatives and VOTE THEM OUT !

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