We need to think of the social good

Tan Kin Lian

The future for Singapore is bleak.

On one hand, we have a PAP govt that implement policies that are bad for ordinary people. They add to the cost of living, depressed wages and give a poor return on their investments.

On the other hand, we have the majority of people who think only of their selfish interest. If they have a job, they do not care about other people who lost their jobs due to factors beyond their control.

In the recent episode on the ban on PMDs, most pedestrians support the ban as they want to feel safe on the walkways. They are not prepared to consider other measures to ensure safety without affecting the livelihood of the food delivery people.

While some of the PMD riders have acted rashly, the other riders have their livelihood affected by the ban. The majority of the pedestrians don’t care about this impact, as they think only of their self interest.

I see a similar behavior concerning national service. It does cause a big impact on the future of our young males who have to serve two years of full time service and ten years of reservist duties. They find it difficult to get good jobs as employers prefer foreigners who do not have this liability.

The people who support a change in the national service policy are the parents of the young people who will be conscripted in the near future. The young people do not have any vote in this matter.

The people who support the national service policy are the people who do not have any sons that will be conscripted or those who have already served their liability and will not personally benefit from a change. They do not care that other people will have to suffer the same disadvantage that they went through.

There are some people who support the current national service policy because they think it is necessary for our national defense. What is wrong with a review of the current policy to ensure that the burden of our national defense can be shared more fairly among all the residents of Singapore? I suspect that the underlying reason is a selfish one – they don’t really care about the unfair burden being shouldered by other people.

It is also the selfish attitude of most of the voters that the PAP continue to be in power, in spite of their bad policies and incompetent leaders. The majority of the voters still think that they are not badly affected yet, but they do not think about the others.

The future of Singapore is bleak with the PAP in power, and the majority of the people thinking only of self interest.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “We need to think of the social good”

  • Who will suffer?:

    Let’s be fair.
    Our government has offered alternative & compensation to those making a living.
    Imagine if another one hundred thousand or more PMD were to add on to our roads.
    The accident rate will be like motor vehicles accidents.
    Who’s will be the biggest loser?
    The pedestrians.If the victim is injured or paralysed and is unable to make a living,who is selfish?
    For motor vehicles,is covered by insurance.
    If you are hit by PMB ,you can only sue the riders.
    If the rider can’t pay how?
    Sue him bankrupt?
    Is the high speed that caused the problems.
    There is rule to limit the speed to make PMB less hazardous on the road,but does it work?

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  • tan, focus on the important:

    tan, it doesn’t matter what others think or do.

    it matters what you think and do.

    start thinking you are a small nobody. this is to help you realize there is nothing wrong for you to help out in SDP rallies in PSP rallies in OPPO rallies stacking chairs and arranging flowers. there is no low job as long as job assists in toppling pap. only barrier exists when being a small nobody you continue to believe in the lie, in the myth, in the fake news, you are somebody.

    so start thinking and doing right by helping out in OPPO rallies, in whatever roles they give to you, if they even want you around, small nobody you are.

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  • Golden Lotus:

    Pan Chin Lian is really like the name suggests. Expert in deception. Ownself enjoys life and pretend to care for others. Ownself so selfish and says other people selfish. The word selfish is deep in his skin, thought, speech, feeling, heart, mind, action and soul.

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  • TruBlu:

    Social good is too lame.
    The govt must WORK for the COMMON GOOD instead of $TRIVING FOR THEIR *OWN* GOOD?
    After doing so,then they can speak of doing social good.

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  • Harder Truths:

    You are a weirdo TKL.
    No wonder people rather vote pappies than you.

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  • For People of the Heart:

    How you perceive Heaven affects everything in life – how you prioritize love; how willing you are to sacrifice for the long term; how you view suffering; what you fear or don’t fear.


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  • Change We Must:

    Conscription is necessary, but do we need to fine-tune the system, maybe yes.
    In the early independent years, the ultra in Malaya attempted to take us by force. If we do not have a strong defend force, I think the current mama PM in Malaya will walk over us now.
    LTA did not ban PMDs, they ban PMDs from the pedestrian pathways. When safety is concerned, I am not sure this is selfish? We empathize with the food delivery but LTA has to find a solution. First LTA has already make a great mistake by allowing PMDs on pathways in the first place without due consideration, taking away now hurts.
    Many countries has banned PMDs on patheays less say our small and compact country. Roads are for vehicles and pedestrian walkways are for pedestrians and there is no infrastructure for PMDs yet,an intermediate has to be found.
    With more technology disruption happening so fast, all government departments have to be very careful in their decision making. Today is PMDs and drones, tomorrow there may be something else. Maybe in the future, all roads will be used by PMDs or other better mobile technology …etc

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  • Kk:

    Is really no joke getting hit by

    Any fast moving vehicle.can get killed

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  • Jman:

    The Govt is only one part of the picture. A large part of the picture is written by large corporations and big tech. And these large players are exceptionally guilty of acting in pure self interests. And the Singapore Government has no clout to do anything about it. And yet most dim witted consumers continue supporting these selfish and undeserving monsters which spin enormous lies and deceit to justify their continued abuse of the system.

    Yes, the Govt and the PAP is hardly perfect. But we also have to recognise many of these issues are beyond their control, and consumers also have to do our part, and not expect to have our cake and eat it and at the same time blame everyone else and the Govt for all that is ill in society.

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