Small pool of footie players is no excuse for mediocrity

FT has a story on Athletic Bilbao. It shows up FAS and S’pore: a small catchment area is not excuse for mediocrity.

Athletic Bilbao is a La Liga club. It only recruits players who born or raised in the Basque Country in Northern Spain. This region has a population of less then 3m. Athletic Bilbao is the only side in top-level European football (reached Europa League final in 2012). True it has not won a major trophy such as La Liga or Copa del Rey, the Spanish cup competition, since 1984, but they have remained a competitive force.

Hope ST can republish the FT story so that S’poreans realise that we can have a good football team if we really want to. I suspect we can’t be bothered.

Nice to have a good national team or good club team in region. Even nicer to KPKB and blame the PAP govt if we don’t.

Related post: FASgate: Governance issues.

Bill Ng, Zainudin Nordin and Winston Lee. ST PHOTO: JONATHAN CHOO, MARK CHEONG,

Btw, although this happened (Bill Ng, wife, ex-FAS president and FAS gen sec arrested) in 2017, the cases remain in limbo. Not charged in court, but cases not dropped. Very long time to be in limbo. Was Billy Ng fixed because he dared oppose MP led team in FAS elections? What do you think? Btw2, I’m no fan of Bill Ng.


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9 Responses to “Small pool of footie players is no excuse for mediocrity”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    What TALKING you CI??? Cock Tong will produce a team in 2010 to be in the World Cup…

    Today 2019 he is still Talking Cock and taking charity from the sheeple when he CLAIMS he can Earn More outside the system…

    Georgie Boy was grabbed when he lost Aljunied to be Top Gun in Hong Kong for one of Kerry Group…Cock Tong still Groping in the Dark after stepping down and cling on for the Freebies

    That is the difference between “Quality and Mediocracy God Forbid NOT a Meritocracy”… an “IDIOT is an IDIOT no matter how he tries otherwise” from the Book of the WISE!!!

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    “No excuse for mediocrity” is absolutely right. Singaporeans are worse off since LHL became PM. This is indeed mediocrity. That is why Singapore needs REGIME CHANGE.

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  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    so, what is the point?

    neither here nor there.


    why not stick with pap petir?

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  • TruBlu:

    Maybe if we could have reincarnations of Choo Seng Quee,Dollah Kassim and replicas of Quah Kin Song,Mat Nor,Rajagopal and other football greats of the past?

    Else, fat chance!

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  • Pls Retire Gracefully:

    Cock Tong showed his face everywhere trying to show that he is still in demand and also justifying his pay. In actual fact he is over the hill. Please be a man and retire gracefully as we do not need you anymore.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    singapore soccer scene went downhill after members of the pap establishment took over high posts. No surprise here as whatever they touch on turns to sh|t anyway

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  • reputational damage from fresh:

    //the cases remain in limbo.//

    from observation ? white idiots smart lar, when it comes to big sensitive case involving their ownself-pick-ownself kaki langs, it may drag on for a long period to minimize the white idiotic reputational damage from fresh memory / emotion which may be linked to them ?

    and usually this will be done with minimum coverage (definitely not front page with big headline with wayang independent expert views to add in the fun) from 151th media standard so as not to remind too many people ?

    when it comes to crime from average timers (or average sinkies of no significance) not linked to white idiots, 151th media standard is on stand-by to highlight selected cases big big in their 151th shitty T and the charge may be leveled within the next week or within the month ?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Pls Retire Gracefully:
    Cock Tong showed his face everywhere trying to show that he is still in demand and also justifying his pay. In actual fact he is over the hill. Please be a man and retire gracefully as we do not need you anymore.

    Bro, it is a Jelly Bean you are asking to retire…he thrives in his multi-coloured exposure even though it is shit stinking from within

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  • Cock & Bull Bola-Bola:

    The FAS problematic has always stemmed from chok tong’s unwarranted political playabout during Singapore’s eighties football glory – weren’t we something like 80 in the FIFA rankings back then? But tong the pm candidate never rose above his populist ruse – instead FAS has become infused with very very mediocre pappy command and control non-footballers.

    “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

    - PELE, Edson Arantes do Nascimento

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