Giving the Singaporean worker and our next generation a fair shot!

I met a young man by the name of Derick this morning who drove me in his taxi. Derick is in his early 40s, well-educated with 2 young children in primary school.

Last year, he was a customer sales executive with an Aerospace company based in Seletar. His superior was a Filipino, who was the customer service manager. The Filipino insisted that Derick report for work earlier than usual, and also to stay late often.

Derick did not mind reporting for work earlier, but he could not always stay late because he had to pick up his children from school care by 7 pm. In the end, the situation became untenable and Derick left his job and is today driving a taxi.

I hear so many of such horror stories from Singaporeans every day.

We have a PAP government that pretends that it is concerned about work-life balance and lifting the fertility rate but will allow someone like Derick to be bullied by a foreigner out of a job! And why couldn’t that Filipino’s job be filled by a Singaporean? I am tired of listening to all sorts of nonsensical and fallacious arguments that not all jobs can be filled by Singaporeans because the foreigners are better qualified.

Peoples Voice will always insist that Singaporeans be given priority for jobs. And Government must put in place the necessary training programs to train Singaporeans for jobs which they claim Singaporeans are not qualified to do, and which are filled by foreigners. The SkillsFuture program is the biggest hoodwink that the PAP have attempted to persuade Singaporeans that they take the training or re-training of Singaporeans seriously.

When I hear stories from people like Derick, I realise the enormity of the task ahead for a new non-PAP Government in reforming and transforming Singapore so that we don’t have a generation of Singaporeans lost to the mad immigration and jobs policies of the present government.

The whole raison d’être of Peoples Voice is putting people first and making Singapore our Home again. We need to regain Our Country, Our Dignity, and Our Home!


Lim Tean




13 Responses to “Giving the Singaporean worker and our next generation a fair shot!”

  • OKH:

    70% voted for it. Let them enjoy what they asked for.

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  • Get What You Voted:

    It only happens in this Sillyplace.
    Every developed nation always practices Citizens First policy.
    Sinkies are mere digits for the handful of elites running this place.

    Every government is supposed to work for the people, if not
    the citizens can exercise their votes, did they even try to do the smart thing?

    KPKB and parroting to be politically correct will only continue to enslave yourselves.

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  • vincent tan:

    enormity tasks for new government,
    enormity number 1>>>> cpf monies full withdrawal at 55
    enormity number 2>>>> hdb flat value forever rising scam
    enormity number 3>>>> proper allocation of PMETs to qualified locals
    enormity number 4>>>> fair pay for office holders, presently daylight robberies
    enormity number 5>>>> curb excess on unwanted structural spendings, T5
    enormity number 6>>>> transport, medical, educational reforms
    the above enormity tasks are by no means exhaustive.
    put more oil Oppies PSP, SDP, WP , and all relevant oppies
    hoping a Opposition Coalition.
    united we stand
    you should not walk alone.

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  • voice of the voiceless:

    thank you Mr Lim Tean.
    did u hear that useless FM Vivian praising to highest heaven the filipino community in sg?( 2days ago on news at an event )..
    another reason to VTO!

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  • pap has a nandate:

    Stinkies voted for PAP and sold their oen dignity away. Why KPKB now? Too late, they have screwed themselves, dumb Stinkies who let history repeat itself again and again.

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  • Life is fair:

    I am 70% sure he voted for PAP, and would continue to vote for PAP in the hope of a better future for himself and children.
    Our children deserve what 70& voted for.

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  • TL Tan:

    Another piece of irrational rhetoric. First of all, isn’t it obvious that Derrick quit his job because he could afford to? If he was desperate in making ends meet, he would stay on in his job regardless of the manager, and he would learn to make himself useful to his manager in anyway. The fact that Derrick quit shows that he wanted an easier life and was willing to settle for a lower salary. The key point is Derrick was not fired so any accusations of unfairness is invalid. In addition, if the writer talks about fair opportunity, the government has given us Singaporeans more than a fair opportunity in terms of high quality subsidised education and subsidised skills upgrading courses, all of which are unavailable to foreigners.

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  • we call it labour arbitrage:

    //In addition, if the writer talks about fair opportunity, the government has given us Singaporeans more than a fair opportunity in terms of high quality subsidised education and subsidised skills upgrading courses, all of which are unavailable to foreigners.//

    yar lor ? who says FTs do not the advantage ?

    in economics, we call it labour arbitrage ? in sinkie land, you may call it open-leg policy (compliment from the white idiots) where low skill, mid skill and highly skill also can as long as these FTs have two legs and satisfy (made quite wayang easy) the needs of the white monkey idiots ?

    subsidized skills ? if PMETs (already experienced in their respective field and job rolls) in their 40s and 50s can get retrenched, what wayang skill upgrading courses are you tokking about – just because the white idiots invent some wayang programme courses to show that they are doing something ? the best skill upgrading is on the job training OR working on the job which ironically requires you to get employed first lar ?

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  • Asd:

    Good leh… sinkieporean

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  • Flabbergasted:

    @TL Tan…you won’t give up and face the truth. You must rebut every article in which the writers are exposing what is actually happening on the ground. Why? Because the truth hurts…that’s why..and that’s also why the PAP needs to incenticise their IB Brigade. Just like our Shitty Times…where no good meaning well versed locally born Singaporean will tread nor read.

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  • Harder Truths:

    The next generation does not know it yet – but they will be soon working in foreign countries as maid or drivers. The local job market will be 99.9% FT after the next election. You can guess who the 0.1% are.

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  • Trump, Brexit - Why ?:

    TL Tan

    Americans vote for Trump because he insisted that Americans come first. A lot of US companies started to move their factories overseas because its cheaper. as a result their factories closed in the USA. Many Americans got retrenched. The US companies wants to make higher profits but refused to take up Corporate Responsibility. That’s why Americans voted for American First policy.

    Similarly the British voted for BREXIT because a lot of Eastern Europeans applied for jobs in the UK and taking away the jobs meant for the British people. Both the US and the British people see no reason why they should help the other countries to solve their unemployment.

    Soon many other countries are going to follow them. This can be seen in the recent ASEAN Summit meeting in Bangkok where all the countries have agreed on the RCEP Agreement except India who wants them to follow the CECA Agreement which they signed with Spore which allow Indian IT workers to flood the Spore market. These smart countries rejected India’s condition as they want to protect their own workers.

    In Singapore, we voted for the PAP to look after us. But Instead they look after the foreigners. I worked as a Regional Manager and was replaced by a foreigner. Many of us are now jobless and yet the prices of everything are rising.

    And their own salaries have gone up to more than a million. It is nothing to the PAP leaders if a cup of tea costs S$10-.


    It is now time to kick out the PAP and replace them with a pro-Singapore government. Vote the farking PAP Out.

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  • INDIAN is malay says pap:

    today December 2019 whenever we hear such sob stories we say to these local born, you have a vote each and you squandered it.

    we say, loudly, to these same local born.

    if you continue to be 70% sheep, not only your sheep lives become worse your children’s too. GUARANTEED.

    while the pap folks justify S$m via a pliant pap parleement for themselves, and so amassing S$m in their bank accounts, they can afford to send their children to Oxbridge to Ivies and then to lucrative positions gic temasick.

    in the same breath, your sheep lives and sheep children after so called world class U degrees nus ntu smu drive Grab drive taxi deliver Grab food or just plain shake at home.

    you, 70% sheep, have one vote. vote pap, you and your children zero hope.

    vote OPPO, very very very good chance for improvement in your sheep lives.

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